How To Prevent Your Car From Draining Your Bank Account

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It’s just a fact of life that if you don’t live in a city with immense public transport if you live in the states, then you need a car. And it’s also a fact of life that cars are not cheap! From buying to maintaining and everything else, they seem to continually be pulling at the seams of our bank account. But does it have to be this way? Perhaps not. By incorporating the tips that we mention below, you can keep your car expenses to a respectable level.


Don’t Buy New

OK, you might have your eyes set on that shiny new vehicle that you saw in the car showroom, but before you think about getting the keys, think about what it’ll do to your bank balance. It’s just not just the initial outlay that you need to consider (though that’s unlikely to be pretty) you also need to keep in mind that the value will plummet the second it rolls out of the showroom. Buy used instead. If you buy a used car for, say, $7000, you’ll likely be able to claw back much of that cost when it comes to selling. If you buy a $15,000 car new, you’ll get nowhere near that amount back. When you do have your vehicle, stay on top of maintenance. Making sure everything’s in working order from time to time can ensure there are no big problems laying undetected under the surface.

Take a Walk

You’re not going to have a car just to let it sit on the driveway, but equally, just because you have a car doesn’t mean that you have to drive all the time. There are benefits for sometimes leaving the car at home and walking or taking public transport. For starters, you’ll be healthier and be mixing up the routine, which is always good. But more than that, you’ll be saving gas, which means you’ll have to visit the gas station less regularly. Nice!

Get What’s Rightfully Yours

Aside from the cost of the vehicle, the next biggest expense that people have is connected to any accidents that they may have. And it’s not hard to see why - the cost of repairing vehicles, medical bills, and time off work is not cheap. But there may be help at hand to help with these costs if it wasn’t your fault. You can take a look at a website like, and see if you have a case for compensation. The laws surrounding driving accidents are put in place so people don’t have to bear all of the burdens if it wasn’t their fault, so get what’s rightfully yours.

Shop Around

Why take the first price you’re offered? Shop around! By taking the time to check the best prices for insurance, gas, and garages for your repairs, you can save a small fortune when you multiply all of these costs over the course of your car’s lifetime - and it’ll only take a few minutes in most cases.

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