19 Months: Then and Now

Wow, I can't believe Amari is 19 months old today. Time really has flown bye. Last night, while I was uploading pictures from our hard drive into Shutterfly, I stumbled upon some old pictures of my sweet little prince from this time last year. He was 7 months old. Its crazy to think that last September Amari was not mobile, babbled non-stop and could only say Dada, he had the biggest brown eyes and the sweetest little smile, and he was learning to sit without the support of his Boppy pillow and starting to army crawl. Now he is a toddler and is my busy, busy worker bee. =]

Here he is then: 
Look at that sweet little face and those big brown puppy eyes.
Oh how I miss the Supersaucer. 
He broke it though, bouncing too much, LOL. 
He had just learned how to sit-up without the Boppy. 
Big boy! =D
And he had a full head of hair...
My sweet little rockstar. 
And here he is now:

Drinking water from a straw at the Olympia football game. 
Tee hee, love the look on his face. =P

Happy 19 Month's Amari James!

Big Guy... Eating with a Fork! =]

Amari is growing up so fast. Yesterday evening we walked to Target after the rain stopped cause we needed to pick up a few items. While we were there I headed over to the bargain bin to see what goodies they had. To my surprise, they had Halloween inspired spoons and forks for toddlers for a dollar. For weeks I've been doing research on what is the best fork for a toddler learning to self feed. At the beginning of the summer we started letting Amari use a spoon whenever he ate applesauce or yogurt. He loved it and would throw a fit if one of us tried to take his spoon away. He makes more of a mess than filling his little belly with food at meal times, but he seems to enjoy being independent. At breakfast today I let Amari use one of his new forks. At first, he didn't know what to do with it and kept trying to use his fork like a spoon. I had to show him how to use the fork correctly and he was so proud of himself when he picked up a kiwi and ate it. There is nothing better than seeing your little one overcome yet another milestone. He was so proud of himself that he had to call Trevor into the dinning-room so he could watch him eat with a fork. =)

 Big guy!
 Trying to figure out what hand to use, LOL.
He tends to use his left hand the most.
 Trying to pick up a kiwi.
 Mmm, chocolate chip Belgin waffle.
 Wait... time to switch hands. 
  Playing with his fork.

Peanut Butter Canon Balls

Updated as of 3/3/2017.

I recently just discovered this old recipe that I posted back in September of 2011 when I was working as a Site Director at the YMCA. I forgot how easy, delicious, and simple this no bake ball was until I made again earlier this week. I made them with my own kids and we decided to call them Peanut Butter Canon Balls for a fun pirate themed treat. 

The recipe is super easy, a no bake that all kids and adults will enjoy (with the exception of those who are allergic to peanut butter). You can also add chunks of chocolate or chocolate chips, grated nuts if you're not a coconut fan, or even use sun butter instead of peanut butter for those with allergies. I plan on experimenting with this recipe until I find the right combination for my family.

A Visit to Tia Karen's Property

Yesterday afternoon Betsy, Janessa, Olivia, Amari, and I headed up to Kent to visit Tia Karen and Tio Roy on their 20 acre farm. They were putting on an event for the Institute of Community Learning and were revealing a canoe for the Quinault Indian nation on their property. When we arrived they were serving lunch and I must say, their is nothing better than Costco polish dogs! =) Almost every Sunday after church we head to Costco to get the $1.50 polish dogs for lunch. There were all sorts of condiments to put on the dogs, baked potatoes, Jell-O, and organic apple sauce. If I could have, I would have ate another polish dog... it was that delicious! I never thought that horseradish sauce, ketchup, deli mustard, sauerkraut, and onions would be so good together, but it was... Even Amari liked it!

After lunch we walked around the property to look at Tia's peacocks, chickens, and finches. Amari kept pointing at each bird and asking, "What is that?" If we would have let him, he would have ran into their pen and chased them. He got to see the small garden that the caretaker had planted, which had a lot of corn, squash, and pumpkins. He even got to sit on the tractor, which he loved more than anything! Karen tried to get the tractor to work but she couldn't remember how to turn it on, so she promised Amari that Roy would take him on a tractor ride before we left to go home.

We visited the Gypsy the Lama in her pen, but seeing as she was rather skiddish with all the people around she stayed away until Karen bribed her with some yummy treats. One of the highlights of the day was that Amari had two girlfriends, Peyton and Eloise, and he kissed both of them in the same day! I'm going to have to watch my little Romeo from now on, LOL. We painted picture frames, got to go on a fire truck and learn about how it works, check out a hand carved and painted canoe that was made by the Quinault nation, and Tio Roy took Amari on his tractor ride. =D He had a blast driving the tractor, picking up dirt and dropping it into another pile. He kept smiling up at Roy with a big cheesy grin on his face. Our visit to Karen's property was great, we all had a blast and even got to enjoy our favorite Starbucks drinks for the trip home and Amari passed out in the car.

Looking around before planting a sweet kiss on Peyton's cheek.
Little Romeo.

Driving the fire truck with Auntie J and Olivia.
Ness and Olivia
Mmm, blueberry muffin.
Trying to bribe Gypsy the Lama with hay.
She was smart to stay away.
Amari probably would have chased her and meowed at her, LOL.
A little boy and his stick.
Grammy & Amari
Patting Grammy's head and staring at Gypsy.
Tia Karen trying to feed Gypsy.
And Gypsy not having it.
Too many people in her pen.
Amari kept trying to get in there so he could pick one out. 
Tractor ride with Tio Roy.
Look at Amari steering the tractor.
Big boy!
Picking up bark dust with the tractor. 
Tio, Tia, and A.J.
Amari trying to figure out how to start the lawn mower.
Olivia and Ness on the tractor. 

Stomach Bug and Headaches

Monday afternoon I came down with a bug that left my stomach feeling bubbly and my head hurting for hours; I could barely make it through the day. It was a challenge getting through my afternoon shift at work and when I got home I had to make myself cook dinner when all I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. Amari had been a terror all day and poor Trevor had been having horrible migraine headaches for days and found no relief from Tylenol. We ate dinner, entertained Amari to the best of our abilities seeing as we both were not feeling too well and we all were in bed by 9:30.
Around 10:15 Trevor sat up and said that he was experiencing a stabbing pain in the back of his head and that he was going to call Group Health's on-call nurse. Half awake, sick, and worrying about my husband, I hoped she would just tell him to up his dosage of medication and try to get some rest... To bad that was not what she told him to do! Instead, Trevor ended up having to go into the emergency room. The doctor's at St. Peter's wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything life threatening. Trev called Betsy to let her know what was going on while I debated waking Amari so we could all go to the E.R. together. Being the amazing husband that he is, he insisted that I stay home and try to get some sleep seeing as I had to be up at five for work. He would call me around 2 am if it were serious (so I could call in and get a sub) and Betsy or Steve would come get Amari and I around 4 am so I could go to the hospital to be with Trevor. Thankfully, we didn't have to do that. Trev ended up waking me at 2:30 am when he got home and informed me that he was experiencing tension headaches due to stress, which was work related.
The doctor at St. Peter's prescribed him muscle relaxers to help ease some of the stress that he was experiencing and advised him to take a few days off work and wrote him a referral to see a massage therapist. I am so thankful that we now know what is the cause of Trevor's headaches and that he has found some relief to all of his stress. My stomach bug has finally gone and we are both feeling so much better today.

Wordless Wednesday - Where's Amari? There he is!

Amari's 18 Month Photo's are Here... Yay! :D

My friend Becky took Amari's 18 month photo's back in August. Stinker was soOo tired that day; I was so happy that she was able to capture his sweet precious smile and his stank-eye face, LOL. We ended up having his shoot taken at Tumwater Historical Park. Originally, we were planning on having his photos taken at Tumwater Falls but decided on the park. I have been to the park only once before and it was the perfect place to capture stinker in his own element.  Some of my favorite photos of him are on the bridge and a pathway with fallen leaves. He was so fascinated by the rocks, leaves, and sticks on the ground. =) Here a few of my favorite pictures.