The Importance Of Putting Yourself First

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Do you feel like your wants and concerns are constantly put behind the needs of others? More importantly, do you tend to do that yourself? Charity and consideration are virtues, that’s certain, but if you keep putting others first, it can come at a serious cost to yourself. Here are a few reasons you need to consider number one from time to time and examples of when you should put charity aside.

You’re responsible for your own care
Your health depends on your ability to recognize your own needs. A lack of self-esteem makes it easy to neglect the healthy lifestyle habits essential for keeping you fit and at a lower risk of developing chronic diseases later in life. Start prioritizing your own care. Put the time into crafting a diet and planning healthy meals. Schedule the time you need to exercise. Set aside time to simply take a break without interruptions. You might feel like the world still needs you, but even if that’s true, it needs you fit and healthy.

You need to carve your own success
Your career also depends on your ability to promote yourself and argue for your position. One of the reasons that women, for instance, fails to get promotions and raises is that they are not taught to be self-representing in the workplace. Learning how to ask for raises and argue your case, as shown as places like can see you progressing much faster in your career than you would otherwise. In the majority of cases, no-one else is going to argue your corner so you have to do it yourself.

You should stand up for yourself
Even your sense of safety and security can be affected by how well you can recognize when you’ve been wronged. If you’re injured, for instance, simply letting it go might seem like the less hostile option. But making a fuss and getting legal help from teams like is about more than getting the compensation you deserve. You need to see that there is accountability and that people can’t just hurt you and get away with it. Without standing up for yourself, you are left holding the bills, financially and emotionally.

You will be much happier
Self-esteem is directly tied to how much you value yourself. Not just your personal opinion of yourself, but how much you are willing to prioritize yourself. As says, anxiety isn’t about worrying too much, it’s about caring too much. Putting others first and constantly stretching yourself thin to please them above yourself creates a very low sense of self-esteem. By treating yourself like you value yourself, you will begin to feel it. You will smile more, stress less, and experience a much better standard of self-care.

Putting yourself first won’t just benefit yourself. Your friends and family will benefit from having someone who is more confident and less reliant, while just as reliable, on their side. Don’t think of it as selfishness, think of it as essential self-care.

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Thanks for visiting the blog today. I hope that if you got anything out of this post, that you focus on you today. Do something that makes you happy. Today I plan on painting my son's desk and setting it up for his academic success. It's been something that I have been putting off for a while now. I know that I'll feel much happier doing something crafty that I love. 

Have a wonderful day. 

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