A.J.'s New Play Yard & A Late Night Trip to the New Wal-Mart

Yesterday we took a trip to Tumwater to go to Costco to pick up a new play yard for Amari. We have two other play yards (both of them are at Papa and Nana's and Grammy B and Grandpa's houses). We never had one at our place, so we decided to get one. For the past week I have been researching online for play yards on various sites, debating what type of play yard I wanted, and color combos. I wanted a play yard that was gender neutral and that we could use again when we decide to start having other children. When we were at Costco a few days ago they had a Graco play yard that was chocolate brown and turquoise for $49.99. I thought it was cute, liked the colors, but wasn't too sure if it was what I wanted. I started researching the model type online and found that it was $25.00 cheaper at Costco than at Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon. It also had a high maximum weight capacity and and a lot of good recommendations, so I decided to go with it.

It was an adventure going through Costco with a toddler (who had decided to misbehave that day and kept screaming at the top of his lungs just to hear his echo). Originally, the play yards and newborn car seats were in the center of the store next to the lamps but they were not there when we got there. Fearing that they sold out of the play yards, I went on a mission and found them hiding near the back and snatched up the last play yard. I felt pretty victorious and headed to the check stand. When we got home, we took it out the box and put it together. Amari seemed pretty excited and kept trying to bounce in his play yard and singing "oh, oh, oh, oh," as he played.

Around 10:30 p.m. we headed to the new Wal-Mart that had its grand opening in Tumwater. The place is massive, bigger than the one in Lacey (and a lot cleaner with a way different crowd). The baby section was awesome! I no longer shop for me anymore; my monthly clothing allowance goes to Amari now and I was impressed with their selection. We didn't end up buying him new attire (which was hard for me cause there were a lot of cute tops and PJ's), so we checked out the toy section instead. Trev bought Amari a green rubber ball that is bigger than he is and a blow-up Panda  from Garanimals. He loves balls and kept playing catch with Daddy in the store. It was pretty cute. We checked out and headed home, happy with out purchases for the day. Stinker loves his two new toys and his brand new play yard.

 Amari in his new play yard.
 Playing with his mates Farmer Cookie and Cookie Monster.
 He was yelling at me.
He wanted out of his play yard, LOL.
 Tee hee. =]
 Disgusted that he is still in the play yard!
 Reading his new Elmo book.

Wordless Wednesday - Amari and His New Mate Farmer Cookie Monster... and a Chair

Amari's First Seattle Mariner Hat

Last Friday the Durant's headed to the mall. Trev was on a mission to buy a new snap-back hat and I thought it would be fun to buy Amari his first baseball cap. We headed to Lids after making a stop at Starbucks for some hot drinks seeing as it was cool and rainy in Oly. I'm not a fan of the Capital Mall, prefer Lloyd Center in Portland or the Tacoma Mall. In my opinion the stores are better and their are more options. The Capital Mall hat game was kind of weak. One day, I'll have to take Trevor to Lloyd Center so he can experience the awesomeness of Lids. He would have a lot more hat choices to pick from.

The kids section only had a few hats. They had two Mariners hats and some other Disney hats that I wasn't to fond off. I thought the Seattle hat with Mickey on it was cute and it happened to be the only hat that was toddler sized at the store. It also was pretty inexpensive and Amari kept trying to kiss Mickey, LOL. After purchasing the hat, Mr. Happy Feet seemed pretty excited on the way out of Lids and kept touching his head to make sure that his baseball cap was still on his head. He loves his new hat! And I think he looks pretty cute! =]

Amari rockin' his new Seattle Mariner hat.
Cutie pie.
I don't know what Trevor is doing in this picture.
At least Amari is smiling. =]
Nothing but smiles with Daddy.
Trev ended up buying a Cleveland Hornet's snap-back hat.
Like his Daddy, he likes to wear his hat to the side.
His hat has Mickey on it.

Wordless Wednesday - Amari's Three Favorite Things Before Bed: Cell Phone, A Good Book, and Milk

BBQ Sunday at Randy's

Today was the perfect day for a BBQ at Randy's house. It was gorgeous out, even though it was a last minute invite. We were almost out the door when we got the call and seeing as we were on our way to Bayview anyways to get groceries we didn't mind picking up some extra corn or Dr. Pepper and Pepsi four our meal. Once we were done shopping we headed over to my brother's house to start up the grill and prep the food. Raquel and Jeff joined us and they brought some marinated Korean barbecue short ribs. We had some difficulties with Randy's upstairs neighbor complaining about the smoke from charcoal grill but there was nothing we could do about the wind. Once the Italian turkey dogs, corn, and flanken style ribs were done we all chowed done. The Korean barbecue was delicious! =D Even Amari loved it. He also loved running around the backyard like Max from Where The Wild Things Are and trying to eat rocks (which Mommy kept taking from him) and playing catch with his Spiderman ball with Unc-Randy and Daddy. He had a blast and their is nothing better than good food and spending time with family and friends. =]

Flanken style short ribs.

What's New with A.J. - The Month of July

Toddlerhood is awesome! This is definitely my favorite age. Amari is a blast these days and every day gets more and more exciting. He has learned so many new things over the last month and I hope I can remember them all.

- Amari is runner. He runs everywhere and finds it funny when you chase him. We have to make sure he has his Mickey Mouse leash on whenever we are in parking lots just to keep him safe.

- He says, "here", "what's that?", "what is it?", and "can I have it?" now. The word "doggie" still remains to be his favorite word though. We are working on "no" and "kitty" at the moment.

- He loves to play the Wii! Well, he thinks he is playing it even though he is not. He likes to walk around the living room with a Wii controller in hand as he flings his little arms around as he "plays". It is pretty cute to watch. Sometimes Daddy lets him play bowling with him. =)

- Amari is pretty athletic and as he masters the art of walking his coordination gets better and better. He seems to do everything left-handed these days. He also throws anything and everything and I mean everything, from food to toys. We are trying to break the habit of throwing everything with the exception of balls. He has got an arm too! I think we might have a future short stop or center fielder on our hands.

- He is the sweetest little man. He loves to give kisses. =] If you ask him for a kiss he will plant one on your cheek. Sometimes he gives you kisses just because he wants too.

- He has dance, dance, dance fever! Amari loves to dance. When were are at home he does the baby dance that all babies do and when we are in the car he bobs his head to the beat of the music and kicks his feet. He seriously jams out. His favorite songs right now is "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull and Ne-Yo.

- Amari also sings along to Britney Spears (LMAO)! When "Tell The World Ends" comes on and gets to the "woah oh oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh" part of the song you can hear him singing, "Oh, oh, oh, oh". =D It is pretty cute.

And that is pretty much what is new with A.J. these days.

 He was mad cause Daddy kept spraying him with the hose cause it was hot out.
Still not happy with Daddy. 

No More Mommy's Milk: Weaning My First Born Son

Updated Post as of 3/2/2017

It has been a little over a year since I stopped nursing my daughter Aurora and I miss it. I was lucky enough to have been able to breast feed all three of my babies. It was a blessing. It allowed me to have intimate moments with each of them. I was not able to give birth to my children the way Mother Nature intended us women to have them. Instead, I ended up having three C-sections in total. You can read my birth stories about Amari, Talan, and Aurora on the blog. 

I ended up stumbling across this old post and thought that I would edit it for you and share it again. I am currently working on a breastfeeding post for new mom's and hope to post it in the next couple of weeks with tips and tricks that I learned breastfeed three babies. 

The content below was written after I weaned my first son.   

- - - - - -

Our Wedding & Las Vegas

Happy 4th of July weekend! It is 70 degrees today and feels like summer. About time right? It has been a crazy few weeks for us with our wedding on June 18th, followed by our honeymoon to Las Vegas, and a family vacation to Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon this past week. It feels great to be home! =]

The wedding was beautiful and I must say I was very pleased with the way the ceremony turned out and the reception. The Elk's Lodge where our reception was held is not the prettiest place in the world, but with the help of Betsy and Steve (my new mother and father in law), my sisters, Trev's sisters, and Trev's Aunt Pam and cousin Bridget, and my two best friends Jen and Pam they made it everything I hoped it would be. I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life that are willing to help out in every way that they can. I told them what I wanted done and they executed it! Thanks ya'll. =D

Our wedding cake was made by Trevor's co-worker Marie at Marie's Baking Journey. I must say, the cake was delicious! Thank you Marie for making our cake.

Vegas was wonderful and eventful. We ended up staying at the Stratosphere (which is at the end of the Strip towards downtown Vegas and far away from everything!). The day we checked into our hotel, we headed up to our room and unpacked our belongings and took a nap. While we were resting someone tried to get into our room, only their keys wouldn't work! Trev went to the door and took our set of keys with the room and floor number on them to show the couple that we were supposed to be in the room. They headed down stairs and we called the front desk to let them know that they had made a mistake. After the phone call we headed to the Strip to check out the Rivera, Circus Circus, and Treasure Island. I forgot how massive the hotels in Vegas are... we seriously walked 3 miles and by the end of the night our feet were sore, we were exhausted, and all we wanted to do was sleep. When we returned back to our room our keys wouldn't work! Turns out while we were gone security came up to our room, put all our belongings in our bags and took them downstairs so the couple that was trying to get into our room could be in that room! They didn't call, they didn't ask, and instead of just moving the couple to a different room, they moved us! We were livid, tired, and really annoyed (especially me!) and all we got was a free buffet for the mistake that they made. They ended up moving us to the 24th floor and our room was a little bit bigger than the room we were previously in. The rest of our honeymoon was great. We went on a gondola ride in the Venetian and to Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum. We also stopped by Coke World and M&M World. We hit almost all of the hotel/casino's except for Cesar's Palace, The Bilagio, and The Mirage.

 Mt. Rainer 

 Our view from the 24th floor.