All Join In: Why Getting Kids Involved In Chores Matters

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Our household struggles with getting the kids to do simple chores around the house. We currently do not have a system in place but are working on one that will be implemented over the course of the  summer. Getting them involved in household chores will help teach our three kids the basic skills that they need for when they move out of our house and live on their own. 

Here are some of the chores for my kids ages that we are leaning towards that are age appropriate: 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. I am excited to teach my children these necessary skills and why it matters. 

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The subject of whether or not children should be expected to help with household chores can be a divisive one. Some people few that children should be allowed to enjoy little responsibility, while others maintain that taking part in age-appropriate housework from an early age is the way forward. 

Giving kids a share in the housework doesn’t deprive them of anything, and actually, it can give them huge developmental benefits. When a household lives, works and plays together, it can be enormously beneficial, even for the smallest members. Here’s how:

Teaching Life Skills

Children are a part of the real world, and part of our job as parents is to instill in them practical and emotional skills that will help them deal with situations as they move into adult life. Everyone will eventually live independently and needs the skills to take care of themselves. As ‘life skills’ are the part of things that aren’t covered by the school curriculum, it’s our job as parents to cover this area of learning. So whether it’s getting a toddler to help set the table, or an older child to cycle to the dry cleaners, you’re setting them up with skills they will be using for themselves one day.

It’s Not a Chore To Them

The notion that carrying out chores is taking away from a childhood doesn’t hold much weight. And that’s because children themselves don’t usually start off seeing these jobs as chores! Copying interactions in the adult world is a child’s way of learning through active play, and it’s something they do quite naturally, as anyone whose toddler is obsessed with using the vacuum cleaner will know! It’s a natural instinct for them to copy our actions and test them out in a safe environment, so a few chores is helping them with that. They will see it as play, as long as the balance is right, the jobs are right for their age group and you make it seem like fun.

Having A Share In The Home

Kids have a powerful need for a sense of belonging to form their identities in the world, and contributing to the running of the house, in however small a way, is ideal for this. It gives them a vital sense of ownership in where they live and makes them feel included in the essential activity of the household. Enable this by giving them some jobs that are ‘theirs’ where they can receive praise for their contribution.

Developing Respect

It’s hugely important for children to grow up with a sense of respect for the world and others. Letting them see just how much work goes into running a household doesn’t mean burdening them. They don’t have to think magic fairies come in and take care of that overflowing laundry basket or restock the fridge. Letting them see how much work goes into keeping the house will allow them to respect it and you - so they are less likely to take it all for granted. After all, are they going to empty every single toy onto the floor if they know they’ll have to pick it up later?

Giving children chores is giving them so much more than just housework- it’s giving them life skills, respect for you and their environment, and a share in the house they live in. And that can only lead to happier, well- adjusted children.

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Once we figure out each of our kids chores going forward, I will be sure to write about our process and our progress. I'll be sure to share them with you. Let me know what type of chores your kids do around the home and how you keep everything organized. 

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