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Friday, December 21, 2012

Talan's Newborn Photos Are Here!

I am absolutely in love with Talan's newborn photos. My friend and mentor Diana Sell does fabulous work! Talan's photos turned out so lovely and its hard picking only a few to share. Talan is such a sweet little boy and she was able to capture him in his sleepy little element. I love, love, love the photos; especially the ones of Amari and Talan. It's going to be hard picking my favorite photo to go on the wall. I love them all! Thank you Diana! =D

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's New with A.J. - Fall 2012

A lot has changed for Amari in the last couple of months and some of those changes have not been easy for my little man. Sweet boy has adjusted to the big move from Olympia to Vancouver and being away from Trevor's side of the family. He also went from being home with Dad every single day while I was at work to Dad starting his new job in November, me being at home, and having a new baby brother in the picture. He has made the adjustments even though I know that he has been plagued by jealousy and confusion at times and not liking the fact that he has to share Mom and Dad. Amari is  now a big boy and no longer my sweet little baby (even though I will probably always see him as one), so I decided to do quarterly updates instead of monthly ones for him. So, here is what's new  with Mr. Amari James in the last few months.

- Amari has added Big Brother to his professional resume. He is a great little helper when he wants to be. He often fetches me diapers or brother's binkie when I ask him too.

- Caillou, Poppy Cat, and Barney are his three new favorite shows. He also likes "Good Luck Charlie" and often refers to it as "Baby Charlie" when he wants to watch it.

- He enjoys baking with Mom even though he ends up eating some of the ingredients before we get them into the oven to bake.

- He loves to beat box and is actually rather good it at. For being only two years old, he has a lot of rhythm and timing and often stays on beat. When he gets older we plan on putting him in voice lessons and music lessons.

- He L.O.V.E.S the Seattle Seahawks! Every football team (high school, college, and pro) are known as the Hawks to him.

- He is super tech savvy. Stinker has managed to download multiple children apps on my phone without my knowledge. It is kind of scary that he knows how to navigate my phone better than I do!

- Amari is pretty bossy and often will tell Trevor or myself to go to our room if he doesn't like something.

- He is nosy too! He has to know what everyone is doing at all times.

- He also has Bieber Fever! If one of his songs comes on the radio he will politely ask to turn the radio up. He almost picked out a Justin Bieber ornament (instead of the purple Hippo) for the tree but Dad said no, LOL. * All I could think about was how hilarious it would have been when he was in high school to tell all his friends that he picked out a Bieber ornament when he was two and that's why its on our Christmas tree. *

- He has learned how to say Christmas lights, which is a rather big word combination for a toddler. He enjoys looking at the lights on the houses and gets rather excited when he sees them at night.

- Jingle Bells is his favorite Christmas song and he sings it often. He learned the song from Caillou.

- He has a penguin obsession and refers to them all as Happy Feet.

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. for the last couple of months!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Talan: One Month Old!

I cannot believe that Talan is one month old as of yesterday! The last month flew by so quickly. Talan has grown so much and he is the sweetest little boy with a slight attitude when it comes to getting changed or his feedings are slightly delayed bye a minute or two. He also is a lot louder than his dear older brother was when he was this age. Talan is very laid back and mellow most of the time. He is content just being held or sitting in his bouncer and watching everything around him. He also has really good head control and is rather strong. He wakes twice during the night and is pretty good at falling back to sleep after being changed and fed. He likes listening to music and he hates tummy time. He is a snuggler and loves being held close. I adore this little guy and his sweet gentle nature. He is even starting to talk more and have more wakeful periods during the day. I look forward to watching him grow and interact more with his big brother. We love him so much!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - What Happen's When Amari Gets a Hold of Baby Powder!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mobile Uploads from Our Hospital Stay

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remembering Neil on His Birthday

Yesterday was someone's birthday who I hold dear to my heart but is no longer with us. Yesterday was Neil Allen's birthday. It has taken me a while to write about Neil and I will admit that writing this has been a challenge for me since his passing more then two years ago. For those who did not know Neil, he was an amazing person with a big heart who cared more about others than himself. When my Great Grandmother passed away back in January of 2001 it was Neil who stepped in to take care of myself and my younger brother and sister. I mentioned this in my Mother's Day Eve post a few months ago but didn't go into too much detail about it until now. My family has known Neil for many wonderful years. I remember the first time I met him. I was in the third grade, super shy, and confused as to whom this white guy was that was in my house. I remember him being very nice and I will admit that I was a little jealous of my brother Shawn that he got to hang out with Neil once a week. Neil worked for a non-profit organization called Friends of the Children and I am blessed and honored to be an employee of such a fine organization today. Every once in a while Neil would take the four of us out for ice cream or to dinner in order to get to know us better. Our favorite thing to do with Neil was to go to Old Country Buffet. He always insisted that we drink a glass of milk before drinking soda pop or digging into sweets first. Whenever we were with Neil we always had a great time and over the years we made lots and lots of wonderful memories like going to Fort Vancouver every 4th of July or going to the Oregon coast for a day long trip even though it was raining pretty much every time we went to the beach. After my grandmother passed away, Neil went from being a friend/mentor to a parental figure which was a huge adjustment for me and my siblings. We had our fair share of arguments and disagreements but ultimately we worked through them and figured them out in the end.

Neil worked extremely hard trying to raise two teenagers and a pre-teen on his own and I know it wasn't easy for him. There were many nights when he wasn't at home because he worked three jobs to provide for all of us. At the time, I didn't appreciate it or understand just how hard he worked to keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table. And on top of working multiple jobs, Neil suffered from an illness called Ulcerative Colitis. Colitis is an inflammatory disorder that causes the large intestine and colon to swell. There were many days (even weeks) when Neil was out of commission due to his illness and it was my job to take care of my two younger siblings while he nursed himself back to health. He never let his illness defeat him though. He always found a way to overcome it. He was one of the strongest people that I have ever known. He was always there for us even when our own family members weren't. He made sacrifice after sacrifice to make sure that Shawn had all the equipment he needed to play football, that Sheila participated in competitive cheerleading, and that I played competitive fast-pitch. He never stopped encouraging us to be successful both on the field (when it came to our talents) and off it when it came to academics. It was Neil who believed in every single one of us. He empowered us, challenged us, and was proud of us no matter what. He made sure to tell us that every single day and I will never forget the conversation that we had the day I graduated from The Evergreen State College. In all honesty, I think Neil was more proud that I had graduated with my degree than I was. He always saw the good in people even when people couldn't always see it themselves. He constantly reminded us that he was proud of us and that he loved us.

When he told us that he had cancer the first time, we all took it pretty hard in our own ways. He managed to overcome the cancer and carried on with his life. I will never forget the phone call from him after Amari was born when he told me that the cancer had returned but he had a lot of faith that he would overcome it for the second time. Unfortunately, his health started to deteriorate and by June he was in the hospital. There were many times when I wanted to drop everything and go home to be there for him but Neil told me not to worry about him and to focus on taking care of my newborn son. It was what he wanted. He was always thinking about everyone else's needs before his own. Neil ended up passing away on July 17, 2010. He was thirty-six years old. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. There are times when I find myself starting to dial his old number in hopes to talk or get guidance from him and I remember that he is no longer with us. He is truly missed and loved by those who knew him and I am thankful, blessed, and honored to have known such an amazing and wonderful kind-hearted man. He may not have been related to us by blood but I know that all of my siblings considered Neil family. He made Christmas' and birthdays special and remember-able. He never missed one of our sporting events, parent-teacher conferences, or appointments. He was always there for us even for his last days on earth and I know that he loved us and we loved him.

Happy 38th Birthday Neil Eugene Allen! 
We miss and love you. 
Rest in Peace.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

He Has Arrived: Talan's Birth Story!

Our sweet little Talan Paul is finally here and we are loving his sweet personality and being able to give him lots and lots of kisses and snuggles. The few days before my scheduled C-section were pretty eventful seeing as I started having contracts that Friday that lasted all weekend. I was in a lot of discomfort but seeing as my contractions were not doing my cervix's any justice I had deal with them (which annoyed me). I am not a fan of being in pain and pregnancy pain is the worst kind of pain. Tuesday morning rolled around and I found myself waking bright and earlier, semi-rested, and all I wanted to do was snuggle my first born son and cherish his last moments of being an only child. I cried a lot, I ain't going to lie. We said our goodbyes to Amari and off to the hospital we went to get checked in. It was nice knowing what was going on this time around and actually being coherent even though I got pricked with lots and lots of needles while they pumped me full of fluids two hours prior before my surgery. I will admit that I was rather anxious and very nervous about getting cut open and I couldn't stop staring at the clock. Noon felt so far away as I watched the minute hand tick away. When the nurse finally came in to bring me back to OR 3 my nerves started to take over as I waddled my way down the halls with my big pregnant belly for the last time. I don't know how many times I prayed for everything to go right while I got my epidural and waited for the medication to numb my lower half as I laid down on the table. I just remember watching the clock until Trevor appeared and the surgery went underway. I knew that I was in good hands with Dr. Chang and Dr. Adamek. Trev did a great job keeping me calm and at 12:25 p.m. I heard my baby's sweet little cry for the first time and it brought tears to my eyes. I could barely see him but I did manage to catch a few glimpses of him and Trevor snapped a photo on his phone and showed me so I could see him. When I did finally get to see him I felt nothing but pure love and joy and I couldn't wait to hold him in my arms for the first time and hold him close. I kissed Talan's sweet little face and couldn't help but notice how little he was and how much hair he had. He didn't have as much hair as Amari did but he had enough and I couldn't help but smile as I heard those sweet little cries of his. Recovery wise it was rough this time around but it didn't stop me from watching Amari interact with his little brother for the first time. He was so excited to see him and planted a big kiss on his forehead. I will never forget that precious moment as two brothers met for the first time. We are so happy that he made it safe and sound. We love you so very much Talan Paul!

Talan Paul Durant 
7 pounds, 8 ounces 
19 inches 
Born on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 
12:25 p.m. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Floor Nappin' with Amari

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Hello There Baby T

Sorry for my absence...
I have been spending all my time with this sweet little guy.
We're having a blast! 
Talan Paul
Born at 12:25 pm on Tuesday, November 13, 2012
7 pounds, 8 ounces 
19 inches 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy Week 38: Baby #2

I was right when I said that the month of October was going to fly bye. I swear I blinked and then it was over. Last week flew bye, which I am thankful for. I am officially on maternity leave and can finally take the much needed rest that my body has been craving for. We celebrated Trevor Dear's birthday and of course Halloween the last week of October. Amari had a blast carving his pumpkin or should I say scooping out all the guts from his pumpkin while I carved it and going trick-or-treating. Unlike last year, he was able to say, "Trick-or-treat" and "Happy Halloween" to those passing out candy. We kept our holiday simple by taking him to a few houses and visiting one of the local churches in the area that were hosting a Harvest Carnival. I am glad that I decided to start my leave this week. My body feels like it has been hit by a semi truck of late between back pain, pelvic pain and pressure (which is way worse than when I was pregnant with Amari from little boy engaging deeper into my pelvis), and sore feet; heartburn has been pet peeve the entire third trimester. I just have to keep reminding myself that little boy is going to have a lot of hair. No bald babies for me! I think it Bummer, I know. It must be from the Colombian in me. Yesterday I had my 38 week check-up with my actual doctor (thank Goodness). My belly measured at 39 1/2 weeks, T's heartbeat was 142, and we will be meeting him next week. I cannot wait. I am ready. I have been ready. I forgot how intense pregnancy can be. I am trying enjoy my last week of being pregnant no matter how uncomfortable I am cause I know I am going to miss feeling little boy moving about and kicking Amari's toy cars off my bump. Amari gets a kick out of it and will line every one of his cars across my stomach but I don't think T likes it very much. So far baby T is 18 to 20 inches tall, weighs in around 6 to 9 pounds, and is the size of a pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Happy Halloween!