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Friday, June 29, 2018

Ecocentric Mom Series: June Mom and Toddler Box

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I cannot believe that June is almost over. This month just zipped on by! My daughter and I were very happy with our June Mom and Toddler Box from Ecocentric Mom. We are never disappointed! If you have not read any other of my reviews, go check them out to see what I received over the past year in this awesome subscription box for mom's. We are eagerly awaiting our July box and wait for it. 

Here is what came in my June Mom and Toddler Box: 

Raw Chapstick 


I am a chapstick pheen, so I was excited to get another high quality chapstick in my box this month. I have used this chapstick on the daily and even use it with a little sugar to make a homemade lip scrub for my lips. It leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth, and chap free! 

Reusable Snack Pack Bags by Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Mini

Whale Watching Blue 

These little snack bags are adorable. I love the humpback whale print! We have bused these cute little bags to store snacks for the kids. We recently used them last Sunday for a Mommy and me trip to Sandy, Oregon for my little sister's baby shower. I love that my daughter can unzip the bags herself and eat her little heart out when she's hungry. I am for sure purchasing more of these, especially with school starting up at the end of August for the boys. You can buy them on Amazon.

SiliSkin Bowl and Lid 


My daughter loves this microwave bowl. I love that it comes with a lid. We have used this a lot for her snacks and servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Its super easy to clean and the bright colors are super fun for her. I plan on purchasing more of this product. 

Fair Trade Wild Harvest Virgin Marula Face and Hair Oil by AYR Skin Care 

I like this hair oil. It doesn't have a strong odor at all and make my hair feels super moisturized. I don't use it on my face (due to having naturally oily skin). I just put a little on the palm of my hands and apply it to my hair while wet after a shower.

Your Mocha Me Cocoa Protein Powder by TRUWomen  


Okay... If you love chocolate, this protein powder is for you. I used it the day I got it for a snack. It was soOo good! It literally tasted like I was drinking a mocha. You can buy the full-size product here.

Little Nut Butter 
$18.99 for pack of 16

We love Little Nut products! I had the privilege to work with their company a while back and we just loved their Nut Butter. I love that you can use it for ages 6 months and up. I pack it in my son's lunches for school and keep them in my purse for snacks when the kids get hungry when we're on the go. It's a yummy and very healthy snack for the kids. You can buy here.

I know I say this every month that I get my box from Ecocentric Mom’s, but y’all deserve to treat yourself! You now have the option of selecting two items in your box each month and they have expanded the membership options to include Pregnancy, Mom & Baby, Mom & Toddler (which was the option that I have been choosing the past couple months), and just Mom. You can even skip months now and shipping is always free. The cost for a box from Ecocentric Mom’s is $32.99 and it is totally worth it. I have enjoyed all the items that I have received the past year and my tot really likes the surprises in the box that came for her.

Use code WELCOME5 to get $5 off your order for the Ecocentric Mom Subscription!

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Leave a comment, because y'all know I love interacting with you. Have a great day!


Look how happy my girl looks getting ready to unbox our Mom and Toddler Box. She loves it!

Practical Tips For When You Lose a Loved One

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There are few things more harrowing in life than losing a loved one. We don’t need to go into how emotionally draining that this can be - because you already know it. Instead, we’re going to focus on the practical side of life, the things that you can do to make sure you’re able to move on in life. The steps below won’t make the loss you’ve suffered feel any less painful, but it will make the process towards acceptance a little more structured.

Source: Pexels.com

Take Care of the Basics

You’re not going to want to socialize, be outdoors, or anything else in the immediate aftermath of your loss. In fact, you won’t want to do anything. However, it’s super important that you take of the basics of life. That means doing things like showering, tidying up your home, and eating healthy foods. This may require levels of effort that you don’t feel like exerting, but it’s an integral part of moving forward. While you get a free pass on getting away with avoiding the EXTRA things in life, by taking care of the basics, you’ll at least be putting yourself in a position to move forward.

Get Your Finances Sorted

If you’ve lost a partner, then it’s possible that you’ll have to face up to a diminished household income. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting your finances in order, such as making sure that you’re paying all the bills you’re now solely responsible, drawing up a new budget, and canceling any standing payments that are no longer applicable. You will also want to claim on any life insurance policies, and see if you have a claim against any guilty parties; in wrongful death cases, compensation can be sought. Doing all of the above will ensure that you’re not left in any financial difficulties when the grieving process is over.

Do The Things You Love

You won’t want to have fun immediately - and when you do, you’ll feel guilty. However, it’s extra important that you carry on doing the things that you love to do. It’s a crucial step towards returning to a semblance of normal life, and, in any case, it’s a good way to prevent yourself from going too far into a negative thought spiral. While you may just want to close the curtains and hide in bed all day, you’ll be well served by forcing yourself out and doing the things you love.

Immerse Yourself In Friends and Family

You’ve spent a lifetime cultivating your support network; now is this time that you need them the most. Don’t feel guilty about becoming a burden to your friends and family - they want you to be the best version of yourself, and, if they can help you, then they will. There’s no reason to be alone, other than during the times you want to be.

Finally, remember to be kind and patient with yourself, and to give yourself space to grieve. It might not feel like it, but things will get better eventually.

- - - - - -

Loosing someone is never easy. It is one of the difficult and challenging parts of life. I know this from personal experience. I have had a lot of loss over the past year and the tips above are very helpful for moving forward. Remember to take the time to grieve. We all grieve in different ways but the most important thing to remember is that you never walk alone on this crazy roller coaster that we call life.

Life After College: What’s Next?

This post is contributed and contains affiliate links. By clicking on links I will not be compensated. All the views, thoughts, and/or opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. I was financially compensated for the sharing of this article. 

Life in college is pretty cool. You get to experience life like no other, and you often get your first real experience of adulthood. At first, it can be pretty scary. But at the end of your four years, you’re going to feel like a completely different to person. Right now, it may not seem like it. But the graduate you will look back at freshman you and see how much you’ve grown and changed. However, just because you’ve really developed as a person, it doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be ready for what comes next. Because college can be comfortable! And when it’s over, and you have to make a decision on what’s next, it can be super scary. Even if you’re thinking about this as a sophomore or junior. So let’s take a look at what life after college really looks like.

Get An Internship

One of the first things that you can do is get an internship. Whether this is for the summer after college or for the full year after you graduate. Depending on what you want to do or the kind of job that you want to get, you should definitely start thinking about this well in advance, and get your applications in - particularly if the spot you want is competitive.

Get Your Master’s

But maybe that’s not what you want to do? If you know that you want to go on and study at graduate school for the career you want, then go ahead. But again, you’re going to want to be working towards this as soon as possible and getting your applications ready. Whether you want to be a lawyer or a doctor or a professor or anything else, make sure that you’re really building up your experience to help your application stand out.

Keep Up Your Own Thing

Maybe you’ve got a bit of a side-hustle going on? Maybe you started this to make some extra money or to help your employment prospects after college? But maybe now it’s doing really well! So why not lead with that? If you know that you could make a real career out of this, putting your all into your own business venture could be your next step.

Get Your Finances Together

Whether you want to get a job, study, or do your own thing, you may realize that you need to get your finances in order. Because you’ve got student loans and maybe other debts too. So why not do something such as https://debtconsolidation.co to have things in order? If you’re going to make the best start in life, you don’t want your debts dragging you down.

Find Somewhere To Live

But that’s not all. It’s not just your career and your finances that you’ve got to think of. Part of the reason you’ll want to get your finances together is to figure out where you’re going to live. Sometimes, you will want to go home for a while first, but there are many things to consider as http://advicefromatwentysomething.com suggests. If you do go to graduate school or you get a job or internship, you may need to move right away. So you may have to start thinking about finding somewhere to live as soon as possible.

- - - - - - 

I hope these tips are helpful to you! I know I wish that I did some of these as was transitioning out of college and into my adult life. 

Thanks for visiting today and enjoy your Friday y'all. 

How To Prevent Your Car From Draining Your Bank Account

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It’s just a fact of life that if you don’t live in a city with immense public transport if you live in the states, then you need a car. And it’s also a fact of life that cars are not cheap! From buying to maintaining and everything else, they seem to continually be pulling at the seams of our bank account. But does it have to be this way? Perhaps not. By incorporating the tips that we mention below, you can keep your car expenses to a respectable level.

Source: Pexels.com

Don’t Buy New

OK, you might have your eyes set on that shiny new vehicle that you saw in the car showroom, but before you think about getting the keys, think about what it’ll do to your bank balance. It’s just not just the initial outlay that you need to consider (though that’s unlikely to be pretty) you also need to keep in mind that the value will plummet the second it rolls out of the showroom. Buy used instead. If you buy a used car for, say, $7000, you’ll likely be able to claw back much of that cost when it comes to selling. If you buy a $15,000 car new, you’ll get nowhere near that amount back. When you do have your vehicle, stay on top of maintenance. Making sure everything’s in working order from time to time can ensure there are no big problems laying undetected under the surface.

Take a Walk

You’re not going to have a car just to let it sit on the driveway, but equally, just because you have a car doesn’t mean that you have to drive all the time. There are benefits for sometimes leaving the car at home and walking or taking public transport. For starters, you’ll be healthier and be mixing up the routine, which is always good. But more than that, you’ll be saving gas, which means you’ll have to visit the gas station less regularly. Nice!

Get What’s Rightfully Yours

Aside from the cost of the vehicle, the next biggest expense that people have is connected to any accidents that they may have. And it’s not hard to see why - the cost of repairing vehicles, medical bills, and time off work is not cheap. But there may be help at hand to help with these costs if it wasn’t your fault. You can take a look at a website like https://www.levininjuryfirm.com/, and see if you have a case for compensation. The laws surrounding driving accidents are put in place so people don’t have to bear all of the burdens if it wasn’t their fault, so get what’s rightfully yours.

Shop Around

Why take the first price you’re offered? Shop around! By taking the time to check the best prices for insurance, gas, and garages for your repairs, you can save a small fortune when you multiply all of these costs over the course of your car’s lifetime - and it’ll only take a few minutes in most cases.

- - - - - - 

Thanks for visiting SDB today. We hope you have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend. Have a splendid day friends! 

The Importance Of Putting Yourself First

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Do you feel like your wants and concerns are constantly put behind the needs of others? More importantly, do you tend to do that yourself? Charity and consideration are virtues, that’s certain, but if you keep putting others first, it can come at a serious cost to yourself. Here are a few reasons you need to consider number one from time to time and examples of when you should put charity aside.

You’re responsible for your own care
Your health depends on your ability to recognize your own needs. A lack of self-esteem makes it easy to neglect the healthy lifestyle habits essential for keeping you fit and at a lower risk of developing chronic diseases later in life. Start prioritizing your own care. Put the time into crafting a diet and planning healthy meals. Schedule the time you need to exercise. Set aside time to simply take a break without interruptions. You might feel like the world still needs you, but even if that’s true, it needs you fit and healthy.

You need to carve your own success
Your career also depends on your ability to promote yourself and argue for your position. One of the reasons that women, for instance, fails to get promotions and raises is that they are not taught to be self-representing in the workplace. Learning how to ask for raises and argue your case, as shown as places like https://www.forbes.com can see you progressing much faster in your career than you would otherwise. In the majority of cases, no-one else is going to argue your corner so you have to do it yourself.

You should stand up for yourself
Even your sense of safety and security can be affected by how well you can recognize when you’ve been wronged. If you’re injured, for instance, simply letting it go might seem like the less hostile option. But making a fuss and getting legal help from teams like https://www.salinastriallaw.com is about more than getting the compensation you deserve. You need to see that there is accountability and that people can’t just hurt you and get away with it. Without standing up for yourself, you are left holding the bills, financially and emotionally.

You will be much happier
Self-esteem is directly tied to how much you value yourself. Not just your personal opinion of yourself, but how much you are willing to prioritize yourself. As https://www.lifehack.org says, anxiety isn’t about worrying too much, it’s about caring too much. Putting others first and constantly stretching yourself thin to please them above yourself creates a very low sense of self-esteem. By treating yourself like you value yourself, you will begin to feel it. You will smile more, stress less, and experience a much better standard of self-care.

Putting yourself first won’t just benefit yourself. Your friends and family will benefit from having someone who is more confident and less reliant, while just as reliable, on their side. Don’t think of it as selfishness, think of it as essential self-care.

- - - - - -

Thanks for visiting the blog today. I hope that if you got anything out of this post, that you focus on you today. Do something that makes you happy. Today I plan on painting my son's desk and setting it up for his academic success. It's been something that I have been putting off for a while now. I know that I'll feel much happier doing something crafty that I love. 

Have a wonderful day. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

You Might Not Have Eight Arms, But You Can Survive Shopping Trips With Multiple Children

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No parent chooses to go shopping with multiple kids. Even just the thought is enough to send shivers down most of our spines. As well as being hellish, trips like these aren’t exactly the most productive way to get what we need. More often than not, you’ll return without even remembering to get what you went for.

Hence why most of us wait until our partners are home or our kids are elsewhere. Then, we can shop in peace, nodding in sympathy at the moms who had no choice but to bring their tantruming toddlers along. Secretly, though, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that isn’t you. At least, not this time.

Sadly, that luck often runs out, and there will come a time when you have to hit the shops with children in tow. If your cupboards are empty or your need something fast, it’s not always possible to make arrangements. But, it’s still in your power to dictate how well this shopping trip goes. And, by putting the following suggestions in place, you can keep stress levels down for the duration.

Consider the time of day

If possible, consider the time of day you go. While you might NEED to go to the shop before evening, you can still pick and choose. So, it’s best to avoid busy periods. For the most part, lunchtime is a no-go, as is anytime after three. But, if you head out mid-afternoon, the shop will be quiet and easier to cope with. At least, it will until you arrive…

Never let your children leave your sight

If your children are forever running away from you, it’s no surprise you get stressed fast. Shopping will go out the window the moment they run to the next aisle. And, there’s a good reason for that. For one, your children could cause mayhem by pulling things off shelves. Plus, shops are dangerous. An estimated 24,000 children get hurt in shops each year. Sometimes, this is down to their not looking where they’re going. Other times, it’s due to falls caused by spillages and other issues. If this happens, you may be able to bring a slip and fall case against the shop in question.  But, you could avoid that risk by making it clear your children aren’t to run off. If you have to, place them in the trolley seat until the agree to walk with you.

Get them engaged

So, the shop’s empty, and your kids have learned to walk by your side. Now, it’s time to get them engaged. When you’re young, shopping is Boring with a capital B. That’s part of the reason your children misbehave. Solve that by making them part of the process.. You could let them hold a basket, or buy them a small shopping cart of their own. Then, tell them what you need, and let them grab items on the lower shelves. As well as saving you a job, this is sure to make your life easier.

- - - - - - 

The thought of going grocery shopping with all three of my kids gives me the chills. Usually 2 out of 3 of them are on their best behavior. When I'm forced to do a shopping trip with kids in tow, I enlist the help of my oldest son Amari to help. He is great at keeping eyes on his little brother for me. The suggestions above are great. I plan on using them the next time I have to all the kids on an errand to the grocery store with me.

What tips do you plan on using? And if use a different thing, what is it? Leave a comment below and have a wonderful day.

Through The Magnifying Glass: Playing Detective When The Police Are Picking On Your Teen

This post is contributed and contains affiliate links. By clicking on links I will not be compensated. All the views, thoughts, and/or opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. I was financially compensated for the sharing of this article. 

Being the parent of a teen is never an easy experience. These are tempestuous and fraught years, and there may be times when you don’t feel like you know your child at all. They might speak to you in ways you never imagined, and become strangers in your home. To some extent, this is all due to hormones and also just natural growing desires. But, sometimes, these growing pains seem worse than others. In extreme cases, your teen may even end up in trouble with the law.

Getting a call or letter from the police is any parent’s worst nightmare. But, what happens if your teen protests their innocence? Obviously, this is delicate footing. After all, most teens would deny any legal wrongdoing. But, if you can’t get their protests of innocence out of your mind, this may be worth exploring. After all, though they’re meant to protect us, it’s no secret that the police are guilty of discrimination at times. And, there’s nothing to say that’s not the case here. So, if you’re not convinced the police are giving you the full story, it’s time to do a little detective work of your own.

Get the facts straight

Given you’re playing detective, it’s essential you get your facts straight. Talk to your teen. Sit them down for an honest and open discussion without judgment. Pay attention to everything from their body language, to what they say. The chances are you’ll be able to tell straight up whether they’re lying. It’s also worth talking to any of their friends who were present. The more you know, the better you’ll understand what really happened.

Take action

If you’re convinced of innocence, it’s time to take action. This will vary depending on the severity of the issue. It may be that the police have sent a letter outlining concerns of ‘loitering.’ This happens, and it’s nothing serious. But, it could be a warning sign of later trouble. As such, it might pay to visit the police station and talk to them about your concerns. If things are more serious, contact a criminal defense lawyer. Companies like Martin & Kent offer a free consultation during which you can outline the charges. They’ll then be able to develop a case which clears your teen’s name.

Give your teen the tools to protect themselves

Sadly, issues like these are rarely a one-time thing. If the police have taken a disliking to your teen, this is something they could face time and again. As such, it’s up to you to arm them with the tools to protect themselves. It might be worth giving them a recording device. As long as they make it clear they’re recording police interactions, there’s less chance of unfair treatment. It’s also worth letting them know about numbers they can call, and their legal rights. After all, misinformation is one of the main things which makes teens a target. By knowing the simple stuff, your youngster will at least have a voice.

- - - - - - 

I have some time until my children becoming adolescents; however, I work with teens who often find themselves in contact with the law. The tips above are great, especially if you have a youth who is an amazing liar and there are some kids are versed in it.

One tip that I would love to add is to be as open, honest, and trusting as possible. Teens just want to be heard and not judged. Teen's these days are dealing with a lot of baggage. Keep in mind that their lives are way different compared to the days when we were growing up. Sometimes all they need is for you to just listen. Walk alongside them and help them navigate without being so pushy and judgmental. 

Thanks for visiting us today and hope these tips help you problem solve if you are dealing with any issues with your teen. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's Time To Make Adversity Your New Best Friend

This post is contributed and contains affiliate links. By clicking on links I will not be compensated. All the views, thoughts, and/or opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. I was financially compensated for the sharing of this article. 

We’ve all been affected by adversity in some form or another. It may be in small ways like an injury that passed with time, a dearth of funds that left us struggling to make ends meet for a while or a falling out with a friend that was eventually patched up. Or it may be something much more serious like an accident that left us permanently changed or the death of a loved one. When this happens, whether our pain is small and manageable or huge and unfathomable, we tend to react in the same way. We ask the world, why? Why did this happen to us? Why were we so afflicted when all around us we see carefree people smiling and oblivious? What could we possibly have done to deserve this? Why does God / Allah / the cosmos hate us? While these reactions are common and completely human, they aren’t necessarily very useful or formative.

While we can all feel victimized by adversity, we can’t allow ourselves to be beaten into submission by it. We need to own it, master it and use it as a crucible from which we emerge stronger, smarter, kinder and more compassionate. Here’s how…

Seek justice where you can

Adversity is an opportunity. It’s a chance to make the world a better place. When people have wronged us, it’s a chance to show them the error of their ways and give them a chance to atone. When we’re harmed by fate, it’s an opportunity to help others who are similarly afflicted. If you’ve been injured on the road or sidewalk by a negligent driver, it’s your responsibility to seek justice using a legal firm like The Rybak Firm PLLC. If you or someone you care about has been afflicted by an illness, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of that illness or even raise funds to facilitate better treatment. Adversity gives us the opportunity to seek justice for ourselves and others and make the world a better place.

Treat your adversity as a learning experience

Learning is a valuable commodity. Education is a privilege that many of us are happy to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on. The rarer and more unique the knowledge, the less likely it is that we can’t come by it anywhere else, the more advantageous it is. Adversity gives us learning, knowledge and experience that an education cannot buy. Rather than bemoaning it as a curse, we should accept it as a gift and ensure that we learn everything we can from it.

Adversity reminds us who still believes in us

Adversity brings a number of (heavily disguised) blessings. Among them is showing us who our friends really are. Times of adversity have an uncanny habit of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to establishing circles of trust. The people who bail on you are the ones that don’t matter while the people who stick that much closer to you are the ones you need to keep around for life. They also have a funny way of helping you to see the best in yourself, too.

The next time you encounter adversity you owe it to yourself to master it, conquer it, learn from it and make it your new best friend.

- - - - - - 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us today. I know I have personally made adversity my BFF and I hope that if you are struggling that you can find a way to persevere through your hardships. 

"Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." - Isiah 41:10
Have a blessed day. And remember, He doesn't give you what you cannot handle.

Healing & The Importance Of Self-Care & Positivity

This post is contributed and contains affiliate links. By clicking on links I will not be compensated. All the views, thoughts, and/or opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors. I was financially compensated for the sharing of this article. 

Let’s be clear about something: no one wants to be unwell, but illness and injury are facts of life. While some people fall into the depths of despair when they or someone that they love become unwell or are injured in some way, others take a more positive approach to the situation and just get on with things. It’s these people that tend to heal more quickly because positivity can have an impact on healing - various studies have proved that this is the case.

Bearing this in mind, when it comes to healing from an accident or illness, taking a positive approach and taking self-care seriously are both equally important. Wondering what steps you will need to take? Read on to find out.

Always look on the bright side of life

When it comes to staying positive after a serious accident or injury occurs, it’s important to remember to always look on the bright side of life. Yes, something bad has happened and you feel sad and angry about it, but that doesn’t mean you can be positive about the future. It’s not fair that you fell foul to an accident or illness, but then life isn’t fair, is it? You can focus on the negatives and fall into the depths of despair, impeding your healing, or you can choose to see the positive in the situation. For instance, while you may be unable to return to work, this could mean that you may be able to take a leap of faith and launch that business you’ve been dreaming about for years. Positivity is key when it comes to healing.

Be clear on what steps to take

After suffering a serious accident or injury, you need to think about the steps that need to be taken to get your life back on track. It’s important that you consult with your doctor to ensure that you are doing everything right in terms of your medical healing, but your mental healing is just as crucial. Take self-care seriously; take care of your mind as well as your body. Do the things that make you feel less stressed, have fun with your hobbies, and plan your future. A part of doing so could be getting advice from Dolman Law Group about where you stand on compensation - this is an important step to take if the accident was not your fault but someone else is at fault. It’s all well and good planning for the future, but when you are no longer able to work, getting compensation is key for your future success.

Look after yourself

Do you know how to look after yourself properly? After suffering from a serious accident or injury, it’s crucial that you know what it takes to give yourself the care and time to heal that you need. Self-care is crucial because you need to give both your mind and body time to heal. Self-care is about thinking about what you need, such as healthy foods, a calming environment, and supportive people around you. You’ve had a hard time recently and you deserve to be properly taken care of.

Recovering from an accident or illness is never going to be easy, but you can speed up the process by making self-care and a positive outlook a priority.

- - - - - - 

After the birth of each  of my children, I was recovering from major abdominal surgery. I have had a total of three Cesarean births. No matter how much you try to prepare your mental and physical state, you never really are prepared for it. Healing was hard and dealing with a newborn and older siblings with lack of sleep was difficult for me. 

I was grateful for the support from family and friends. Rest was crucial for the recover process. I need to sleep to allow my body to heal its self. 

What soft of things have you had to recover from? What tips did you use? Was your experience positive or negative? Leave a comment below, I love reading them. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and have a wonderful Wednesday. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Perfect Romantic Gift For Him

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Gifts come in many forms, for some people they much prefer the gift of a romantic experience than a particular product or physical item.  Indeed, there’s a book called “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, which defines five ways people prefer to give and receive love.

The list includes:
-        words of affirmation (e.g. being told how much you are loved or appreciated)
-        acts of service (e.g. mowing the lawn or cooking breakfast)
-        quality time (e.g. spending a duvet day together)
-        physical touch (e.g. massage and cuddles)
-        gifts (e.g. receiving an unexpected present).

Now, when it comes to gifts, particular for men there are a number of gift ideas for him that can make your partner feel special, but not all gifts have to be expensive in order to be meaningful.  For instance, think of how it feels to receive a crayon picture from your child, as gifts are often about intent rather than monetary value.

No matter how long you’ve been married gifts can always be a catalyst to connection, but they don’t have to be fancy. 

Imagine your partner keeps having nightmares due to being stressed at work, and you go for a walk on the beach together, collecting little twigs and shells.  Perhaps, he has no idea what you’re doing with regard to collecting these items, and might even feel a little ignored, but then, a few nights later you present him with a simple gift wrapped in tissue paper - that is a homemade dream catcher made from all the twigs and shells you collected on the beach, that is subsequently hung over his side of the bed. 

Whether or not the dreamcatcher will work, is another matter, but how loved, cared for and nurtured would this make that person feel?  See, gifts don’t have to be expensive or fancy - they can be simple and homemade.  The most important aspect of gift giving is intent, and as we all hear, it’s mostly the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving.

The other aspect of the perfect romantic gift, particularly for men, is that they don’t have to be physical items - in that they could be experiences. 

Indeed, if your husband’s love language is quality time, then what better way to spend quality time together than doing something fun like organising an adventurous activity for the two of you such as white water rafting, race car driving, or ziplining.  Today, there are many packages available that make arranging such activities very simple and effortless.

The main difference between romantic gifts and romantic experience is that the physical gift is a tangible token of your love, care, and commitment, that will always be there… whereas, an experience, whilst fleeting, creates magical moments that you can both treasure for the rest of your lives.

Now, when you think back over your relationship, do you think of the physical gifts you received… or do you think back to key experiences, such as the first time you made love together, your first holiday, or the time something bad happened but your partner was there to help get you through it.  See, life is made up of experiences, and the more magical moments you can have together, the stronger and more fulfilling that relationship will be. 

Finally, when it comes to the perfect romantic gift, there’s often nothing better than nurturing your man with a homemade pamper night.  See, whilst you could take him to a fancy spa a lot of men prefer the nurturing care of their partner in a relaxed and authentic way and may even feel uncomfortable in a spa environment with a stranger.

See, unlike women that have been encouraged to pamper themselves from an early age men have been conditioned against pampering themselves, with archaic views such as “real men” don’t use moisturiser and so on resounding.

Almost all men, no matter how much they suggest otherwise, like to be pampered by their partner.  The feminine energy is a nurturing energy that is focused around nourishment and men like to be nurtured.  They might put up barriers and tell you otherwise, but deep down they have an emotional need to be taken care of - just like women - indeed, as humans we all long to feel important, valued and cherished. 

A relationship is often the place we go to feel nurtured and men appreciate attention from their partner.  Indeed, many men wish to feel nurtured by their partner’s feminine energy and made to feel cared about, but they don’t always express this.

In summary, the perfect romantic gift does not have to be fancy or expensive, it doesn’t even need to be a physical item - it just needs to be thoughtful and meaningful.

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Thanks for visiting us today. I know I always struggle on what gifts to get my husband. I am sure he would be happy with a PlayStation Gift Card or a new baseball hat. 

I really enjoyed the tips in this article and thought to many of you would benefit from some of the idea's. 

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