A Comprehensive Nursery Checklist for All New Moms

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Decorating a nursery when I was pregnant with my kids was the hardest and most fun thing that I got to do. With my first baby, I had no idea what I needed. Baby registries would suggest some crazy things and being the fool that I was, I bought everything! Things we really didn't need. 

Below is a list of 8 essential things that you need to either have or do for the safety of your baby while in their nursery. 

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A nursery is an essential component of your baby’s growth. They need their own space and it’s crucial that you equip it with all the right furniture and items to assist you. Whether you’ve just given birth or you’re currently going through your pregnancy, we’ve put together some nursery essentials that all moms need to read.

Baby Monitor

Make sure you get yourself a good baby monitor. The receivers should be placed in areas that you’re often in, such as your own bedroom so you can watch your baby at night, or in the kitchen when you’re busy cooking. Make sure you keep the receipt so that you can test all the features before you invest your money into a premium baby monitor.


It’s always recommended for your child to sleep in their own crib. It’s safer, but only if the crib you purchase is sturdy and recommended by other mothers. Don’t skimp out here and get something cheap. Look for a high-quality second-hand or hand-me-down crib if you have to. Make sure the mattress is snug against the insides of the crib and make sure there’s a waterproof cover to make it easier to clean if it becomes soiled. It has to fit tight or else it could become a suffocation hazard for your child.


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are usually in other parts of your home, but it’s incredibly important to get an extra set and place them in your nursery as well.


If the quality of air in your home isn’t particularly great, then get a Honeywell germ free humidifier or something similar to help purify the air and keep it at a stable humidity level. The last thing you want is for your child to catch a virus or be attacked by mould in your home that’s being caused by high levels of humidity.

Diaper Supplies

Make sure there are plenty of diaper supplies in your nursery. Whether it’s diaper covers, a changing table or even several packs of diapers, make sure you’ve always got enough to last you a week or more. You never want to be short on diapers and be forced to leave your baby at home just to go grab some from the store.

Outlet Covers

While the threat of being electrocuted isn’t a problem until your baby starts to crawl around, it’s essential that you start preparing your room for these potential dangers. Your baby will grow much faster than you could imagine!


Add a dresser to your baby’s room. You’ll be surprised at how many small clothes you’ll start to hoard, and it can double as their dresser when they grow older as well!


When you want to check up on your child at night, it’s a good idea to install a nightlight or have a lamp that supports a nightlight function. This means you won’t have to put on a blazing bright light just to see if your child is sleeping soundly.

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