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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Talan: 2 Months Old

On Sunday sweet baby Talan turned two months old. I am amazed at how quickly time goes bye these days. Talan is still my sweet and mellow little boy even though he is teething and has his first cold of the season. Poor baby. He is handling it well; bless his sweet self. Hopefully within the next few days we will see his first tooth. He is starting to have more wakeful periods during the day, still hates tummy time, loves to self-sooth with his hands, and still loves to snuggle mom and dad. He even coos more and is smiling. I managed to capture his first smile last week on video on my phone. He has a precious gummy smile and he loves his jungle animals mobile. Tomorrow is his two month wellness checkup and unfortunately he will be getting shots; on the bright side, at least we will get to see how big he has gotten since his last appointment in late November. :]

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Belated New Year

Happy New Year! The past two weeks have been an eventful and rather stressful for our family with both Trevor's Grandparents having health issues and us living an hour and half away. We have sat in anticipation, playing the waiting game, waiting on text message updates and phone calls to see how Papa and Nana are both doing. They are both better now but the past week and a half has been intense for Trevor being so far away. On Monday Trevor took the train up north to be with his grandfather before he had his heart surgery and I stayed home with the boys. Sweet Amari kept asking where daddy was and how his Great Papa was doing and if he was still hurt and in the hospital. He was very concerned for his Papa and when I told him that Nana was in the hospital too and getting back surgery he was even more concerned and wanted to call daddy for updates throughout the day. He looked forward to text messages and thankfully was not a terror that day. We visited my work after dropping Trevor off at the train station and Amari and I played basketball in the gym while Talan napped throughout our entire visit. I think we may have the next Kevin Durant on our hands, Amari is surprisingly good at basketball. I can't wait to get him into sports. Happy 2013 from the Durant family! We wish you a splendid new year.

Lets go Seahawks!