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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aurora: Two Months Old

My sweet baby girl is two months old. She has changed so much in the past two months since her birth. She is super sweet and sort of a diva at times but we are loving her personality and adorable smile these days.

- Aurora sleeps for five to six hours at night. 

- She is now 11 pounds and 22 inches tall. Sweet thing is growing like a little weed and officially fits in her 3 month sized clothes. 

- Her feet are still too small for her shoes. She will be rocking socks and booties for at least another month. :( 

- She smiles a lot. And I mean a lot! She has the most precious smile. 

- Her favorite thing to do is to play and interact with her big brothers. She watches them both like hawks and smiles whenever one of them talks to her. She enjoys talking back to them too. 

- She loves, loves, and I mean loves the Christmas lights! Girl is going to loose her mind when we put our tree up on Friday. 

- She still is a real Sleeping Beauty. According to big brother Amari, "She sleeps too much for a baby!" 

- She has started teething and enjoys using mom as a human pacifier. Thank the Lord for her binkies and teething tablets. 

- Sweet girl loves to do tummy time now and is starting to get stronger and have better head control. 

- She still farts and burps like a grown man. 

- Aurora loves diaper changes and baths. The diva comes out whenever she needs to be changed and if she isn't changed instantly, well, she screams her head off tell its done! 

Like I said last month, we are enjoying getting to know this little lady. She truly is the sweetest little thing and we adore her and all of her sweetness. Happy Two Months Aurora Rose! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I love everything about fall. From the crisp cool air that kisses ones cheek whenever the wind blows to that sweet aroma that fills ones nostrils with each inhale of breath. I love watching the colorful leaves drift down from the treetops up above and slowly flutter down to the ground and find a final resting place below. There is something both comforting and welcoming about the changing of seasons and autumn is my favorite season.

I always look the most forward to photographing my children playing in the leaves. When we go on walks we often search for acorns on the street or look for the prettitiest and most colorful leaf on the ground. We bake cookies and drink warm apple cider together and brainstorm on what cool costume they want to wear on Halloween night. This year my boys will be Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Cat in the Hat. Little sister will be a lady bug.

My all time favorite fall activity is going to the pumpkin patch. Growing up as a child my siblings and I never had the luxury of going to the pumpkin patch and I promised myself that when I became a parent that I would start this tradition with my children. Family traditions are essential and creating great  memories for Amari, Talan, and Aurora is crucial and most important.

We finally were able to make a visit to the Vancouver Pumpkin Patch this past Friday (my 29th birthday). It was chilly and of course rainy here but that didn't stop us from trumpin' through the muddy patch in search for the perfect pumpkins. Amari was not a fan of the mud and complained and squealed a lot whenever he slipped in the mud and got a little dirty. Talan could careless about the icky mud caked on his jeans and boots. He had a blast running amuck through the field and kicked decayed pumpkins as he went. It was an epic journey finding three pumpkins for the kids but in the end we found them. We even went on a hay ride which the boys thought was the coolest thing in the world. Talan and I went into the "haunted" hay maze together and he  didn't show a single ounce of fear as we navigated our way through it. He is my adventurous child and loves being outside exploring the world. He would have gone in the maze again and again if we would have let him. Amari wanted nothing to do with the maze no matter how hard I tried to persuade him to join us. He is my strong willed child. 

We had a grand ol' time at the pumpkin patch even though I didn't get a chance to take as many photos as I wanted due to the heavy rain and storm passing through the Couve that day. Its hard to imagine that this time next year all my babies will be running wild through the patch in search of the perfect orange sphere to bring home with us and "carve" (even though I am the one who does ALL the carving in our house!).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aurora: One Month Old

I can't believe that it has been a month since our sweet Aurora was born. From day one she has been nothing but a precious little gift and we have enjoyed getting to know her sweet personality. Like both her older brothers at this age, she is one sweet little girl. She also is a very sleepy baby but when she is awake she is very alert and content.  

- Aurora hates diaper changes and screams like a banshee every time she gets changed. She has yet to realize that clean diapers are a good thing.

- She is a gas producing machine and belches and toots like a grown man.

- She isn't a fan of baths. 

- She is a breastfeed baby only and was a pro at nursing by her second week of life. She is a quick and efficient eater which is a nice change seeing as her two brothers took their dear sweet time when they were nursing. 

- She self soothes when she is fussy by sucking on her fingers or her binkie. 

- She has pretty good head control and is a strong baby. She seems to enjoy tummy time when lying against our chests and she will lift her head to look into our faces. She can hold her head up for about a minute or so. 

- To her big brother Amari, she is known as Pretty Girl or Rora. Talan refers to her as "my baby." 

- Aurora also doesn't seem to mind being poked in the face, kissed every five seconds, or receive the random hair tug here and there from her curious little big brother Talan. She is going to be one tough little cookie when she is older. 

- She loves her bouncer and often naps in it during the day. 

- She enjoys car rides and going for walks in the double stroller. She just hates being strapped into her car seat. 

- And in the past few days she has started smiling more, cooing, and having more wakeful periods throughout the day. 

I am looking forward to watching our sweet little princess grow and help mold her into an amazing little lady. We adore her so much and she has completed our family. Happy One Month sweet Aurora! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Little Miss

Please forgive my month long hiatus. I have been adjusting to life with two crazy kiddos and this sweet precious little girl. Her two brothers, father, and I have been enjoying our time getting to know this little lady. She truly is a gem. We are enjoying loving on her. 

Aurora Rose 
Born at 9:06 am on Saturday, September 20, 2014 
7 pounds, 8 ounces 
19 3/4 inches

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 37, 38, and 39 (Baby #3)

Tomorrow morning I will be holding my precious little girl in my arms for the first time. I will get to stare into her eyes and take in her beautiful face and memorize every detail about her from the shape of her eyes to her cute button nose and perfect little pout. I am anxiously and impatiently awaiting for her arrival but nervous about being a mother to a daughter when I don't have a relationship  with my own mother. Motherhood has been an epic odyssey with many ups and downs, twists and turns, and constant "if's" and questionings of am I doing this right? I would say that 98% of the time I'm I think I'm not doing the best job that can. I have always been a hard critic on myself and only get harder on myself when it comes to mommy-hood skills. I need to learn to let this go and know that I am doing a much better job than my own mother ever did.

I have been trying to savor and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy even though I have had immense pelvic pressure from little lady lowering deeper and deeper in my pelvis. Trying to walk has become a pain in the butt. Her brothers sat much higher but it was often difficult to breathe. At least I can breathe this time around, right? My lower back pain has gone away but I am still having epic heartburn. She is going to come out with a lot of hair and I cannot wait to see her in her cute little hairbands and bows. 

I am still craving candy corn, chocolate, and have added ice cubes to the mix. I can not get enough of the ice cubes. I could eat them all day long. Most people would say that ice cubes and water taste the same. When you are pregnant, ice cubes have a different taste than regular old boring water. They taste amazing. I would happily eat ice cubes nonstop if I could. I love them! =D 

I am also happy to report that I only gained a whopping 43 pounds this pregnancy. I know it seems like a lot but I gained a lot of weight with Amari and Talan. Just think, tomorrow I will loose at least 20 pounds of baby weight but I will miss my baby bump very much even though I get to hold and meet my sweet baby girl. 

In the past few weeks Little Misses movements have increased now that she has gotten bigger and has been packing on the pounds. I often poke at her and can't help but giggle when she jabs back at me with her butt. I wonder what her personality will be like. I hope she won't be high-maintenance or a diva but a sweet little princesses with an angelic nature. Amari and Talan were sweet babies. I hope she will be the same. 

So far Little Miss is 18 to 21 inches tall and weights around 6 to 10 pounds and is the size of a watermelon! Yikes... Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I am ready to meet my daughter. 


Motherhood is all about transitions. Sometimes I feel like life is a constant roller coaster ride, which it is. Things are constantly changing for better or for worse depending upon how you look at them. Our family of four has had a few transitions over the past few weeks. All of them good ones.

Both the boys re-started school after a month and half long hiatus. Amari is no longer in the preschool class at his school and has been moved up to the Jr K's class. He is loving every second of it and is eager to start kindergarten next fall.

Talan has also been moved from the waddler class and into the two year old class at daycare. He seems to enjoy his new classroom and since having been moved up we have noticed that his language has slowly started to boom a tad bit more. We have our concerns about his language development and plan to talk to our pediatrician at his next well-child visit. I am happy to share that he learned how to verbally say "please" instead of signing it to us when he wants something. We have been working on it for months and it was a nice surprise on Monday morning when he asked for his sippy cup of milk and said, "Please" while signing "thank you." Made my day. 

Our second transition that we have had to adjust to is that daddy has a new work schedule and now works the night shift at his new job. The boys seem to have adjusted nicely to the change even though I don't know how it's going to work once our little lady comes. I'm about to be a walking zombie being up all night with a newborn and trying to deal with an almost 5 year old and an almost 2 year old, and a newborn during the days. Pray for me. Not sure how this is going to work out. 

Our third transition is welcoming Little Miss to our family. She arrives bright and early on Saturday morning. I'm nervous about going from having two kids to three and have been reading other blogger mom's posts as well as trying to help both my boys with the transition process. Amari knows what to expect seeing as he has done it before. Talan on the other hand will struggle. He is a mama's boy and does not like to share me at all. He is aware that changes are coming and we encourage him to walk around with his puppy or Pooh Bear  and love on them in hopes that when baby sister comes he will be gentle and loving towards her. I guess we will just have to see how it goes. My hope is that everything will go smoothly and both Amari and Talan will ease into this next chapter smoothly without conflicts or utter chaos. Baby sister did buy her big brothers a gift for them to open on Saturday when they are with MiMi and Poppi. I am hoping that it makes them feel special and that they enjoy meeting their little sister for the very first time and savor the moment. 

"Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new beginning."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sneak Peak of Our Maternity Photos

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cotton Wood Beach and Our Car Key Drama!

It's hot in the Pacific Northwest ya'll. Last Sunday it was 96 degrees. Monday it was 102 degrees. The heat is killing me. I am over summer...

We thought we would beat the heat by heading to Washougal to wade in the Columbia River on Sunday. We packed up a lunch and headed to William Clark Park at Cotton Wood Beach. We had a blast wading in the cool river. Amari is my little guppy. He had so much fun playing in the water and showed no fear. A few years ago he would have avoided swimming in the river all together. It's amazing what a few years can do. Talan on the other hand was not feelin' the water. He threw the worlds biggest fits if you tried bringing him into the water. Little dude wouldn't even go ankles deep. He spent most of the time playing in the sand instead. He was content filling  his little bucket with wet sand and dumping it out over and over again. Talan is enjoys the simple things in life like filling a bucket with sand and watching big brother and mom have a splash war in the Columbia. 

Mid-morning and into the afternoon were wonderful at the lake...until my dear husband managed to drop the keys to our car while helping Amari put on his shoes. He realized it about a minute later and returned to get them only to find that someone picked them up and stole them! Thankfully our set of keys did not have our dealership logo on it. Our day went downhill after that. We ended up waiting outside in the heat for over three and a half hours. It was broudle! My pregnant self was extra crabby and my mood swings probably didn't help my poor stressed out hubby. The boys were great considering the heat and the situation that we were in. We ended up calling the locksmith and when he finally arrived it took him about an hour to get us into our car and to cut us a new key. We ended up dropping more money on that ordeal than we wanted to but at least it's a lesson learned right? It will never happen again. Ever. We ventured home and stopped off to get a cool treat to reward the boys for their good behavior and vowed to never go back to that part of the river again. 

Our Trip to Tillamook

The Pacific Northwest has been experiencing a heat wave the past few weeks and seeing as I was 29 weeks along at the time with Little Miss and very uncomfortable; I took one look at the weather forecast a few weeks ago and saw temperatures in the high 90's, I about cried. Heat and pregnancy are a lethal combination. Instantly I knew we needed to head to the coast and I sent a text to Trevor Dear stating that we were going to the beach this weekend. He agreed and started researching what town he wanted to go too. We decided on Tillamook. It had been a minute since Trev and I last set foot in cheese land and we knew the boys would have a great time exploring the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Tillamook Smokehouse.

Upon our arrival, I ended up getting hit by the morning sickness bug. The aroma of cows and curvy roads through the Tillamook Forest probably didn't help much either. We made a quick pit stop and of course one can never trust the weatherman here. Sunshine and blue skies were replaced with a high of 58 and thunderstorms. Thankfully I know how to pack for the Oregon coast. I was on top of it. We just ended up not going swimming at the beach. Guess next time we will either hit up Newport or Seaside for time spent splashing in the waves. 

Our first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I love me some good cheese and the Tillamook brand is one of my favorites. Amari and Talan enjoyed chowing down on free samples of curds and other cheeses while we watched them make chedder cheese on the lines. Amari was hilarious and kept asking where they were hiding all the cows. He even looked for them while we were in the factory. One of my favorite spots was the Tillamook Creamery. Nothing beats freshly made ice cream and this mama always wants a sweet treat. Amari got to pick out what flavor of ice cream he wanted and devoured that Junior cone like a champ! Both my boys got mom's sweet tooth. 

After the factory, we drove the ten miles to Garibaldi. My Great Auntie and Grandma lived there for years and I showed Trev the old G&G Mini Mart which has now been replaced with a hardware store that my Auntie used to run and own. Garibaldi is a small town with one stop light and a Dairy Queen. The DQ makes it a legit town in my opinion. We had lunch at the Port of Garibaldi. I never spent much time down there when we used to visit our Auntie so it was new to me. There was a play ground and an old train that used to be a part of the Garibaldi Railway. We got to tour the train and Amari took home pennies that were squished by newer trains. Talan just "doggie stalked" all the dogs at the park and squealed at all the seagulls.

On our way home we stopped off at the Tillamook Forestry Center and learned about the history of the area and took photo opts on the bridge. The boys had a great time in Tillamook even though they didn't get a chance to swim. We plan on heading to the coast once more before the summer ends and hopefully it will be warm and sunny along the Oregon coast the day we go.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34 (Baby #3)

Oh pregnancy. I honestly hate the third trimester the most. I'm now in the can't sleep at night stage and toss and turn nonstop which annoys the crap out of my poor hubby. I seriously probably only get a few hours of sleep a night. It sucks cause I am extremely exhausted and being a working mom and dealing with youth in vulnerable situations only adds to my fatigue. I'm also hot all the time. I literally have to take an ice cold shower just to cool off at night. My stomach feels like a heater 24/7 and the heat-wave we have been having over the past week doesn't help much either. I hate being hot  and I am so over summer and we still have a month and a half left of the season. I seriously keep counting down the days until my scheduled C-section but at the same time am trying to enjoy being pregnant too. We don't plan on having any more babies after Little Miss is born and I am trying to savor ever second of this pregnancy.  

Last Monday we got to see our little princess via ultrasound. She has grown so much since we last saw her. She wasn't feeling being on the big screen and refused to cooperate with the technician. She kept those little chicken legs crossed when she went to confirm the gender for us. Our girl is stubborn. She better come out a she or I am going to be upset for about 3.5 seconds. Just kidding. 

Little Miss is starting to get more active or at least her movements are getting stronger now that she is fattening up. She managed to kick me so hard against my spin two weeks ago that she kicked me out of alignment. I had heard horror stories about babies breaking their mama's ribs but I never thought that my baby would kick me so hard. It hurt so bad and I had to wait over 24 hours to get an emergency prenatal realignment at my chiropractor the next day. It sucked. It really, really, really sucked. I am praying that it doesn't happen ever again. 

Heartburn is still a pain in the butt and only intensifies as the weeks tick on. Everything I eat gives me heartburn. Ugh, at least I know she will come out with a nice head of hair. Every single one of my babies came out with a thick mane. Milkshakes and ice cream have become my best friends and my chaser is tums. Yum... 

So far Little Miss is 18 to 19 inches tall and weights around 4 to 6 pounds and is the size of a butternut squash. In a few weeks we will be meeting our sweet little lady and I cannot wait! 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 27, 28, and 29 (Baby #3)

I am officially in my third trimester and it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride! Morning sickness has been my nemesis the past few weeks and I literally feel like my hips are about to fall right off. I am carrying Little Miss way differently than how I carried her two older brothers. She is sitting extremely low in my uterus which explains all the lower back, pelvic and the hip discomfort that I have been experiencing lately. I try to stay clear of pain medication seeing as I have to have a C-section to get our little lady out. Warm baths and showers have been my best friend these past few weeks. I just pretend that the water bill doesn't keep going up. I have been having a lot of cravings for chocolate candy bars and milkshakes. I am avoiding spicy foods. The heartburn that I endure is out of this world. Lemons and limes give me acid reflux... I still drink lemonade though because it's delicious and I just don't care. Same with coffee but I will never give up my two cups of decaf every morning. It keeps me sane. 

I have been feeling Little Miss doing loads of summersaults. I swear she is head down one day and breech the next. She likes kicking me in the ribs...ouch! Like her two older brothers, she is very active mostly during the early mornings and in the evenings. Her movements aren't as forceful as Amari's and Talan's were but she moves a lot and my belly is starting to jiggle like Jell-O. I am getting excited to meet her. We will be meeting her in exactly 10 weeks! 

We also decided on her name but won't be telling until she's born. It was a chore deciding on it but it was worth the anticipation. We were juggling three that we absolutely loved and we picked her name while driving up north to Oly. My goal was for us to decided no later then 30 weeks. I wanted to order her a special newborn hat like I did for Talan. 

As of today, baby Durant weighs about 1 to 2.5 pounds and measures about 14.8 inches and is the size of a eggplant. Our little Princess is getting big!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Week 22 and 23 (Baby #3)

I am feeling lots and lots of movement from our little princess these days. Like both her older brothers, she is one active little lady. She still is nameless though. I personally think that picking a girl’s name is a lot harder than picking a boy’s name. Deciding on Amari and Talan's names was a piece of cake. We do have a few names that we love on our list for our little lady. Trevor Dear and I are deciding if we want to share her name now or wait until she makes her grand debut in late September. First we have to pick a name! I do enjoy leaving people in suspense, especially my sister.

Morning sickness is slowly starting to dissipate. I was never this sick with my two boys; Little Miss has been rather vicious to me. I am feeling great so far this week though. Last week was rough. I was thankful enough to have big brother Amari rubbing my back and keeping little brother out of the bathroom when I had 1:1 meetings with the Porcelain King. I have had zero dates with him this week and I am very grateful for that. I do find myself getting extra hormonal, to the point that my emotional state is that of a teaspoon. I get annoyed rather easily, frustrated quicker than normal, and I could care less if my opinions hurt someone's feelings. I need to check myself. Damn hormones.

I have a prenatal massage and chiropractic appointment this Thursday in hopes to get some lower-back pain relief. Each pregnancy the ache in my lower-back region gets worse and worse to the point that I cannot get comfortable let alone sleep. Hopefully I will get some relief. I may have to bust out my belly brace as soon as possible.

As for cravings, all I want these days are strawberry lemonade and S'mores. Something about the sweet and sour combo that I just can't get enough off. I have been turning down junk food for healthier food options and making sure that I walk more. I need to increase my exercise more so that I don't look like a whale in few more months, LOL. As of today, baby Durant weighs about 20.8 ounces and measures about 12.7 inches and is the size of a grapefruit. Our little Princess is getting big!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Belated Mother's Day: And Baby D's Gender Reveal!

Mother's Day was nice and mellow, just the way I like it. The boys let me sleep in an extra hour and I enjoyed their sweet cards and handmade gifts that they made for me at school. It's the sweet little things that a mom will hold onto forever. Amari was so excited about his gift that he gave it to me two days early. He made me a wooden picture frame and decorated it with foam stickers. He is so sweet even though sometimes the kid drives me bonkers. I ended up putting a picture of my sweet boys in the frame on the bookshelf. I find myself sneaking glances at it every day and smiling at my eldest son's thoughtfulness. If their is one character trait that I can pass on to both my sons into their adulthood, it would be the thoughtful attribute. They really are sweet boys when they want to be.

Trevor Dear and I also decided to wait until Mother's Day to reveal baby D's gender to our families. We found out the babies sex that Wednesday and it was rather annoying getting multiple text messages and Facebook messages asking what we were having. My sister and Trevor's younger sister were the main culprits. It was nice leaving them both in anticipation. My best friends roommate was the only one besides Trev and I who knew babies gender. She made us a cake that would tell everyone if baby D was a boy or a girl. We decided to cut the cake before heading out to Steamboat Annie's for dinner. When I opened the box to look at the cake, to my astonishment some of the butter cream frosting had fallen off the cake! Lucky for us, it didn't reveal if the cake was pink or blue on the inside. I took my time cutting the cake while everyone waited and waited for me to hold the slice of cake up in the air. After a minute or two, I held the cake up and everyone was giddy with excitement to see that the slice of cake was pink! Yes, that's right, pink! We are having a girl! I officially will no longer be just a boy mom as of the end of September. I will cherish the "boy mom" title for the next four months and will be dubbed just a mom and will like it. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I sure did. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Week 20 (Baby #3)

Today marks five months that I have been pregnant. This pregnancy has been different compared to my last two. I'm trying my best to enjoy it even though this little baby is making me super sick. Morning sickness is a drag. I have it sporadically throughout the day, sometimes in the morning, mid-day, or before bed. I feel like my hormones are super out of whack. It's not cool baby, not cool at all. I have been experiencing lots of lower-back pain, cramps, and headaches over the past few weeks. I also am starting to have heartburn. Lame. At least it's reassuring knowing that my baby is going to have hair. Lots and lots of hair. On the bright side, I am starting to feel more and more flutters from baby.

This past Wednesday we found out the baby's gender. Baby Durant is healthy and we made the decision to wait until Mother's Day to reveal if baby is a boy or girl. We wanted to tell our family first before announcing it to everyone else. I will tell you that I am extremely antsy and eager to start shopping. I love buying new things for my  babies! It makes my day. As of today, baby Durant weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches and is the size of a banana. Baby is getting big. We have hit the halfway mark! 20 more weeks to go!

21 weeks and 5 days along.

Monday, April 21, 2014

What's Going On with Mr. T - The Month of April

I have really been slacking the past year when it comes to blogging. Once Talan hit a year, I spaced about keeping monthly updates on him. I really need to do a better job. 
Talan is one hilarious little toddler and has a great personality. He makes me laugh on the daily. He has so much personality and is way different than Amari was at this age. He still adores his big brother and he is totally a mama's boy. ;)

- Talan is now 17 months. I can't believe that my sweet baby is almost a year and half. Crazy, crazy. 

- He wears size 18 month clothes and some 12 month sizes. He is a little chunky thing but is still rather tiny compared to all his friends at school. 

- He thinks farts are hilarious... He is such a boy and laughs whenever he passes gas. 

- He eats a lot. I dread the infamous high school days when he eats all the food out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Not looking forward to weekly Costco trips. 

- He wears size 4 shoes. 

- T can say "hi," "hey," "bye," "ball,"night-night," "nom noms" and "bananas." He also waves hi and goodbye. No double word combos yet besides when he says, "My Mama." He loves me! 

- He loves wrestling with his big brother Amari. He is going to be one tough little cookie when he is older.

- His favorite toys are pully toys. He loves pulling them around the house or at school. He cannot get enough of them. 

- Talan's favorite treat is Gerber Yogurt Bites or the knock offs at Target or Wal-Mart. He could devour a bag in one sitting if we would let him. 

- He can't get enough of bath time. He loves baths and will throw a fit every time you try to take him out the bath tub.

- He loves to help around the house. He enjoys pulling clothes out of the dryer, handing Mommy hangers when we hang up clothes, dusting, and putting toys away. He tries to sing along to the clean-up song when we sing it to him and he will even do a little dance as he cleans up. I need to record it. It's precious! 

- Talan sleeps in his big boy bed in brothers room now. He enjoys keeping big brother up at night and waking him early in the morning. He is almost sleeping through the night. We are working on it. The past two nights he has slept through the night!

- He was weaned from the boob at 15 months and hated it! He is still a boobie grabber... 

- He is a good eater but not a fan of textures. He spits a lot of food out at meal times. He loves chicken, fries, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Bananas are his favorite fruit. He could eat bananas all day everyday for his meals.

- He tries to play catch with Amari or Daddy but hasn't fully developed his throwing skills. He is working on it though. 

- T learned to walk at 14 months. Now he's trying to run... He walks and runs like he's drunk still. There are lots of walking disasters in our house these days. He is very clumsy.

And that's all I can think of for now. I'll add any missed updates to next months post. 

Ain't he just a cutie?! Love him to bits!

Happy Easter

Easter was an insanely busy weekend for us. We had a lot on our plate but we had a great holiday. On Saturday we took the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt at church. Amari and Talan had a blast collecting eggs. Trev took Amari on his hunt and I took Talan on his very first egg hunt. He had a blast even though he had no idea what he was doing at first. I kept encouraging him to pick up eggs and put them in his basket. Instead, T tried to open his eggs and see what goodies were hidden inside. He even put eggs in other little kids basket. It was pretty precious to watch. He ended up collecting about 20 eggs. After work and a baby shower, we headed up north to Olympia. This year one of my sisters joined us. 

Easter Sunday the bunny paid Poppi and MiMi's house a visit. Amari was very excited about getting his basket. Talan was indifferent like always. All he cared about were the nom-noms in his basket. After breakfast we headed to church for Easter service. Brunch was scrumptious and the boys had a blast looking for their Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny even paid Amari and Talan an unexpected visit. We had a fabulous holiday. Happy Easter from our family to yours! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Autumn Photo Shoot: Fall 2013