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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Some of my Favorite Instagram Photos

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bohlke Picnic 2013/Baylor's 1st College Football Game

Family reunions are always an adventure. Last Saturday afternoon we gathered with the Bohlke's at Ken Lake for a day of food and socializing. This was my first encounter with all the Bohlke's. It was nice being in Oly again even though it was low 70's and cloudy with a chance of sprinkles. That didn't keep Amari from wading in the lake and squealing at the top of his lungs whenever a fish swam near. Little boy didn't get to swim due to coming down with an infection and Trevor spending a few hours with him at urgent care while I was at work. He didn't seem to let his health stop him though. He is a tough little cookie and enjoyed the taste of his bubblegum flavored antibiotics. After the picnic we headed over to Pam's house for pizza and Pima football. Baylor played in his first college game and it was fun watching it on TV. It was a little weird watching Bay play on TV instead of in person but we'll get used it. Unfortunately we missed Bay starting in his first college game due to having to get our little ones in bed but I did manage to get a cute photo of the two of them with a sign for their cousin. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Talan: 9 Months Old

Talan turned 9 months a few weeks ago but I have been so busy with work lately that I have not had time to post. I am happy to announce that my baby is officially crawling! He started crawling forward two Tuesday's ago with the help of his big brother. Now he is a speed-demon crawler and I am starting to miss my non-mobile baby. He is such a big boy now! He is even starting to feed himself puffs (which he loves by the way). I call him Chubs due to his chunky little thighs and the fact that he now weights 20 pounds. He eats two jars of baby food at dinner and loves anything orange.  He has a tendency to grunt at you if you don't feed him fast enough. He is a silly little boy. Talan is even starting to try to pull himself to a stand and crawls after his big brother all through the house. Talan loves his big brother and I can't wait tell he is old enough to chase after Amari and wrestle with him. Being a mom to boys is the best job ever! Boys are so much fun. And my boys are pretty stinking cute to look at!