It's Wedding Season! A Simple Gifting Guide

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For most of us, summer means weddings. It seems like every other weekend we have a wedding to go to, and there’s no doubt these events contribute hugely to why summer is such a wonderful season. After all, what’s better than being able to see two of your favorite people proclaim their love for one another?

While wedding season is undoubtedly a wonderful time of year, it does bring with it a few problems. There’s the concerns over what you will wear and how you’ll plan your travel, but by far the biggest worry is what to give as a gift.

Choosing a wedding gift is always a tricky task. It is often made easier by the presence of a registry, but many couples choose to forgo these. If there’s no registry, you’re in the dark— and there’s a number of reasons choosing a gift without a hint from the happy couple can be troubling:

       You only know one person in the couple well, and can’t be sure what their new spouse would consider to be a nice gift.
       The couple is already living together, and thus traditional “setting up home” gifts don’t seem to be applicable.
       You have a number of weddings to go to and are concerned about the cost.
       You have a number of weddings to go to and want to ensure you find a unique gift for each event.

With any of the issues above swirling through your mind, finding the right gift can be a chore in and of itself— but don’t worry, help is at hand. Below are five types of gift that should be suitable for any couple; why not give one of these a try if you’re in need of wedding gift inspiration this summer?

Wedding-themed gifts

If you’re not sure what to buy, wedding-themed gifts are the perfect choice. These gifts are ideal if you don’t know both of the couple well or are struggling for ideas in general. There’s also hundreds of gifts that fall into this category, so you should be able to find something suitable for the couple you are buying and for your budget. You could choose a stunning photo frame so they can display their best wedding photographs, or visit and pick up a pair of their fantastic bride and groom themed glasses. Whatever you choose, focusing on the wedding as the theme of your gift is always a great choice.

Experience gifts

If you’re not sure what to buy in terms of a physical gift, why not gift an experience instead? For example, you could buy the couple tickets to an attraction at their honeymoon destination, or a pass for a couples’ spa weekend so they can be pampered as they adjust to married life.

Classic gifts

Finally, if all else fails, opt for one of the wedding “classics”. Many guests eschew these gifts, but if you are otherwise struggling, defaulting to the essentials is never a bad idea. Kitchen appliances are usually your best bet in this regard; try this list of the most popular kitchen appliance wedding gifts on if you’re in need of inspiration.

In conclusion

Choosing wedding gifts for a couple who have chosen to go without a registry is tough, but it can be done. Hopefully the options above have given you a few ideas— now all that’s left to do is enjoy every moment of wedding season!

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today. We don't have any weddings to attend this summer, but we do have some wedding anniversaries coming up and these gift ideas are great. Last week my husband and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary! 

If you're attending a wedding over the summer months, I hope these tips are helpful to you. Have a wonderful day. 

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