Spring, Sunshine, and Grass

For the past few days it has been gorgeous in Oly and our family has enjoyed the sunshine. It officially feels like spring in the Pacific Northwest! About time right? The temperature has been in the high 60's, no rain (with the exception of a light drizzle on Monday night), and Amari loves walking outside (yes it is official, our baby is walking!) and going for long strolls in his jogger stroller.

He even experienced the sensation of grass for the first time on his toes and little chicken legs in Papa and Nana's back yard and at Grammy B and Grandpa's front yard over the weekend. Let's just say he wasn't too found of the grass. I think he was actually afraid of it! He didn't cry, which would have been funny, instead he sat cross legged with his right leg held up off the ground because he didn't want the grass rubbing against the back of his thighs. What a funny little man. =]

 First time in the grass.
 He looks disgusted being in the grass. 
 See, one leg up. 
Not a fan of grass.
 Okay, I lied... I forgot that we had a crying picture.
This picture makes me giggle. 
Look at that face!
Mean muggin', LOL

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What's New with A.J. - The Month of May

Toddlerhood is a blast! Who would have thought that it could be so fun and exciting? Amari is seriously the funniest little man that I have ever met. It is so neat to watch his personality develop and see his own little mannerisms unfold.

- The drop game still remains to be Amari's favorite game to play. He loves to drop everything from his toys to his food, his socks to his beloved sippy cup. The word, "Uh oh," is one of his favorite words to say and he says it all the time, even when he hasn't dropped anything. 

- He loves to "read"! His favorite thing to do is to go into his room and grab a book or two off the bookshelf and read to himself. Sometimes he babbles out loud and sometimes he'll just flip through the pages before tossing his book aside and grabbing another one.

- He has figured out how to stand from a sitting position! He started it last week by bouncing up and down on his little bum around the living room. He has always been a fan of bouncing and eventually figured out that if he pushed himself off the ground with both of his feet at the same time that he could bounce a little bit higher. Imagine his surprise when he found himself standing! After that wonderful and successful triumph, he continued to practice all night long.

- Not only has Amari learned how to stand, but he's figured out that if he takes a few steps he can walk! =D
He started attempting how to walk on Wednesday by taking 1-2 steps, by Thursday he was taking 2-3 steps, and by Friday he was taking 3-5 steps! It is amazing how quick they learn at this age. I'm just so happy that my little man is officially toddling around the house.

- Amari loves to take bubble baths! Over the weekend we said bye-bye to his Duckie tub and took a trip to Target to buy him a fish-shaped bathtub mat and some small starfish and fish grippers. He enjoyed taking a bath in the tub and kept trying to eat the bubbles from his bath.  =P

- Amari no longer drinks from a bottle! He officially loves his sippy cup and likes to carry it around the house or push it along the carpet as he crawls from his bedroom to the living room. Milk is his favorite thing to drink out of it.

- Little stinker has an arm! He loves to play catch and is very coordinated. He likes to throw his football, basketball, soccer ball, and anything else that he can fit into his hand and throw. It is rather fun playing catch with him. 

He stood for ten seconds and I managed to snap a picture before he fell down! 
Wow, the living room looks messy.
 Not the best picture, but he took 3 steps before grabbing onto the couch. =]

Hiding in his favorite place in his room behind the rocking chair. 
He usually grabs a book and leans against the wall and "reads".

Happy Mother's Day 2011


I cannot believe that I have been Amari's mommy for the past year and 2 months. He is so precious and I feel so blessed that he choose me to be his mother.

Today has been such a wonderful and productive day! I got sleep in tell 8:00 a.m., did my morning yoga routine, and Trev and Amari took a little trip to the store to buy sparkling water and raspberry muffins for me. My gift from the two wonderful men in my life this year was a red rose bush and a $15.00 Starbucks gift card.

We had brunch at the Country Club with Papa, Nana, Grammy B, Grandpa, Auntie J, Great Auntie Pam, and cousin Bay. The spread was amazing, so much delicious foods to choose from. Amari was rather hilarious during the meal. He stuffed his little belly with potatoes, sausage, strawberries, melon, and a pastry that Grammy B gave him. The little dude has a huge appetite! It is strange to think that last Mother's Day he was drinking breast milk every 2-3 hours and was so, so, so tiny!

 This was our first photo together. I was totally out of it from having my C-section.
And to be honest, I don't even remember taking this picture with him... 
What a beautiful bundle of joy.
I never knew I could love another person so much until I became a mother. 
Home sweet home, exhausted, overwhelmed, and scared out of my mind. 
We had barely been home for an hour and I cried every five minutes. 
I blame it on the baby blues and the unknowing... LOL

I love this photo taken by Diana Sell at Diana Sell Photography
Look at Amari's hair... he looks like a little old man with all his bald spots, LOL. 
So adorable. 

After brunch, we headed outside of the Country Club to take some photo's on the dock that overlooks the Puget Sound. Olympia is such a beautiful city and the view was lovely. After spending some time taking pictures we all went our separate ways and Trev and I went home to tiddy up the house before he went to work.  Amari napped and I swear he had a food drunk going on cause he ate too much food at brunch! =P The rest of the afternoon was great. Amari and I had our mommy and baby time, he practiced standing up from a sitting position and walking (even though he's only taking 3-5 steps at the moment before falling down). He's learning though and that is all that matter's. Amari walking is probably the best gift that he could have given me for Mother's Day besides his sweet sloppy open-mouth kisses! =D

Food drunk Amari!

Grammy B and A.J. 
He loves his Grandma!

Amari and Great Auntie Pam.

Amari and Cousin Baylor.

Amari and Papa. 

LOL, Amari kicked Daddy and this picture happened to be the only picture that Trev had his eyes open in. 

Amari and Mommy!
Look how gray out it is. Got to love the Pacific Northwest. 
It still feels like winter even though it's May...

Amari and Nana. 

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