The Perfect Romantic Gift For Him

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Gifts come in many forms, for some people they much prefer the gift of a romantic experience than a particular product or physical item.  Indeed, there’s a book called “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, which defines five ways people prefer to give and receive love.

The list includes:
-        words of affirmation (e.g. being told how much you are loved or appreciated)
-        acts of service (e.g. mowing the lawn or cooking breakfast)
-        quality time (e.g. spending a duvet day together)
-        physical touch (e.g. massage and cuddles)
-        gifts (e.g. receiving an unexpected present).

Now, when it comes to gifts, particular for men there are a number of gift ideas for him that can make your partner feel special, but not all gifts have to be expensive in order to be meaningful.  For instance, think of how it feels to receive a crayon picture from your child, as gifts are often about intent rather than monetary value.

No matter how long you’ve been married gifts can always be a catalyst to connection, but they don’t have to be fancy. 

Imagine your partner keeps having nightmares due to being stressed at work, and you go for a walk on the beach together, collecting little twigs and shells.  Perhaps, he has no idea what you’re doing with regard to collecting these items, and might even feel a little ignored, but then, a few nights later you present him with a simple gift wrapped in tissue paper - that is a homemade dream catcher made from all the twigs and shells you collected on the beach, that is subsequently hung over his side of the bed. 

Whether or not the dreamcatcher will work, is another matter, but how loved, cared for and nurtured would this make that person feel?  See, gifts don’t have to be expensive or fancy - they can be simple and homemade.  The most important aspect of gift giving is intent, and as we all hear, it’s mostly the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving.

The other aspect of the perfect romantic gift, particularly for men, is that they don’t have to be physical items - in that they could be experiences. 

Indeed, if your husband’s love language is quality time, then what better way to spend quality time together than doing something fun like organising an adventurous activity for the two of you such as white water rafting, race car driving, or ziplining.  Today, there are many packages available that make arranging such activities very simple and effortless.

The main difference between romantic gifts and romantic experience is that the physical gift is a tangible token of your love, care, and commitment, that will always be there… whereas, an experience, whilst fleeting, creates magical moments that you can both treasure for the rest of your lives.

Now, when you think back over your relationship, do you think of the physical gifts you received… or do you think back to key experiences, such as the first time you made love together, your first holiday, or the time something bad happened but your partner was there to help get you through it.  See, life is made up of experiences, and the more magical moments you can have together, the stronger and more fulfilling that relationship will be. 

Finally, when it comes to the perfect romantic gift, there’s often nothing better than nurturing your man with a homemade pamper night.  See, whilst you could take him to a fancy spa a lot of men prefer the nurturing care of their partner in a relaxed and authentic way and may even feel uncomfortable in a spa environment with a stranger.

See, unlike women that have been encouraged to pamper themselves from an early age men have been conditioned against pampering themselves, with archaic views such as “real men” don’t use moisturiser and so on resounding.

Almost all men, no matter how much they suggest otherwise, like to be pampered by their partner.  The feminine energy is a nurturing energy that is focused around nourishment and men like to be nurtured.  They might put up barriers and tell you otherwise, but deep down they have an emotional need to be taken care of - just like women - indeed, as humans we all long to feel important, valued and cherished. 

A relationship is often the place we go to feel nurtured and men appreciate attention from their partner.  Indeed, many men wish to feel nurtured by their partner’s feminine energy and made to feel cared about, but they don’t always express this.

In summary, the perfect romantic gift does not have to be fancy or expensive, it doesn’t even need to be a physical item - it just needs to be thoughtful and meaningful.

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