Five Gifts Your Nature Loving Teen Will Go Nuts For!

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I am back with another gift idea, this time for teens who happen to be nature lovers! There are some great ideas below and I hope that they give you some idea's for the adolescent in your life for upcoming birthdays, holidays, and just because gifts. 

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Most people have a hobby or something that they love in their lives, which makes it easy for their friends and family who want to buy them gifts. A Marvel lover will appreciate comics and merchandise for one of the world’s biggest franchises. A knitting fanatic will love some luxury wool and new patterns. Playing to the loves of the person that you are buying for is pretty much the best way to get them a gift, because they will know that you put thought into it and really knew them on a personal level.

When you’ve got teenagers in the house, it can be difficult to buy for them when holidays and birthdays come around. Teenagers are generally interested in big-ticket items like cars and technology gadgets, which makes it so hard to choose a gift that’s a little different. However, if you have a nature loving teenager in your home, we’ve got five great gift ideas below for you to make your choices easier!

  1. The Bird Lover. Nature isn’t just plants and trees; it’s animals and bugs and birds in the world. Top lightweight binoculars are a great choice for those who love to sit back and watch the natural world go by. If you want to go a little further, why not adopt a bird that is endangered? Your teen will love knowing that they are making a difference in the world.
  2. The Bat Lover. We need bats in the world to keep it pollinated and keep the flies and insect populations right down. Adopting a bat and buying bat facts books like these can delight even the most fascinated teenagers out there!
  3. The Green Lover. Whether it’s scaling a mountain or trekking the hills in the countryside, an experience day in the raw and natural world is something any nature loving teenage will appreciate. The challenge of pushing their body to the limit and being at one with nature, seeing the stars in their brightness from the thick of the woods is magical.
  4. The Camping Lover. New equipment such as tents, cooking equipment and sleeping bags can be received really well if your teenager loves sleeping in the great outdoors. Do your research in the best camping equipment out there in the world and splash the cash on the good stuff.
  5. The Ocean Lover. Being a part of a conservation club and being a member of an aquarium, your teenager will be over the moon to receive an actual ocean experience. Find your nearest beach and book whale-watching on a boat. Hire suits for scuba diving and get up close and personal with the fish and all the ocean life.

Personalising gifts isn’t always easy, especially when there is an awkward child in your midst. However, you can appeal to their better nature and get them gifts that you know that they would love. This won’t just get you in their good books, it’ll make them feel special because you’ve chosen something that they will love.

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