The Little Alterations To Make A Big Change To Your Appearance

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I know we have all been there when we're feeling extra slumpy and insecure about how we look. There are just days when you wake up and can't help but feel like a hot mess express. I'm a be honest with you, that was me this morning. 

Below are some great tips to help alter your appearance when you're having a rough day. When in doubt, always do your brows. I always feel better about myself when my brows are done.

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When it comes to making yourself look fabulous, it can feel like you are constantly tweaking yourself, but never look perfect. When it comes to your overall appearance, the trick is not about making grandiose changes, but small, subtle ones in your appearance. It's these little changes that add up to one major change. So, what are some little changes you can make that will shake up your appearance?

Changing Your Smile
A smile says a lot about you, but if you are reticent to show your teeth, either because they are discolored, or not particularly pleasant to look at, you can easily get some teeth whitening done, and wear invisible braces for a few months. On top of this, if you have been using the same lip color for so long, try a new shade. Warmer shades of red are very popular, so if you really want to shake things up, go for something a bit icier. You can still go for your favorite red, but try it with some blue undertones.

Adding To Your Brows
Some people pluck their eyebrows to within an inch of their life, but it's very popular at the moment to fill in your brows. Because fuller eyebrows enhance your eyes, it, in turn, does a lot for your bone structure.

Concealing Acne
Ah, the dreaded acne... In an ideal world, we could easily rid ourselves of acne for life, not to mention the unsightly scars acne can cause. The best approach when it comes to concealing acne is to fill in the scarring by using a torn make-up sponge. Very simply, you get a disposable makeup wedge, tear it in half, and use the torn side on your skin, by pressing the makeup into the recesses.

Fixing Your Hair
We can all feel like our hair needs a drastic overhaul. And sometimes, making this change can be enough to alter your entire appearance. You don't have to go overboard when it comes to changing your hair, but many people decide to change the color, but others go far simpler. Bangs are one simple change that alters the angles of your face. By having bangs, you are drawing more attention to your eyes, as well as balancing out your forehead. There are many different types of bangs to go for, and it's worth discussing with your stylist to find out the best types for your face.

The Dreaded Crow's Feet Around The Eyes
Nothing will age you quicker than crow's feet around the eyes, but while getting rid of crow's feet can be pretty much impossible, unless you have all the time in the world to do facial exercises, there are some simple approaches to disguise them. By hydrating and soothing the area and then covering up with a liquid makeup formula, as well as using an eye smoothing kit before going to bed, you will get ahead of the game.

We all have things about our face that we'd love to change, but it's all about a subtle blend of disguise and minimal changes.

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