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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Self-Care Ideas for Worn Out Moms Everywhere

Happy Thursday friends. I hope your week is going well. I a little fatigued today and feel like I am struggling with accomplishing simple tasks. I may need to do a little self-care since I am so worn out. Here are some simple tips to do a little self-care for all the mom's when you're feeling a little exhausted.

Many parents suffer from exhaustion and stress. You can have a long day at work and then have a family to see to as well when you have finished. You could be a stay at home mom, but that does not mean it is any easier. You could have school runs to do, plays to attend and all manner of other things related to your children. Some research has shown that moms of very young children, who can go all day without seeing anyone, suffer the same feeling of exhaustion and stress but they are brought on by loneliness rather than exertion.

You need to find some things that will help you relax, and then you will not feel quite so tired.

Listen to Some Uplifting Music

Music can be great for lifting your mood and making you feel more relaxed.  Play songs that you love and know well for the best results, and enjoy singing along with them.

Write A Journal

Just writing down all your feelings and frustrations can get them out of your head and improve your mood dramatically. Just spend about 20 minutes a day on your journal, as if you take any longer you will find an excuse not to do it because of the amount of time involved.

Color To Relax

Just a few years ago you would have had to buy children’s coloring books if you wanted to spend some time with this activity. Now, however, adult coloring books are big business as the mental health benefits have been realized. It is a very relaxing hobby that has taken off in a big way. There are groups on social media, pictures you can download, and you can buy adult coloring books anywhere.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself for a while. You generally think of gifts as things you buy for other people, but you can buy them for yourself too. Spa gifts, for example, will be a great treat that you will be able to take pleasure in more than once. Treat yourself to the nicer ones because you deserve it.

Call A Friend

Friends and family would often be much more supportive of frazzled moms if they knew how you were feeling. Try calling someone that you are close to and telling him or her you are having a hard time. Sometimes a good chat can have an amazing effect because you then do not feel you have to go through this on your own.

Get Some Fresh Air

Going for a walk in the fresh air can benefit you in two ways. The exercise releases endorphins, which send feel-good messages to your brain, and the fresh air will make you feel more alert.

You should also try to eat a healthier diet, as there are some foods that can improve the way you are feeling. Try to reduce the number of carbs in your diet, and eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

You really do have to care for yourself, as if you become ill, who will care for the rest of the family then?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Keeping Toddlers Safe in the Garden

As a parent of young children, there’s not much that will give you greater joy than seeing our children playing freely in the garden with a great big smile on their faces. Young children love being outside. They don’t care how green the grass is or how pretty the flowers are. They don’t mind if the path is a little muddy or if the fences need painting, they just love being outdoors. They enjoy exploring their creativity and learning more about what they can do with their own bodies. They like pushing their boundaries, feeling new textures, smelling the great outdoors and getting a little bit dirty. Whether they are splashing around in a paddling pool on a summers day or jumping up and down in muddy puddles in the winter time, they are happy.

But, you’ll also be worried about their safety. If you want to let them explore and enjoy themselves, it’s essential that you take the time to make sure your garden is safe for them to play in.

Keep it Free From Pests

Your garden can be home to many annoying and even dangerous pests. Ants, bees, beetles, slugs and even mice and voles can take up residence in our gardens. Some of these aren’t harmful to children, but others are. The odd bee won’t do any harm, but if you find there’s a nest near your home or garden, it’s crucial that you look into bee removal before letting your children play in the area. If you notice any pests or bugs, do your research and have them removed if necessary.

Lock Away Chemicals

Even the smallest, most family-friendly gardens can be dangerous. We use chemicals to tend the lawn and to clean things up. We paint and varnish. We use power tools, ladders, hammers, and lawnmowers. All of these things are perfectly safe for an adult to use. But, could cause a child harm. If you’ve got a shed, make sure things are put away when you have finished using them, and that the door remains locked at all times.

Keep it Confined

Some gardens have a pathway to the front of the house. Others have a small gate that children are able to open as soon as they can reach. While it’s probably fair to assume that you will be supervising your children in the garden when they are very young, you’ll know from experience what they can manage if you look away for even a second. So, ensure your garden is fully enclosed either with a high gate which can be locked or a tall fence.

Be Careful With Planting

If your garden is an open space and your kids have access to all areas, you need to be careful with planting. Kids love colorful and pretty things. If you’ve got flowers, they will want to touch them. So, make sure nothing is an irritant or likely to cause itching or infection.

Always Supervise Around Water

Whether you have got a pond or pool, a small paddling pool in the warmer months or even just a tiny fountain or feature, it can pose a threat to children. Try to fence off deep water, and never let them near even shallow waters without supervision. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

4 Steps To A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle In The New Year

The new year is upon us, and it won’t be long before the 8 is replaced with a 9. New Year's resolutions rarely last, so making changes right now can help you to get into the habit and ensure that you’re actually going to stick to what you want to do come the new year. If you want to live a healthier, happier life, we have some ideas for you here. Take a look and see what you can do to live a more fulfilling, long life:

1. Stop Looking At Food As ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’
Repairing your relationship with food may be difficult depending on how damaged it is already. Many people have a tough relationship with food, because they believe that there are ‘bad’ foods, and then punish themselves for eating them, either by depriving themselves, over-exercising, or doing other dangerous things.

You need to get the idea of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ foods out of your head. Sure, there are some foods that will fill you up longer than others, and some foods that contain more vitamins and minerals than others. Most of the time, you should be selecting these kinds of foods so you can feel your best and perform your best. However, there’s nothing wrong with having chocolate every now and again, or pizza. You can’t deprive yourself, and a lifestyle should be balanced. Of course, if you’re only eating foods that are low on vitamins and minerals and don’t fill you up for very long, you’re not going to feel great. Make smart choices 80% of the time, and you can afford to have what you like the other 20%.

2. Find A Form Of Exercise You Enjoy
Exercising isn’t just something you do because you want to look good. That’s a weak reason, and many people give up for this reason. Exercise is so much more than ‘losing weight’ and ‘looking good’. Exercise has the following benefits:

       Feel happier now and in the long term thanks to happy hormones that are released.
       Improve stress and anxiety.
       Get a better quality of sleep.
       Fight off illness and disease.
       Live longer.
       Improve your self-confidence.

That’s just an idea. Exercise can improve your life tenfold, so find a form you enjoy!

3. Figure Out Where You’re Holding Yourself Back
We all hold ourselves back from time to time. Maybe you spend too much time scrolling on your phone, rather than doing the things you know you should be doing. Sprint phone deals are fantastic and can be great if you need wi-fi on your phone to answer emails quickly or even do some work remotely, but you should make sure you’re being sensible with how often you pick up your phone. Be more mindful, and stay away from it when it’s time to relax. How else could you be holding yourself back?

4. Try Getting Into The Habit Of Meditation

Meditation can do many things, from easing stress and anxiety to improving your creativity. This is all about getting into a habit - don’t expect to be great straight away. It’s a learned skill! Use apps to help you at the start and soon you will benefit. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday Deals for the Kiddo's!

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on links provided in this post and making a purchase, SDB receives a small proceed. All thoughts and opinions are our own.  

Happy Monday lovelies! Thanks for visiting our little corner on the web. Here a few of our favorite small shops and stores that are having great sales for Cyber Monday. Most of them are clothing stores but I did include our favorite hair bow company and place to get personalized books for the kids. We tend to buy our kids clothing for Christmas and let everyone else buy them all the toys and gadgets that they ask for.

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Happy shopping! Until next time. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

New Year, New Look? Now's The Time To Start Experimenting!

The birth of Christ is the starting point of the Christian character, but he was actually born several years before the start of the Christian calendar, and he wasn’t born on the 25th December either. The Christmas celebration is one of many pagan holidays co-opted by the early church; the winter solstice. The winter solstice is traditionally a time of rebirth, regrowth  and renewal which explains why so many of us feel the need to reinvent ourselves as the year draws to a close. If you’re thinking of reinventing yourself and your look in the new year, now’s the time to start experimenting.

If you’ve become bored and frustrated by the limitations of your current look and yearn to reinvent yourself, but don’t want any nasty surprises the trick is not to make drastic changes before you are ready for them. For many starting small and building up to the big stuff can make for a more seamless and less jarring transition. With that in mind, if you start experimenting now, you’ll be well placed to emerge at all the right New Year’s Eve parties like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis!

Finding inspiration

Don’t let a yearning for change push you into any hasty decision making. Make sure that you have a clear endgame before you commit to change. Scour Pinterest for inspiration, borrowing from celebrity styles and emerging trends as you see fit. When you have a clear goal in mind, change can be far less jarring.

Your jewellery

Changing the jewellery you wear is a low risk way to affect change. Check out www. Adinasjewels.com and find yourself some inspiration. The great thing about jewellery is that you can draw as much or as little attention to it as you like with your clothing choices. If it’s working for you, put it front and centre. If you’re not quite ready for it yet, let it take a back seat.

Your makeup

Makeup is a wonderful way to reinvent your look, and with so many great tutorial videos available on Youtube you have plenty of time to experiment with and perfect different looks before wearing them in public. You can start off with little subtle changes in style and color then build up to more dramatic changes as you grow in your confidence and ability.

Shoes, clothes and accessories

Whenever you go shopping for clothes, accessories and shoes, you should always choose one item that scares you a little. You’ll find that the items you were reticent about at first get more wear over time than the safe choices. When you want to reinvent your look, it’s simply a matter of making more scary choices and using your safe choices as a buffer.

And finally... the hair!

Now that you’ve laid a solid foundation for change, you’re ready to start experimenting with different hair looks. Because your hair is such a vital part of your self-image this should be the last thing that you change. However, by the time you reach this point you will now have prepared yourself psychologically for this and you’ll be able to enjoy your transformation without fear or regret.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Here’s How To Show Off Your Personality With Your Look

The great thing about clothes, accessories, makeup, and jewelry is that they can allow us to show off our personality. We don’t often speak to everybody we meet walking down the street, but we can certainly let them know a little bit about ourselves by dressing how we want to be perceived.

Dressing can still be comfortable and practical while remaining fun - you just have to know how to do it! To help you, here are a few ways you can show off your personality with your look. See what ideas you can implement into your life today:


Decide On Your Personal Color Palette
Start off by deciding on your personal color palette. This should be a color scheme that you stick to for the majority of items in your wardrobe. The great thing about doing this, is that all of your items should be interchangeable, and you’ll be able to wear the colors that look best on you and make you happiest.

For instance, some people prefer a black and white wardrobe with just a flash of color from time to time. Some people like to choose a couple of brighter colors and one neutral to mix it up. Using a color wheel can help you to get an idea of the colors that match (or even clash) best.

Define Your Style in 5 Words Or Less
By defining your style, or what you want your style to be, in 5 words or less, you’ll be able to effectively shop for clothes you’ll actually wear. Many people are guilty of buying clothes that don’t suit their usual style or lifestyle, only to wear them once or not wear them at all. Just because you like something doesn’t mean you should buy it if it won’t suit your lifestyle! Consider how you like your clothes to feel, what materials you like best, how you like them to fit, and more. Now, come up with some words to define the way you want to dress. Do you want to dress classic and chic with a modern twist? Perhaps you want to dress in comforting but funky clothes? Whatever words you use to describe your style, bear them in mind whenever you shop.

Choose Clothes That Say Something About Your Tastes
If you want to show off your tastes with your look, this is how you do it. Love pizza? Then buy a t-shirt declaring it to the world. Check out TV Store online for clothes that reflect your TV preferences. You can make items like this still look uber fashionable if you pair them with the right pieces!

Slowly Build Up A Collection Of Accessories

Accessories finish off an outfit beautifully, but to make sure you have all of the pieces you need you should take your time. Buy pieces that you really love, not just for the sake of it. Bags, shows, scarfs, necklaces, rings - they can all bring gorgeous texture to an outfit. If you want to show that you feel edgy, throw on a choker. If you want to show that you’re feeling a little fun and flirty, choose a bag with tassels. Accessories can make the biggest difference! 

Treat Yourself For Christmas

Now that December is just a week away, it is finally time to get into the festive spirit once and for all this means we need to nail down our shopping for the people we love. However, as well as shopping for gifts for everyone else, sometimes we need to think about ourselves for a minute and treat ourselves to something nice. Here are some of the ideas of things you can treat yourself to this Christmas as a special treat.
A spa break

Work is hard, and every now and again we need to have some time out to truly do absolutely nothing. If you have been working yourself into the ground all year long then you can treat yourself to a trip away to a spa and experience mud baths, massages and time in the steam room. It can be the best medicine and you can come back in the New Year feeling totally invigorated and happy once more.

Time away with family

Family is the most precious thing in the world and with juggling a full time job and all of those other adult responsibilities you might feel as if you never see them enough. To combat this, you can book a day or a couple of days away with your family where you can enjoy the winter weather and take in some of that festive cheer.

Beauty treatments
We all have issues with our body and certain things which we want to change about ourselves, but a lot of the time we leave these things as they are and they end up taking over us completely. But if you are feeling self-conscious about something in particular, you can treat yourself this year and make a change. Try a new hairstyle, get Invisalign, go for laser eye surgery and more… there are so many things we can do and they can hugely improve our quality of life.

Food… and lots of it
Sometimes after a long year of watching our weight and being careful with our diets, all we want is to be able to have an epic cheat day and eat as much food as we possibly can. Why not treat yourself to a day out where you eat anything you fancy? Want donuts for breakfast? Go for it! Craving McDonalds Fries with a KFC burger? Do it! Sometimes a little cheat day like this can be just what you need and it can be fun to do with your other half or bestie.

A fashion spree
Unless you are an online shopping fiend, you likely haven’t treated yourself to some new clothes for a while now. So for Christmas this year why not take advantage of the January sales and get yourself a whole new wardrobe! You’ll be able to jump into 2019 looking sharp and stylish and it can be a huge confidence booster.

Black Friday Gift Idea's & Deals!

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on a link and making a purchase through the link provided in this post I will make a small compensation. All thoughts and opinions on the products in this post are my own. 

Black Friday is here and I have searched the world wide web to bring you some amazing deals while you shop from the comfort of your home. I have found some great gift ideas for the loved ones (or even your self) this Christmas season.  There is a little bit of everything, from fashion to beauty and even some home decor.

So sit back, browse through this post for some ideas while watching the 25 Days of Christmas and sipping on some hard nog while having a little R&R while ditching the madness in the stores.

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Happy shopping lovelies!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Momma - Baby Bonding Boosts For Their First Year

Most mommas are aware that bonding with the baby is a significant part of their experience in the first year. However, this doesn't mean that every moment will be perfect, or that bonding will go smoothly. In fact, it can be as challenging as any other part of motherhood such as the late night feeds and getting into a new routine. Happily, there are some strategies you can use to boost the bonding experience with your baby. Just read on to find out what they are.

Know that struggle is natural

The first tactic you can use to make the bonding process go a little easier is to take all of that pressure off of yourself. Many mothers don't bond straight after birth, especially if they have a had difficult pregnancy, a hard labor, or Baby was sick when they arrived, and so they didn't get to spend much time with them.

In fact, much like all the other important experiences in life, there is no one accepted time for bonding with baby. For some mothers, it can take up to 6 months or more, and present as a gradual growing of love rather than a big dramatic emotion. Therefore, if you want to boost the bonding with your baby, cut yourself some slack and let it happen in its own time.

Cuddling can help

Next, various methods of closeness such as cuddling and even skin to skin can help mother and baby bond. To that end picking baby up and soothing them with a cuddle can be a regular activity for mom to engage in.

In fact, you may even wish to invest in a baby carrier that is comfortable enough to hold your little one close to your body while you get in with routine tasks. Something that may help to speed up the bonding processes.  

Get some rest

No matter how much you love your baby, when you are physically and mentally exhausted, it can be tough to feel that emotional connection you are looking for. That is why sometimes it can really help to allow Baby to be taken care of by a trusted friend or family member while you allow yourself to rest.

Of course, what usually happens is that you start to miss them anyway which is a clear indication of a forming bond. However, even if you don't, at least you get to return to the situation refreshed and ready to try some of the other strategies that could help grow that emotional connection between baby and mom.

Reading and singing to Baby out loud

Reading to Baby, and singing are also fantastic ways to encourage bonding between you. Of course, baby won't understand the meaning of the words, but the sound of your voice, the one they heard in the womb for all those moths can be incredibly soothing to them.

Also, by setting aside some time for this sort of shared experience, you are acknowledging the importance of your relationship, and also setting up excellent habits for the future of your momma - baby relationship as well.  

- - - - - -

Happy Thanksgiving Eve lovelies. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I spent the day putting up our Christmas tree. I can't decide if I like it or not. I think I am over this old cheap tree we snagged from Target a few years back but financially, purchasing a new tree is out of the question. I did buy some little berry trimmings and green velvet ribbon from Hobby Lobby in hopes to make it look more full. I might need to head back there after the Black Friday rush this weekend to grab some more greenery to hide some of the open spots on the tree. My husband--bless his heart--says that the tree looks good but I just ain't feeling it this year. 

These are just a few tips on how to bond with your baby during their first year of life. I sang to my babies, made up silly songs to sing to them, and we did a lot of playing on the floor. Diaper changes are also a great way to create a bond with your child as well.

Thanks for swinging by our little neck of the woods on the internet. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

God bless.