You Might Not Have Eight Arms, But You Can Survive Shopping Trips With Multiple Children

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No parent chooses to go shopping with multiple kids. Even just the thought is enough to send shivers down most of our spines. As well as being hellish, trips like these aren’t exactly the most productive way to get what we need. More often than not, you’ll return without even remembering to get what you went for.

Hence why most of us wait until our partners are home or our kids are elsewhere. Then, we can shop in peace, nodding in sympathy at the moms who had no choice but to bring their tantruming toddlers along. Secretly, though, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that isn’t you. At least, not this time.

Sadly, that luck often runs out, and there will come a time when you have to hit the shops with children in tow. If your cupboards are empty or your need something fast, it’s not always possible to make arrangements. But, it’s still in your power to dictate how well this shopping trip goes. And, by putting the following suggestions in place, you can keep stress levels down for the duration.

Consider the time of day

If possible, consider the time of day you go. While you might NEED to go to the shop before evening, you can still pick and choose. So, it’s best to avoid busy periods. For the most part, lunchtime is a no-go, as is anytime after three. But, if you head out mid-afternoon, the shop will be quiet and easier to cope with. At least, it will until you arrive…

Never let your children leave your sight

If your children are forever running away from you, it’s no surprise you get stressed fast. Shopping will go out the window the moment they run to the next aisle. And, there’s a good reason for that. For one, your children could cause mayhem by pulling things off shelves. Plus, shops are dangerous. An estimated 24,000 children get hurt in shops each year. Sometimes, this is down to their not looking where they’re going. Other times, it’s due to falls caused by spillages and other issues. If this happens, you may be able to bring a slip and fall case against the shop in question.  But, you could avoid that risk by making it clear your children aren’t to run off. If you have to, place them in the trolley seat until the agree to walk with you.

Get them engaged

So, the shop’s empty, and your kids have learned to walk by your side. Now, it’s time to get them engaged. When you’re young, shopping is Boring with a capital B. That’s part of the reason your children misbehave. Solve that by making them part of the process.. You could let them hold a basket, or buy them a small shopping cart of their own. Then, tell them what you need, and let them grab items on the lower shelves. As well as saving you a job, this is sure to make your life easier.

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The thought of going grocery shopping with all three of my kids gives me the chills. Usually 2 out of 3 of them are on their best behavior. When I'm forced to do a shopping trip with kids in tow, I enlist the help of my oldest son Amari to help. He is great at keeping eyes on his little brother for me. The suggestions above are great. I plan on using them the next time I have to all the kids on an errand to the grocery store with me.

What tips do you plan on using? And if use a different thing, what is it? Leave a comment below and have a wonderful day.

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