Trimming The Financial Fat: Lifestyle Changes To Save Money

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I am always trying to save money. I have a change jar to toss our change into when ever we enter the house. I also started recycling our cans at our local Fred Meyer for coins now that they are 10 cents per can. 

We are currently saving for a family vacation to Silverwood in Idaho this  August as well as for our big move in February. We plan on renting a house while we save for a down payment to buy a home. 

Here are some great tips for saving money. I really like ditching the lunch time treat and plan on packing lunches and snacks all summer long. 

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When it comes to trimming the financial fat as a family unit, it can be very difficult to find the best places to begin. While you can all look at ways of earning extra money, the solution may not be as achievable, especially if you got children in school, or both parents are working full-time. Your lifestyle could be the key to cutting back on your financial outgoings, so, what are the best ways to your lifestyle more cost effective?

Getting Rid Of The Car
Nowadays, public transport is that much better, that you don't need to necessarily have a car anymore. If you live a little bit out of the way, and hiking to the nearest bus stop is a considerable task, getting something like a scooter may help you in the long run. You could get a scooter that runs on petrol, which will be minimal outgoings in comparison to the car, or you could purchase an electric scooter. There are many brands you can choose from, such as Razor, but it's better for you to make your own decisions as to what suits you the best. You can look at a Razor electric scooters review online and decide for yourself the best plan of action. Having a scooter, or even a bike, will save you a lot of money. And especially if you have the car on lease, this is a considerable chunk of your outgoings eradicated.

Avoiding That Lunchtime Treat
We can justify to ourselves that we've had a bad day, so we need that cup of store-bought coffee. But, buying lunch out, or getting a latte on the way into the office will soon add up. Instead, if you are a coffee snob, by yourself a top brand coffee maker. They are an expense at the very outset, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money. It's far easier for you to make your perfect coffee at home, and take it in a portable mug.

Ditching The Subscriptions
Do you have subscriptions that you seldom use now? If you don't go to the gym, that expense is one of the most detrimental to anyone's bank balance. Instead of having a gym membership, you can very easily exercise at home with your own home gym or resistance bands. Likewise, if you subscribe to magazines, or channels that you very rarely watch on TV, then why are you paying for them? There might decent subscriptions that you can justify spending on, but when it comes to entertainment, do you need a cable package and Netflix, or can you make do with what? By cutting down all of your subscriptions to the bare essentials, this will add up.

The best way to think about saving money is to add how much something would cost in the space of a year. Because that figure is so big, it can be the springboard to get you into a proper money-saving mindset. Lifestyle is something that can be curbed so you can save money, but it doesn't mean you have to go without.

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What are some of your tips for saving money? I recently started unplugging our microwave, toaster, and Keurig as well as all the lamps at night before going to bed to save some money on our energy bill. 

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