Piecing An Outfit Together: The Simple Steps To Get It Right Every Time

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Deciding what to wear in the morning, or even the night before if you are super organised, is one of those things that can really take up more time than is necessary. However, the reason why so many people take their time over their choices is because they want to look as good as they can. So if you are all about still looking great but saving a whole heap of time, then here are some of the simple steps you can take to piercing your outfit together and getting it right every time.

What is the occasion

One of the first things to think about would be the occasion. Think about what you need to wear and how you want to look. Do you have a meeting at work where you need to look professional? Could you be needing to to impress someone, perhaps it is a first date or a blathering with friends? Knowing the occasion that you need an outfit for, even if it is just your normal routine of a day, can help you consider different options and piece together the look you are going for.

Choosing the clothing

Choosing the clothes you want to wear is something we can often rush in a morning, but this can be a huge mistake. So spend some time the night before considering your outfit options and choosing the clothes. Pull out a few different options, hang them together and see if the colours and styles go together. Having the time to think about these things will help you to feel more confident about choosing the clothes in the future, speeding up this part of the process.

Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories can really make an outfit, so you should consider what you wear with an outfit as much as possible. From the right bag to accompany the clothes to the right sort of jewellery. You may stick with signature pieces you wear daily, maybe a ring such as one for engagement that was designed from companies recommended on websites like https://diamondexpert.com/james-allen-review/ or a necklace you were given to for a milestone birthday. But you could also add to those pieces by considering things like a statement necklace or earrings to really transform the look.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Shoes are a very important part of outfit, and knowing what you are doing and when will help you decide on the right footwear. Whether you want to wear heels, flats, or even sandals for warmer weather it can really make an outfit and transform a look.

How’s your day going?

Finally, the last thing to consider would be if you need your outfit to take you from day to night? Are you going anywhere after work? Do you not have time between places for about outfit change? This is when considering how you can change your look with only a few additions can help transform your outfit from a day to a night look. New earrings, a heel instead of flats, a slick of bold lipstick colour and you could be good to go. Websites like https://www.makeup.com/tips-for-taking-your-makeup-from-day-to-night have great tips when it comes to make up.

I hope that these tips help you piece your outfits together in the future.

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How do you piece your outfits together? I have a tendency to build my outfits around my shoes. I have always been a shoe guru. I love them. 

I often feel like my shoes make the statement. 

What tips from above do you use? What tip do you plan on adding when you piece together an outfit? Leave a comment below. 

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