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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

5 Key Pieces for Your Mom Wardrobe

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Shopping as a mom is different. Firstly, simply because you have other people to spend your money on. Your children’s clothes and essentials become a much more important expense than your own. Where you once went shopping for fun when you had a little spare cash, now, there are things that the kids need, and they seem to grow out of their clothes and shoes all of the time. There’s also time. You don’t have the time to shop at leisure, essential purchases are made quickly, without trying on or swapping to find the right color combination. Everything is done in a hurry.

Then, there is the style itself. When you spend your life running around after kids, taking them to appointments and playdates, cooking for them and cleaning up after them, you haven’t got the time or inclination to worry about fashion. You want to be comfortable and able to move around. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fantastic. With just a few key pieces you can have an easy to wear, comfortable and reliable wardrobe. While it’s fair to say, you need more than five things, these key pieces work with lots of outfits and can form the basis for your fabulous mom wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans

A good pair of skinny jeans goes with everything. You can dress them down with pumps and a loose tee, or style them for a rare date night or night out with the girls with some heels, a bit of sparkle and a cute top. For the perfect pair, opt for a dark color that hides kid spills. You might also want to go for high-waisted to help you to feel more confident in your post-baby body.

When it comes to jeans, it’s a good idea to spend a little more, and go for an eco-friendly option. You might wonder What does Tencel feel like? Or be concerned about sustainable fashions stamina. But, they feel fantastic, they're great for the planet, and they’ll probably last a lot longer than cheaper jeans, which is essential when they are going to be getting so much wear.

Comfortable Pumps

Heels are gorgeous, but when you are in a rush on the school run or chasing the kids around the park, nothing beats some comfortable flat pumps. Converse and similar styles are great for throwing on in a hurry, and they look good with jeans or dresses.

A Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are great. You can make a statement with double denim or wear over a cute summer dress. It gives you a great way to add layers in colder weather and looks cool under a chunky knit.

A Simple Black Dress

A simple black skater dress is so easy to wear. It looks great with thick tights or leggings, a jumper and boots in the winter, or with your converse and denim shirt in warmer weather. You can also dress it up with some heels and a statement necklace and clutch for a night out.

Stripy T-shirt

Plain white t-shirts are fabulous, they go with everything and always look sexy. But, with kids around, are they safe? You might prefer a navy and white striped tee.

- - - - - 

I love a good basic tee. I buy them from either Target or Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has some great basics for less than $3 a piece. I stock up on black, white, and gray tee's. Target has my favorite dressy tee's too. 

Stripes are my addiction. I have a lot of them. I tend to stick to classic black and white strips or get a little bold and buy a colorful tee with white or black stripes. 

I also love a good boyfriend jean. They are perfect to wear with a pair of Chucks (aka Converse). I usually style them with a basic tee and throw a cardigan over during cooler months. 

What are some essential key pieces in your mom wardrobe? Leave a comment below so we can all update our closets. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Have a wonderful day friends. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Frazzled Mom? Invest In You, And Make Yourself Sparkle

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As a parent, you are constantly looking out for everyone else, apart from yourself. Whether you are trying to save money, for the good of the family, or you are working hard at spending more time with your partner, you can easily neglect yourself. But, this is why, regardless of how busy your life is, you need to spend some time investing in yourself. So, how can you do this, when life is so busy?

A Simple Beauty Routine
After the kids have gone to bed, the temptation is always to sit down the front of the TV, and vegetate. Instead, why don't you take this opportunity to beautify yourself? Get out a face mask, do your nails, or just browse online for some fashion inspiration. The summer months is a great time to experiment with new styles, and there so many places that provide stylish summery dresses, like Filly Flair, and you can shop their online store to see if there's anything that sticks out for you. Giving yourself a makeover from top to toe can rejuvenate you in so many ways, especially if you have been down recently.

Look After Your Health A Bit Better
You need the strength to take on every task, and if you aren't eating well, or exercising, these little body issues, from aches and pains, to headaches, will increase as the years go by. It's not difficult to look after your health, but it's about getting into the habit of these things. When you don't have time to make a proper meal, trying something like batch cooking could be the lifesaver that you and your family need. If you've been going on at your kids to eat healthier, you need to lead by example.

Try Something New
And if you are stuck in the same old boring routine, it's hardly a surprise that you aren't feeling that great. If you are trying to do something for the benefit of yourself, what is it you really want to do? If you like simplicity, then go for a walk up a hill. If you want something different or more adventurous, go for it! We need new experiences to rejuvenate our frame of mind and to grow. Having new experiences and trying the things outside of our comfort zone is what the human body and mind is made for.

We can all get stagnant, especially when we are in a routine that isn't particularly exciting. And it's this setup in life that can cause you to neglect yourself. You need to think about making yourself sparkle in life, and when you are constantly trying to protect your kids in an emotional sense, or you are worried about money, this can all weigh heavy on you. This is why, now and again, you have to invest in yourself. When you do this, not only will you feel better so you can look after your family better, but it has a far-reaching impact in your life. So, make a change, and make yourself sparkle.

- - - - - -

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope the tips above are helpful to you and help make you feel a little more special as a mom. For the past couple of weeks I have started training to run a mile. I hate running...unless its 60 feet at a sprint. Long distance running and I are not friends. I have noticed that since I started exercising, that I feel loads better.

On another note, we had an exciting weekend with the arrival of our sweet little niece/cousin Brenna. She is the sweetest little baby girl too. 

Sunday we spent our day on the Columbia River trying to beat the heat. My poor husband got a sunburn but the kids were living life. All three of them are my little water babies. We had so much fun and got a sweet treat from Sonic's afterwards. 

What did your family do this weekend? Leave a comment below and let me know. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Have a great week. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Say Hello to the all-new Gymboree + #MadeYouSmile Campaign

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Gymboree Sale On Now!

Summer is all about change and my friends over at Gymboree just re-imaged their entire brand! If you haven't checked it out yet, you need too. I am loving the new look. 

So whats new? 

You might be asking. Well, every thing! Down to the last stitch on their products, the overall quality and comfort of fabrics. The new styles that have that same kid sensibility with a modern twist that will leave your little sir or misses looking extra stylish effortlessly. 

All of the new  pieces are versatile and can be mixed and matched for your child to create their own unique look. Not only will your son or daughter be looking fashionable with their sense of style but they will be comfortable and wrapped in the softness of great quality fabrics that still maintain a great attention to detail in each piece.    

Even their new denim is super comfortable, soft, and extra durable which I love! They are being dubbed as "the best jeans ever!" I plan on stocking up on them when I go back to school shopping for my son's. My two boys are hard on their denim and these new jeans won't be getting any holes in them once school starts. 

Gymboree has even made more changes for the sweet little babe in your life. Their new pieces  are made with the coziest and comfiest of fabrics. Their are more neutral hues and modern details making many of their pieces gender neutral and perfect for both a boy and a girl. I can't wait to go shopping for my new niece and nephew. These items are perfect for a baby shower gift or a "welcome to world" gift too. 

And last but no least, Gymboree made all of these changes because they asked modern mom's and dad's what they wanted most for their children's clothing. They came through at the bottom of the ninth inning and delivered with a grand slam to win the game too! Their ultimate goal, was to make us smile. And they did. #MadeYouSmile  

If you're back to school shopping now, use the link to below to save while the deal lasts:

Valid now through July 29, 2018

What I love most about the #MadeYouSmile Campaign with Gymboree is that no matter what, my kids always have nothing but smiles on their faces. Who would have thought that a new top or dress and some flowers would put a smile on their faces. 

Head on over to Gymboree and check out their new styles for back-to-school season! I know I plan on doing some online shopping later on tonight while I drink a glass of iced tea and watch the sun set on the patio. I know my boys are excited about the Get Ready for School collection for boys and my daughter loves the So Ready for School collection for girls. 

Amari is wearing the "Oh Yeah Hoodie Shirt" and paired with his favorite jeans and cameo sneaks. He picked this top out for himself and loves it. He likes the color, the fact that it has a hood, and that he looks cool in it. Its a little spendie, but totally worth the price and it will be a great piece during the fall and winter months when the weather cools down here in the northwest. 

Aurora is wearing the Navy Cherry Shift Dress and paired with her favorite boots. What she loves about this dress is the color and the metallic cherries. She calls it her beautiful dress and she looks adorable and stylish in it too. I love that it is easy for her to dress herself and the softness of the material is amazing. I highly recommend this dress. Right now they are having a buy 2 or more, for $12 each deal going on for girl's tops. 

Talan is wearing the "Just Snacks" tee in olive green. When we saw this, we laughed because it sums up his personality in a nut shell. The tee is so, so, soft! The quality is high and I will be buying more of these tee's. Right now they have a buy 2 or more, for $14 each deal going on. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today. And happy shopping at Gymboree! They have some amazing deals going on right now so stock up on back-to-school essentials now. 

Oh... And leave a comment about what #MadeYouSmile today. =] 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

7 Tips For Buying Jewellery As A Gift

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Thinking for buying jewellery for someone as a gift? Whether it’s a birthday present for a family member or an engagement ring for a partner, here are some tips that could help you to make the right purchase.

Know their style

Some people like their jewellery blingy whilst others like it subtle. Some people never wear a necklace, whilst for others it’s the only piece of jewellery they’re ever likely to wear. Make sure that you know the recipient’s style so that your gift is appreciated. Drop subtle hints if you’re unsure or try and look at what they’ve worn in the past in photos.

Shop off the high street

Whilst there are some budget high street jewellers, the majority can be fairly expensive. You can often get better deals by shopping online on the likes of Amazon or on independent jewellery sites. Also consider second-hand stores – physical shops are better than online shops as you can get a better idea of the jewellery’s quality.

Personalise it

There could be ways of personalising the jewellery to give it more meaning. Companies like Name Necklace Official can allow you to create customised engraved jewellery or Infinity name necklaces. You could also consider birthstones or pendants suited to someone’s interests as a way of further personalising jewellery. Those that are good with crafts and feeling ambitious could even attempt to create their own jewellery – the extra effort put into this gift will make it all the more meaningful.

Consider allergies

Some people are allergic to certain metals, which could be something worth looking into before you shell out on a pair of gold earrings. Ask people who know the recipient if you don’t want to ask them directly. Companies like Solace Jewellery sell specialist hypoallergenic jewellery that could be ideal for those that get reactions.

Use these diamond cost-cutting tricks…

For those shopping for an engagement ring on a budget, think carefully about the type of diamond. Prices soar once you hit 1 carat – a 0.9 carat diamond could be just as stunning and a lot cheaper. In fact, you could be better off ignoring the carat altogether and focusing on the cut – a low carat rating could mean that the diamond is relatively small, but a high cut could mean that it’s shinier. 

Try alternatives to gold and silver

Gold and silver are the go-to jewellery materials, but there are plenty of alternatives out there that can look just as impressive at a fraction of the price. Tungsten carbide, zirconium and cobalt chrome are just a few substitutes that are just as glitzy but cheaper. Platinum is another alternative although this tends to be in the same price range as gold and silver.

Keep the receipt

Being such an expensive purchase, it’s often worthwhile keeping the receipt safe when going jewellery shopping. If the jewellery doesn’t fit, is broken or they simply don’t like it – you can always get it replaced by returning it to where it came from.

- - - - - - 

Happy Thursday friends! This week has gone by so fast. I feel like I have not accomplished any goals that I have set for myself. 

On the bright side, my little sister will be induced tomorrow! I am excited to finally meet my little niece Brenna. I feel like her arrival will be the highlight of our weekend. I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and smoother her sweet little face with kisses. 

What are your plans for the weekend ahead? If you have any birthdays or anniversary gifts to purchase, I hope this guide to buying jewelry is helpful to you. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us today. Have a great day. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Hardest Word… Saying To Your Mom That You're Sorry

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word when we have caused hurt to someone, the act of apologizing can be something takes a long time for us to get round to. On the other hand, if it's your mother that you’ve upset, you could feel a considerable amount of guilt but also want to make it up to her in the best way possible. But if you have a fractious relationship, what can you do to ensure that, not only are you apologizing properly, but that it doesn't damage things further?

Write A Letter
The best way for you to get your deepest thoughts out at any point in life is by writing a letter to yourself. When you are struggling to find the words to say in person, a letter can be one of the most heartfelt things. Beware; in writing a letter to your mother, it can easily be an opportunity to avoid confrontation. But if the letter is heartfelt, or if there are mitigating circumstances, such as you live far away or there is bad blood between you two anyway, a letter can be one of the best forms of contact.

Say It With A Proper Gift
Be careful with a gift. Of course, it can be easy to buy a gift for the man in your life or another family member under normal circumstances because you know what they like, but if you are struggling to find common ground with your mother, sometimes a gift can give off the impression that you haven't put much thought into it. While many people go down the florist route, flowers can be a little bit clich├ęd. Saying that, it depends on the person who's receiving the gift. It's far better for you to get them a gift that you know they will appreciate. But at the same time, don't give off the impression that you are buying them off.

Do It In Person (And Mean It!)
If you are truly sorry, and you know the extent of how much you hurt them, then surely the best way for you to do it is in person? You can easily tell yourself that they won't listen to your apology, but the fact that you've gone to such lengths to be apologetic to them in person, speaks volumes. The big thing when apologizing is that we don't always sound genuine when we do say sorry. If you are truly sorry, then it's going to be genuine. Sometimes we can feel that we have to say sorry because we need to get the status quo back, or it's for the benefit of everyone else, but if you upset the one person in your life that has looked after you, it can feel very heartbreaking on both sides.

Sorry is one of those words we struggle to say from time to time, but when you are saying sorry, you are taking responsibility for your actions. This is one of the big things that we struggle to come to terms with, and when you are considering how to apologize, sincerity is always the most important thing.

- - - - - -

Happy Saturday friends. I hope you are having a great weekend. I just finished a mile run and have plans to paint my son's desk and a set of wall hooks for the boy's room later today. I am trying to get our home organized before school starts and get rid of things that we don't use or need any more. I feel like we just have so much stuff. 

I wanted to share this article with you. It really resonated with me, especially with one of my mentee's struggling with some of the things mentioned. I won't go into details but sometimes as parents the hardest thing to do is to say that we are sorry and vice versa with our children. As adults, its our job to teach our children and learning to apologize and genuinely mean it is a prime example. 

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and visiting us today. Have a great day. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

How Your Looks Affect Your Life

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Image Credit: Unsplash

Whether you are the kind of person who loves trying on new clothes and makeup to change the way you look, or you are more interested in other things, there is no doubt that the way you look affects your life. It might be a fleeting difference, or it could be the thing that propels you forward every day but the influence is there.

Are your looks at the centre of your happiness or is life about the pursuit of goals and learning to love yourself?

Of course, you might think that understanding what your looks mean to you isn’t important in the long run and you might be right. However, if you have ever considered plastic surgery - especially something like a facelift to change your features - it is certainly worth a few minutes to think about what you could gain, but also what you could lose. Look at CarolinaFacialPlasticSurgery.com for more, certainly, but read on before you make your decision.

The Halo Effect

Beautiful people are plagued by the halo effect. Like people who have money or fame, beautiful people often lack confidence in themselves and their abilities because they can’t be sure why someone wants to work with them or be their friend. Their beauty can be undermining to their character and skills - and if you don’t believe this, think of all the talented actresses boxed into sex object roles because they have nice faces.

The halo effect is the idea that beautiful people are consistently over-estimated. We think of them as being more intelligent, more creative and as better leaders just because they look beautiful. You could consider this a social advantage but imagine the constant worry that you could be found out for who you really are at any moment.

Do Beautiful People Really Earn More?

For a while, it was a common belief that beautiful people earn more than their ugly counterparts but recently, it has been suggested that, when you account for other factors, this isn’t true. In fact, now the thinking is that, all accounted for, ugly people might actually have the advantage at work.

However, there is still a lot of intrigue in this subject because while ugly people might do better than their counterparts, beautiful people are generally healthier, more intelligent and have ‘better’ personalities that are less neurotic, more extroverted and more conscientious. In other words, in the real world, which doesn’t account for other factors, beauty is still on top.

Fear of Aging

We are now living longer than ever and somehow this is giving us a complex about the aging process. More and more women are choosing to go under the knife at a much younger age to combat their perceived age giveaways before they get worse.

This seems to be symptomatic of a society that pressures women to look as young as possible for as long as possible but it is also down to the improvements in the procedure that means that a facelift won’t make you look so stretched out any more. ‘Natural’ is the new buzzword.

So, the question is: do you want to change your looks or your outlook?

- - - - - -

T.G.I.F! What are you plans for the weekend? Both my son's are out of town spending the weekend with family. I have plans to deep clean our house and toss any items/clothes that we have not used in the past six months. I am trying to get organized and I feel like our casa is just an unorganized mess all the time. Any tips on how ya'll stay organized? I would love to hear your suggestions. Drop a comment below. 

Thanks for visiting us today. Hope you have a great weekend. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

This Is How To Make Your Kids Love Learning

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Making sure your kids love learning isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Kids can be extremely resistant to learning things - especially if they’d rather play on their tablets or talk to their friends. However, if you begin getting your kids into good habits while they’re young, they’re far more likely to learn to love learning.

How can you help them along? Read on to find out.

Introduce Your Kids To Reading
Start off by introducing your kids to reading as early on as you can. Start by reading to them, and when they are old enough, encourage them to read to you. Take it in turns. Surround them with amazing books of all genres, with plenty of different authors.

Kids who love reading nearly always excel in school, and it’ll help them in many ways. They’ll learn to use their imagination and develop great communication skills, to name just a few benefits.

Buy Them Educational Games And Toys
When you’re thinking of buying your child a new game or toy, consider whether it’s educational for them. In some cases, most games can be educational and can actually help your children to improve their coordination. Do your research on the best educational games and toys and see what you come up with.

Encourage Your Child To Teach
Encouraging your child to teach will help them to learn. In many cases, this is the best way for them to learn and become better learners! Make the most of your children having younger siblings by encouraging the older ones to teach the younger ones. If you don’t have multiple children, encourage them to tell anybody who will listen about something they love, whether that’s dinosaurs or aliens.

Choose The Right School For Them
The school your child goes to will make a big difference to how much they love learning. Learning in the right environment for them is key to them improving and making progress. You can look at a private boarding school if you feel that’s the right option for your child, but public schools can also be great. Take a look at previous exam results, what people have to say about teachers, and consider going to have a look around and chat to some of the staff.

Don’t Overwhelm Them
If you want your child to love learning, you can’t overwhelm them. They need a break. Make sure they have plenty of breaks as well as plenty of opportunities to learn.

Stress That Learning Is A Lifelong Thing
Providing your child knows that learning is a lifelong thing and not something that stops when they leave school, they’ll get into a growth mindset. They’ll know to always look for opportunities to learn, and not just in school.

Encourage Them To Learn From The Every Day
Encourage your kids to learn from every day, and not just school. What can they learn from experiences they’ve had that day? Make it a fun game and get involved with them - tell them what you’ve learned.

- - - - - -

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little niece and can not wait to meet her! I feel like I am blowing my little sister up every day checking in to see if she's in labor yet. Apparently, baby Brenna is stubborn like my oldest son was and is just chillin. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gift Suggestions For Hard To Please Guys

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Men are so difficult to buy for, aren't they? They either seem to have everything that they need already or the items that they genuinely covert are so expensive that you couldn't possibly buy them for a single occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Luckily, though, help is at hand in the post below, because there you will find gift suggestions for even the hardest to please husband, brother, or son. Read on to find out more.

Something to wear

Clothes are always a great gift for the man who is hard to please, as long as you have a good grasp of their style.
For guys that are into a smart casual look than pieces from a quality retailer like John Henric are an excellent choice. Although, if your guys favors a more grungy look then searching high street fashion stores may be a better option. Remember to keep the receipt though, just in case!

Something practical

Unlike us girls, men can quite enjoy a more practical gift that they can use on a day to day basis. In fact, if they are into the gym and very small and simple gift you can invest in is a token on a keychain that will allow them to use a locker without having to find the change each time. Alternatively, yet still on the gym theme, why not invest in a decent bag for them to transport their kit in? One they wouldn't splash out on themselves, but you know they will like, something you can get some suggestions on here.

Then there are practical items that will suit handyman. In particular, things such as power tools can make a great gift if the man in your life is into home improvements, woodworking, and the like. You can even get power tools that all use the same battery pack, meaning you can easily expand their collection without using up too much room in the shed, or it being too costly.

Something fun

No one can have too much fun, and that makes buying an experience day a fantastic choice for the man in your life that is hard to please. In fact, you have two options available to you here.

One is to get them an experience that you know they will love such as a track racing day for a petrol head or a gourmet cooking course for a food enthusiast. The other choice is to pick something more left field, that they will still enjoy of course, but that they might not consider for themselves such as a tank driving day, skydive, or balloon ride.

Something luxurious

Lastly, a little luxury is always welcome and make a fantastic choice for a gift for the hard to please guy in your life. Think posh chocolates here, or a bottle of his favorite whiskey that is extra mature. In fact, even a slap-up dinner out can work well here, and if you get him a voucher for two he might even take you along as well! Double win!

- - - - - -

Hope these idea's above are helpful for the next time you have to buy a gift for the man in your life.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us today. Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

12 Ways You Can Save Money This Summer

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The school holidays wouldn’t be complete without a vacation, or days out - things which can soon cost a lot of money. Summer can be a tough time when your family’s finances are a bit tight. While you want to be able to enjoy yourselves, it can be difficult if you’re facing other financial pressures.

Image: Pxhere

The good news is that all hope isn’t lost. If you start making some changes now, you can save money during the break and perhaps even afford a late summer vacation. Check out these twelve money-saving tips to help your money have a great time this summer.

1. Stop wasting energy

Electricity bills spike during the summer months, especially if you’ve got bored kids at home who are glued to the TV or their portable devices. There are some simple ways to save electricity, and one place to start is to get the kids outside more. The fresh air will do them good, and it’ll also show them how to have fun without relying on technology.

2. Reduce your grocery bills

How much money do you spend on groceries each week? Do you think you could cut it by a quarter or a third? It’s actually easy if you’re willing to try it. Save money on your groceries by planning what you’re going to eat throughout the week, buying generic instead of branded good and buy fruit and vegetables that are frozen or pre-prepared to help you cut food waste. Set yourself a savings challenge and put everything you didn’t spend away.

3. Buy online

Buying products online can help you save money versus in-store prices. Amazon is great for picking up bargains on household items, and you won’t need to drive into town to get them either. Shopping online also means you can pick up items you wouldn’t normally find in stores like CBD dog treats at https://www.certapet.com/cbd-dog-treats/. Shop around before making any purchases to make sure you’re getting the biggest saving.

4. Take advantage of free trials

Kids complaining they’re bored? Why not take advantage of free trials for things like Netflix, Amazon Video, and other subscription services to keep them entertained. More often than not, you can do free trials for different members of your household, so between you and your partner, you could have the summer covered. Remember to put a note in your diary with the cancellation date to make sure you don’t have to start paying the monthly subscription.

5. Find other ways to stay cool

If you’re usually reliant on the air conditioner to keep your home cool, your family could be spending a lot in electricity. Instead of reaching for the button when your home gets too hot, try other ways of staying cool instead. Keeping the curtains closed during the day will stop rooms getting overheated while freezing a hot water bottle can help keep your bed cool at night. Freeze some drinking bottles too so that you can drink some ice cold water throughout the day to keep your body temperature down.

6. Walk more

Summer is the perfect time to get in shape, with more daylight hours and better temperatures making you more likely to want to get outside and be active. Instead of relying on your car to get from A to B, why not walk more instead? Walking an hour to work and back is a great way to exercise, and means you won’t need to sweat it out in the gym afterward. Walk the dog more and get the whole family involved so that everyone enjoys the benefits of being outdoors.

7. Keep an eye out for deals on days out

Going to theme parks and other local attractions can be a part of the summer fun, but many activities come with an expensive price tag. The good news is that websites like Groupon have some incredible deals to help you save money on days out, allowing you to entertain the kids without breaking the bank. You can also find some excellent coupons for restaurants too to help you eat out for less.

8. Save money on luxuries

Even when you’re trying to save money, sometimes you need to replace a used lipstick or bottle of moisturizer - which can soon eat into your funds. Try cutting the cost of cosmetics by trying different brands, searching for online discounts and collecting samples from different counters. Question whether or not you really ‘need’ something and whether or not it can wait until the end of the summer.

9. Sell things you don’t need

With more time on your hands during the summer months, you can finally tackle the unwanted goods in your home. Why not have a yard sale to get rid of your unwanted items or sell things on eBay? By decluttering your home, you’ll not only have more space and a neater house, you’ll also be able to make some money too. Whatever you decide to do, use any money made to go straight into your savings to help you grow them even more.

10. Get active

It can be tough to find things for the whole family to do together during the summer, but getting active is certainly one of them. Make the most of the sunshine by heading to the local park to enjoy a game of tennis, football or baseball. You can have a lot of fun together for free, as well as build your fitness up. Who knows, you might even discover a new fun family hobby you can all do together?

Saving money during the summer months can be challenging, but if you keep your target in mind and work hard to make those savings, you’ll get there in the end. Find ways you can save money on everyday spending to help your money stretch further, allowing you to enjoy the summer vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Think you’re up to the money-saving challenge? Start cutting back on your spending today.

- - - - - - 

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I hope ya'll are having a wonderful week so far. The weather over here has been in the high 90's the past week and I am loving it. As a SoCal girl living in the PNW, I am soaking up all the heat and the sun. 

Yesterday, we took the kids on a 2 mile walk around Fort Vancouver. The kids had a blast, like always. 

Today I plan on painting my son's desk and organizing our lives cause our home is a hot mess express. What are you're goals to accomplish for the week? I would love to hear them. Drop a comment below. 

Have a great day.