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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cotton Wood Beach and Our Car Key Drama!

It's hot in the Pacific Northwest ya'll. Last Sunday it was 96 degrees. Monday it was 102 degrees. The heat is killing me. I am over summer...

We thought we would beat the heat by heading to Washougal to wade in the Columbia River on Sunday. We packed up a lunch and headed to William Clark Park at Cotton Wood Beach. We had a blast wading in the cool river. Amari is my little guppy. He had so much fun playing in the water and showed no fear. A few years ago he would have avoided swimming in the river all together. It's amazing what a few years can do. Talan on the other hand was not feelin' the water. He threw the worlds biggest fits if you tried bringing him into the water. Little dude wouldn't even go ankles deep. He spent most of the time playing in the sand instead. He was content filling  his little bucket with wet sand and dumping it out over and over again. Talan is enjoys the simple things in life like filling a bucket with sand and watching big brother and mom have a splash war in the Columbia. 

Mid-morning and into the afternoon were wonderful at the lake...until my dear husband managed to drop the keys to our car while helping Amari put on his shoes. He realized it about a minute later and returned to get them only to find that someone picked them up and stole them! Thankfully our set of keys did not have our dealership logo on it. Our day went downhill after that. We ended up waiting outside in the heat for over three and a half hours. It was broudle! My pregnant self was extra crabby and my mood swings probably didn't help my poor stressed out hubby. The boys were great considering the heat and the situation that we were in. We ended up calling the locksmith and when he finally arrived it took him about an hour to get us into our car and to cut us a new key. We ended up dropping more money on that ordeal than we wanted to but at least it's a lesson learned right? It will never happen again. Ever. We ventured home and stopped off to get a cool treat to reward the boys for their good behavior and vowed to never go back to that part of the river again. 

Our Trip to Tillamook

The Pacific Northwest has been experiencing a heat wave the past few weeks and seeing as I was 29 weeks along at the time with Little Miss and very uncomfortable; I took one look at the weather forecast a few weeks ago and saw temperatures in the high 90's, I about cried. Heat and pregnancy are a lethal combination. Instantly I knew we needed to head to the coast and I sent a text to Trevor Dear stating that we were going to the beach this weekend. He agreed and started researching what town he wanted to go too. We decided on Tillamook. It had been a minute since Trev and I last set foot in cheese land and we knew the boys would have a great time exploring the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Tillamook Smokehouse.

Upon our arrival, I ended up getting hit by the morning sickness bug. The aroma of cows and curvy roads through the Tillamook Forest probably didn't help much either. We made a quick pit stop and of course one can never trust the weatherman here. Sunshine and blue skies were replaced with a high of 58 and thunderstorms. Thankfully I know how to pack for the Oregon coast. I was on top of it. We just ended up not going swimming at the beach. Guess next time we will either hit up Newport or Seaside for time spent splashing in the waves. 

Our first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I love me some good cheese and the Tillamook brand is one of my favorites. Amari and Talan enjoyed chowing down on free samples of curds and other cheeses while we watched them make chedder cheese on the lines. Amari was hilarious and kept asking where they were hiding all the cows. He even looked for them while we were in the factory. One of my favorite spots was the Tillamook Creamery. Nothing beats freshly made ice cream and this mama always wants a sweet treat. Amari got to pick out what flavor of ice cream he wanted and devoured that Junior cone like a champ! Both my boys got mom's sweet tooth. 

After the factory, we drove the ten miles to Garibaldi. My Great Auntie and Grandma lived there for years and I showed Trev the old G&G Mini Mart which has now been replaced with a hardware store that my Auntie used to run and own. Garibaldi is a small town with one stop light and a Dairy Queen. The DQ makes it a legit town in my opinion. We had lunch at the Port of Garibaldi. I never spent much time down there when we used to visit our Auntie so it was new to me. There was a play ground and an old train that used to be a part of the Garibaldi Railway. We got to tour the train and Amari took home pennies that were squished by newer trains. Talan just "doggie stalked" all the dogs at the park and squealed at all the seagulls.

On our way home we stopped off at the Tillamook Forestry Center and learned about the history of the area and took photo opts on the bridge. The boys had a great time in Tillamook even though they didn't get a chance to swim. We plan on heading to the coast once more before the summer ends and hopefully it will be warm and sunny along the Oregon coast the day we go.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34 (Baby #3)

Oh pregnancy. I honestly hate the third trimester the most. I'm now in the can't sleep at night stage and toss and turn nonstop which annoys the crap out of my poor hubby. I seriously probably only get a few hours of sleep a night. It sucks cause I am extremely exhausted and being a working mom and dealing with youth in vulnerable situations only adds to my fatigue. I'm also hot all the time. I literally have to take an ice cold shower just to cool off at night. My stomach feels like a heater 24/7 and the heat-wave we have been having over the past week doesn't help much either. I hate being hot  and I am so over summer and we still have a month and a half left of the season. I seriously keep counting down the days until my scheduled C-section but at the same time am trying to enjoy being pregnant too. We don't plan on having any more babies after Little Miss is born and I am trying to savor ever second of this pregnancy.  

Last Monday we got to see our little princess via ultrasound. She has grown so much since we last saw her. She wasn't feeling being on the big screen and refused to cooperate with the technician. She kept those little chicken legs crossed when she went to confirm the gender for us. Our girl is stubborn. She better come out a she or I am going to be upset for about 3.5 seconds. Just kidding. 

Little Miss is starting to get more active or at least her movements are getting stronger now that she is fattening up. She managed to kick me so hard against my spin two weeks ago that she kicked me out of alignment. I had heard horror stories about babies breaking their mama's ribs but I never thought that my baby would kick me so hard. It hurt so bad and I had to wait over 24 hours to get an emergency prenatal realignment at my chiropractor the next day. It sucked. It really, really, really sucked. I am praying that it doesn't happen ever again. 

Heartburn is still a pain in the butt and only intensifies as the weeks tick on. Everything I eat gives me heartburn. Ugh, at least I know she will come out with a nice head of hair. Every single one of my babies came out with a thick mane. Milkshakes and ice cream have become my best friends and my chaser is tums. Yum... 

So far Little Miss is 18 to 19 inches tall and weights around 4 to 6 pounds and is the size of a butternut squash. In a few weeks we will be meeting our sweet little lady and I cannot wait! 

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