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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Laughter and Love

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Life’s pretty busy right now. In between your work and your family commitments you’re trying to keep up your commitment to the gym and squeeze in a drink or two with friends. Time for yourself? Hardly. Time as a couple? Almost non-existent.

If you’re in a relationship and particularly if you have children, you’ll know that occupying the same space is not the same as spending time together. Children, household chores and social media are all massive distractions and can easily begin to take the place of spending quality moments with your partner. So if you’re struggling to connect and to carve out some space together, we look at some fresh ways of reconnecting with zero pressure and getting back some of that spark that a busy life can sometimes put out.

So where should you start? Firstly with that simple process of talking together and acknowledging that you need to spend a little more time and re-establish a commitment to setting aside an evening or an afternoon a week just for the pair of you.

If you’re not sure what to do with your
time and dinner or drinks don’t appeal, then think about the things you liked
doing when you first got together. Perhaps you were really in to a certain type
of movie and saw the whole series together, or maybe you loved going to comedy
and spend some time laughing together, a great, relaxing way to share some fun.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

When’s the last time you checked in with your partner about how they’re really feeling? Sure you ask about work and the kids but do you know if they’re under any stresses and strains and have you told them about your own worries? It’s too easy to sweep things under the rug but these issues can very quickly mount up and cause problems in a relationship if not dealt with quickly. Don’t allow your problems to get in the way of your relationship, talk them through together and find solutions together.

If you’re both ready for a bit of a shake-up on your date nights then how about starting something new together. We don’t mean a new series on Netflix but something you can both learn and enjoy as a couple. This might be taking up a sport or other physical hobby or getting involved with a charity or political party that you support.

You might not be looking to reignite all the sparks that flew when you first got together but there’s no reason why you can’t get back something of that magic and remind each other why you make such a great pair.

Whatever you do make sure it’s something you do regularly. Your relationship and future happiness deserves a little bit of time and commitment. Everyday life can easily get in the way so find some clever and innovative ways of spending a little more time, having a little more fun and a lot more laughs.


Monday, January 28, 2019

Easy Ways to Come Across as Being More Friendly

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If you want to make more friends, then you’d be surprised at how much a few simple changes can make a difference.

Be Approachable

Smile! You don’t have to give every single person you see a huge grin. You should however try and smile 30% more on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter whether you are smiling at a complete stranger or whether you are smiling at people who you know because it will help you to come across as a way friendlier person. It also helps to try and smile more when you are having a conversation with someone as well. By smiling every day, you can release endorphins and eventually, you will do it naturally. This can go a long way when you are trying to chat with someone, and it can make them feel more at ease as well. If you don’t feel comfortable with your smile, look into teeth whitening as this can really boost your confidence.

Be Open

Body language can play a huge part in how the other person feels during a conversation. If you want to make more friends, then you need to be approachable and you also need to be way more open when you talk with people as well. It helps to keep your legs together rather than having them crossed, and it even helps to have a good posture as well. The last thing that you need to do is slouch as well. Sit back and be proud of yourself. When someone is talking to you, lean forward a little too. When you do this, you can appear way more inviting and you can also
encourage the conversation to flow way more naturally.

Get rid of Distractions

Another way for you to be friendlier is to notice everything that is happening around you. If you are constantly burying your nose in a book, staring at your computer or even picking at your fingernails then this can make the other people think that you aren’t listening. This is the last thing that you want to happen when you are trying to come across as being more friendly. If you want to get around this then you need to try and concentrate on the other person and put your phone away. A lot of people use their phones for comfort, as it helps them to avoid making eye contact. This is great when you are on the train, but when you are talking with someone then it should be out of sight and out of mind.

Make Eye Contact

This is something that you certainly need to work on, even if you are a confident person. When you say hello to someone, make sure that you look them in the eye. You don’t have to stare into their face all the time, but you should try and make as much eye contact as possible. This will make you appear way friendlier, and it can also help the other person feel more at ease.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

3 Mistakes That Are Messing With Your Skin

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Waking up to a dewy and rosy look is definitely something we’re all trying to achieve but, sadly, it’s not something we can enjoy every morning. While some days are great, others are bad - and it’s really not always that easy to understand exactly why.

Image by: Pexels

All we can do is to continue with our regular skin care routine and hope for better days but there are, in fact, a few ways to make those bad skin days a bit fewer. Here is a handful of skin crimes things to avoid so that you can enjoy that dewy look a bit more often and avoid the days where everything seems dull and grey.

It’s not a bulletproof way to perfect skin every day, of course, but it does make it a bit easier to feel happy about what you see in the mirror.

#1 Not getting enough sleep

Those hours you invest every night will have a lot to say about how you feel the following day, for sure, but it will also determine how fresh and healthy you look. Someone who isn’t getting enough sleep will both be irritable and rather skittish in addition to having dull and sluggish skin.

It’s not just about the dark circles underneath your eyes, though, as a solid eight hours of sleep every night will help you to look a lot fresher overall. Try to go to bed at the same hour every evening and find a routine that helps you to calm your mind a bit when you finally do go to bed; that way, you’ll get the most out of your hours of sleep.

You can start by checking out this article, by the way, for some great tips that can improve your sleep quality dramatically.

#2 Not eating right

It’s not actually that surprising that the little things that help to improve our health, in general, also affect how healthy our skin looks. A diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and fibre will definitely help to make your face look a lot better - and it might even contribute to clearing up some of your acne, if this is your biggest skin woe.

Sure, it helps to use a good moisturizer for acne prone skin as well, though, but trying to steer clear from the foods that cause inflammation in your body could also help out a lot. Try it for a couple of weeks and see if it helps - if not, you should just visit a good dermatologist instead to get rid of the problem.

#3 Not exercising enough

If you’d like to see a fresh and healthy face in the mirror, you should go for the kind of exercise that gets your blood pumping. A good jog at least three times a week will surely help you out with this - but remember to wash off all that sweat as soon as you’re back home.

It’s so important to have these three habits under control both for your health and for the general appearance of your skin. Run yourself tired and go to bed a bit earlier today, in other words, after eating lots of fruits and vegetables and you might notice that you’re both feeling and looking much better than you did last week. 

Until next time my friends,

Start Your Creative Business With A Bang

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Craft jewelry maker. Web designer. Instagram influencer. Beauty blogger. Home stylist.
Whatever takes your fancy, there are a million and one creative careers available at any given time. For anyone who is sick of the dull office routine, starting a creative business is the best way to boost your happiness in life. However, it’s fair to say that you can’t embark on an artistic career without planning carefully. Whether you’re considering a side hustle or a drastic change of job, you need to kick your business idea into life with a bang. The louder, the better! After all, the creative market is buzzing with activities; you need to make an impression if you want to get noticed.
A word of warning, however; at this point, we assume that you’ve got the skills and equipment you need for your creative venture. The idea is not to start from scratch and sign up a craft or digital class to find out more. Let’s say for the sake of the argument that you already master the necessary skills. The next logical step is to attract your customers’ attention.

#1. Seriously, who’s got time for dull office wear?

You are what you wear. If you want your future clients to take you seriously, you need to pick creative and exciting outfits. Ditch the tailored office uniform and embrace your unique style. For something a little edgy but still stylish, you can pair a leather peplum jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and combat boots. If you want to make a vivid impression, why not mix patterns like a pro? Animal prints and stripes are a brave but fun statement that always makes an impression. And for illustrators and designers, nothing says pro more like a vintage dress with a bold hairstyle!

#2. It’s not a black and white office; it’s a creative space

Whether you work from home, or you’ve got a rented space in town, you need to give your office a creative look. Colors? Yes! Funky materials? Why not! Quality furniture? Of course! But don’t forget the little details that can transform your office from being a simple workplace to becoming an inviting brainstorming room for you and your clients. Indeed, every office needs a little bit of greenery. Houseplants don’t only make a fantastic statement; they can also purify your indoor air. As they release more oxygen, they keep your brain feeling refreshed and bubbling with new ideas all the time.

#3. Be everywhere at the same time

Last, but not least, you need your social media presence to showcase your business. Start with the basics and create yourself a profile on the leading platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You want to remain visible and easy to find for your potential clients. If you’re unsure how to keep your followers entertained, you can take a look at some of the most popular accounts on Instagram for 2018. Indeed, you need to understand your niche if you want to create incredible content!

When you’re launching a small creative business, your advertising budget won’t make a difference if you can’t build a presence of yourself first. Invest in your unique work wear, your decor, and your social media brand to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Have a happy Sunday! 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

So-Long Stress! Actionable Steps To Chill Out

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Just because you can’t see stress doesn’t mean it’s not really there. Stress that is left to fester can cause all kinds of issues, from appetite loss, hair loss, inability to focus, and much more. This means you should know how to manage your stress levels, especially if it’s something you struggle with regularly. Below we’ll give you some actionable steps to chill out, so you can have better, more peaceful days from now on.

Figure Out What The Root Of The Problem Is

Sometimes, you might not be able to figure out where all of this stress has come from. However, if you dig deep, you might just be able to pinpoint the problem. It might be that you’ve spent too much time with toxic people who drain you, or you’ve taken on too much at work. Alternatively, you might know exactly why you feel so stressed. In that case, it’s up to you to figure out what you can do to reduce how much you come into contact with what has triggered you and how you can lessen that stress response in future.

Get Some Professional Help

Stress isn’t always something that can be self-managed. Sometimes, you need some professional help so that you can sort through your feelings and live a happier, more peaceful life. There’s absolutely zero shame in seeing a counselor or a therapist, or even somebody who does things like Reiki to help you feel better. Trying to be stoic and deal with everything alone may only lead to more issues in the long run.

Download Apps To Help You

There are numerous apps that might help you online. There’s the Headspace app, which is great for learning how to meditate, which in turn can reduce stress and have many other benefits. There are even apps that can help you to get things done and take a weight off your mind, such as the moving estimate app. There are many cost-effective tools that can help you.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is super simple and free. You can do it wherever you are and whatever is going on around you. Most people don’t breathe deeply enough, and this can mean we’re all in a stressful state in one way or another. Shallow breathing signals to the body that we are stressed! Take deep breaths right into your belly, and if possible, count 7 on the way in and 11 on the way out. If you can’t do that yet, just make sure the out breath is longer than the in breath. Do this until you feel relaxed.

Start Journaling

Journaling is a super simple way to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It can help you to sort through your feelings and figure out why you’re not feeling great fast.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is an instant stress reliever and can have positive benefits in both the short and long term. Do something you enjoy! Better yet, get outside and do it for double the positive effects on your mind. 


Friday, January 25, 2019

Back To Work After Having A Family: A Guide For Returning Mothers

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One of the most significant challenges mothers can face is deciding if, and when they should go back to work after having a family. This can be for many reasons including a change in priorities, needing more time to adjust and bond, worrying about the progress of your career, and even concerns about money. Of course, the key here is to find a solution that fits you and your family right, something that considering the points below can help you to do.

You decide when.

Being forced to go back to work after having a family is not the way to do things. That means you need to be as in control of your situation as possible both regarding others expectations at home and at work, and your finances.

To that end, spending some time working out a reasonable budget that will allow you to take off the amount of time you want is a good idea. Additionally talking over your plans with your SO can help as well. Although, it's also best to add the provisions that your wishes may change during the process of raising your family, as this then leaves things open, so you can better match them to your real life needs.

Find the right role.

An issue that frequently occurs with mothers returning to work after they have had a family is that they find their old job is no longer appealing or suitable. This can cause them to look for other employment that fits better with their family responsibilities, something that can be a challenge.

However, it is worth noting that there are some areas of work that are a partially good fit for moms, such as working in education, because the hours are similar to the ones your kids will keep when they go to school.

Of course, there are a range of roles in education, not all of them teaching, that regularly need to be filled so it should be possible to find something that matches with your experience. You can even use a site like AoC Jobs | FE Jobs & College Vacancies to search what is available in your area. Allowing you to find a job where you will have to spend less on childcare and still get to spend vacations all together as a family.

Be kind to yourself.

Finally, when it comes to returning to work after having a family, one of the most important things is to remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. This is because it's going to be tough when you have been out of the work environment of an extended period, and you may have to put your kids into a creche or nursery while you work.

The thing is though that you can get through the initial awkward phase, and everything will eventually settle down. You just need to be compassionate with yourself while you do this because going back to work after having a family is a challenging thing to do.

Until next time,

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Things To Keep You Entertained While Travelling

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Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, no matter how long or short the journey, it can be pretty boring just to be sat there doing nothing. Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while on your travels.

Listen To An Audiobook

Reading in the car is good for about half an hour, but then many of us will get travel sick from it. Assistive technology like audiobooks has dramatically increased in popularity because the idea of having hundreds of books available at the click of a button is much easier than having to take physical copies away with you. For those who struggle with reading too, audiobooks are a fantastic alternative to being able to enjoy the magic of a book.


Podcasts are another popular way of making commuting time less of a hassle, and literally, anyone can make one. They’re enjoyable because they normally come in bitesize chunks and cover many different topics and industries, so there’s a podcast out there for everyone. If you’re new to podcasts then get started here as there’s plenty of options to pick from. Podcasts are also more personable as normally they talk to you as if you are in the room. It helps build a better relationship between the podcaster and the audience.

Throw On Some Tunes

For those who love singing, then it’s imperative to have a playlist for any journey. Think about anyone who’s traveling with you too as they may prefer a certain genre, so it’s good to have a mix of tunes. It’s also just nice to have background music whether it’s while finishing a presentation on the train to work or driving with friends. It can help cut out that awkward silence too.

Netflix Downloads

Best thing to ever happen is when you discover that Netflix allows you to download programmes and movies onto your profile. This is a life changer for when you’re traveling as you can essentially pre-download hours worth of footage for the trip. Some series and movies might not be available to download as some licenses might not let Netflix do anything other than streaming it.

Be Productive

Obviously, it might not be possible when you’re in front of the wheel, but as a passenger, it can be a chance to get productive. Perhaps you want to finish some work before getting to the office, or maybe you’re en route to your holiday and want to plan an itinerary.  Traveling means you can’t really go anywhere to distract you, so it’s the perfect opportunity to work on something that you may have been putting off.

Pamper Yourself

This is definitely not recommended if you’re the driver! But, a lot of us can find traveling the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself by sticking on a sheet mask or lavishing on several products. This is particularly beneficial if you are traveling by plane as the air-conditioning can end up drying out your skin.

Try out any of these, and you’ll notice the time fly by, whatever mode of transport you use.


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Guilt-Free Nursing Home Solutions For The Whole Family

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 Putting a loved one in a nursing home is never easy. Whether it’s a parent or spouse, the decision will be one of the most difficult you’ve ever faced. It’s also liable to come with a fair amount of guilt. Even if you’re sure that this is the right move, you may feel like you should follow alternative routes. You may feel, for example, that you should take your loved one in. You may even attempt to do so before conceding defeat. At some stage, though, the chances are that defeat will come knocking.

If the idea of a nursing home racks you with guilt, though, this can be a painful reality to accept. Many of us beat ourselves up no end about going down a route like this. We may spend the remaining years of our loved one’s lives feeling terrible. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. While some level of guilt is inevitable, you can at least ease the feeling a little by taking the following steps.

Holding out for the right home

Often, families feel they have no choice but to jump at the first home which becomes available. It may be that they opt for the one closest to them or the one which is cheapest. Sadly, these families are often the ones who find their loved ones on the wrong end of elder abuse by nursing home staff. That’s because they jump into a crucial decision, and it can pile even more guilt on their shoulders. Don’t let it. Instead, keep your loved one with you until you can find a nursing home which everyone’s happy with. Hold out for personal recommendations, or just a home which feels right when you view it. It may take a year or so to settle this way, but it’s time well worth taking.

Catering to a loved one’s abilities

Many of us picture nursing homes as institutional-type spaces without free-will. In extreme cases, that is sadly the way things can go. But, that doesn’t always need to be the case. If your loved one is still self-sufficient, there are plenty of nursing homes which offer independent living. This would help your loved one retain a level of self-care with the reassurance of help nearby. Going into a home needn’t mean relying on members of staff for every little thing. You just need to make sure you find accommodation which caters for your loved one’s abilities as they stand.

Arranging a regular visiting schedule

Leaving your loved one alone in a home can be another significant source of guilt. But, you can even eliminate that by making sure at least one person visits them each day. Nursing homes are usually generous with their visiting hours. Take advantage of that. Get together with siblings or friends to arrange a schedule which ensures your loved one is never without company. Knowing that they see familiar faces on a regular basis could be enough to get you sleeping at night.

Thanks for visiting the blog today. Have a wonderful day. 

Finding The Confidence For Your Business Effort

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People often suggest that all you need for good business development is an idea, the know-how, and the connections. One might think ‘oh, well that’s hardly anything!’ in the most sarcastic tone they have mustered since birth. However, this is hardly all someone needs in order to begin developing their business efforts, especially if hoping to grow. You require confidence in order to go from step zero to step one. That step is perhaps one of the largest. Sometimes it’s not rolling the wheel that takes the most effort and attention, but putting your shoulder to it and getting the thing rolling in the first place. There is something to be said for people who can do this without seeming worried or panic.

However, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. If you think you have a genuinely good idea or product potential, or you wish to develop content online for an audience you care about, it can sometimes be that finding the confidence for your business effort is an extremely worthwhile thing to do. But you can’t deceive yourself into something like this. Instead, we would like to list a set of much healthier behaviors to get you started:


First off, you should have the confidence of knowing your idea is secure. While you may not be targeted at the level of an established firm, you never know who might be out there searching for non-patented ideas with merit to copy. Filing for a patent, keeping your content under wraps until it’s ready for reveal, or learning how to brand yourself and register as a business entity can help you keep some security over your intellectual property for now, even if its apparent worth isn’t quite known to you yet.


It can be worthwhile to consult with a business known for developing products and giving the tools to creators such as you, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. For example, HitRecord is a known platform for content creators hoping to develop something new, and you need only look at this Tristar Inc. products review site to see how inventors, product developers and small businesses can sometimes be profoundly benefited from allying with a larger partner.

Market Research

Conducting your own market research can help you not only understand the needs of your current marketplace, but where you might fit in, and what you might take inspiration from. This is a natural part of any creative process, so be sure to submerge yourself in this flow in order to craft the most informed offering available. Even if you wish to subvert all the rules, you must first know what they are.

Baby Steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Coca Cola underwent several recipes before the final taste was decided on, and it has been refined over the years. Taking baby steps can help you make good progress without feeling as if you need the full core of your branding platform right now, before you even have a change to understand what it is.

With these tips, you’re sure to find the confidence for your business effort through and through.


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Six Ways To Prepare Your Car For A Trip

This post is contributed. 

We’re in a world of luxury car, which means that more and more travelers are hitting the road and heading on road trips as their family vacations. When this is the case, we opt for as many entertainment factors as possible for our passengers and we stuff the car with as many GPS options and comfort options as we can. Making the car go the distance is important so that you can be on the road for longer without any interruptions.

Person Wearing Beige Sweater Holding Map Inside Vehicle

Aside from car prep, you need to research as much as possible about the state laws wherever you are passing through. What are the Arizona car seat laws? If you’re passing through, you need to know so that you’re not inadvertently breaking the law! Child car seats are just one of the many things that you need to prepare for your road trip so that you’re on the right track with comfort and safety. Here are six more things you could be doing.

Emergency Kits. Breaking down? Can happen to everyone. Breaking down without an emergency kit in the trunk with flashlights, oil, spark plugs and batteries? Yeah, that would only happen to you. Make sure you have a kit in the trunk of the car, ready to take over should things go wrong.
Fluid Checks. Before you head out, get your car fluids checked by the right serviceman. You need to make sure all the levels are topped off or replaced before you do so that you’re not stuck on the road.
Tire Check. Pressure and tread are important: it’s just these between you and the road, which means that you need to make sure that they are safe. You can check these things yourself, but it’s always better to get a professional opinion for these in case you need a tire change. No one wants to find themselves skidding through the roads because the tire tread is too thin.
The Manual. How often have you used your car without knowing how it works? Do you know where the child seat adaptors are? It’s important to sit down and read through the manual of your vehicle so that you know how it all works on all terrains. Once you’ve read over how to make it work, you can be sure that you can feel confident about the way that the car works on the road.
Weight Limit. A road trip often means more luggage, but if you have a lot of it as well as sports equipment, you need to check the load rating on the inside of the driver’s door frame. Being too top-heavy on the roof rack can cause the vehicle to handle badly during an emergency. Too much weight is not a good thing, so thin down your packing.
Plan B. No matter how many precautions you take, you need to prepare for every eventuality just in case something goes wrong. Have the numbers for local garages and roadside assistance - just in case.

Until next time, 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

5 Steps to a More Confident You

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It’s all good and well having ideas about what you want to do and achieve in life, but if you don’t have confidence in yourself, then there’s only so far that you’ll be able to go. Of course, it’s easy to want to be more confident, but as we all know, it’s seldom that easy. It seems to be one of those things that is always just out of reach, and when we do have it, seems to slip through our fingers like water. There are, however, things you can do to up your confidence levels. We take a look at four tried and tested methods below.

Source: Pexels.com

Give Up The Vices

The things that we know are bad for us might seem like fun, but it’s important to think about the impact that they’re having on your confidence levels. Take alcohol, for instance. It’s a well-established social lubricant, but it can have a negative impact on us, which can dampen our confidence levels. In giving it up, you’ll have more energy, be happier, and be more inclined to take on new things, since you’ll need to fill those Friday and Saturday evenings somehow.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Say goodbye to alcohol, smoking, and late nights, and it won’t be long before you notice that your skin is looking better, which in turn will boost your confidence levels. The more attractive we are, the more likely we are to strut out stuff without a second thought. So focus on improving your appearance. As well as saying goodbye to alcohol and smoking, you can also take better care of your teeth, use an anti-aging skincare set, and find a hairstyle that works for you. They might seem like only small improvements, but you’ll soon discover that you’re feeling better about yourself!

New Hobbies

We gain confidence by achieving goals. Or so they say. In fact, we don’t gain confidence by succeeding; we gain it by getting on the horse and trying to achieve. Whether we’re successful or not doesn’t really matter - it’s the doing that boosts our confidence levels. If it's been some time since you’ve picked up a new hobby (and it probably is: most people stop trying new things by the time they’re twenty-five or so!), have a think and come up with something new. Once you know you can do that, you’ll wonder what else there is you can do but haven’t yet tried.

Make Your World Bigger

New hobbies open up our eyes to new possibilities. And do you know what else does that? Speaking to people that you don't know. If you’re one of those who shies away from speaking with people unless you know them well, you may want to try pushing through the fear and striking up conversations. You’ll find that your confidence levels climb significantly once you feel secure in landing anywhere in the world and being able to hold court with others.

Take the tips above, and the new, confident you will be within reach. 


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Childbirth: It Ain't All Roses

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Childbirth is one of the things about pregnancy that every woman anticipates, and it comes with a level of fear. The idea of giving birth to a child is a worrying one for most women, because it’s not something that anyone can control. The only person who can control childbirth, is the baby. Oh, and a doctor if they deem that a c-section is a good idea!

Pregnant Woman

No one imagines their birthing experience in a negative way. We all plan for the water birth, with the hypnobirthing techniques as pain relief, holding the hand of the man we love and letting our bodies take over and do what it knows to do. Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes every single time. Some women find that they need to read the Birth Injury Book if they have been in a situation of medical malpractice when they give birth, because things have gone wrong at a time you really didn’t anticipate they would go wrong. While no woman sits, heavily pregnant, Googling how childbirth could go wrong, it’s always better to be informed of the risks in childbirth. You’re pushing a human being out of your body - what goes up, must come down.

 Clear Glass Candle Holder

You can have all of your birthing plans laid out but these have to be taken with a pinch of salt; because plans are made to be broken. With all of this in mind, what can go wrong during childbirth?

Breech Baby. The contractions start, and it’s not until the doctor lays her hands on your bump, divining the position of the baby that you learn he hasn’t flipped to be head down. Don’t panic; there are things to be done. You could choose to continue with the birth if the baby is in an optimal position and your doctor is qualified to deliver, or you could be taken for a c-section birth. Most mothers opt for the c-section to eliminate the risk of the baby becoming stuck entirely.

Cord Prolapse. Some mothers are on a monitor during labour to see how their baby is doing, hearing that little heartbeat thudding away. If the cord is ahead of the baby, the descension of the baby can compress the cord, essentially cutting off the life support for the baby. It can be fatal if the doctors don’t act quickly.

Failure To Progress. Your contractions could last for hours, it’s known that this can happen. But if you’ve been laboring for hours and you’re not getting anywhere, then there is a chance your body just isn’t moving the way that it should. Your doctor may try a pitocin drip or a pessary to move your cervix along to dilate, but if that doesn't work, baby is coming out of the sunroof on the OR table.

It’s more likely that nothing will go wrong in your childbirth and you should always be positive and plan for the calm, straightforward birth that you wanted in the first place. Just be informed of all angles, and you’ll be prepared to handle whatever childbirth throws at you.