Wordless Wednesday - Beaching It Up Pacific Northwest Style!

Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts is a Portland iconic landmark. Some of you may have seen it on an episode of Man vs. Food and other Food Network shows; but for us born and raised in the Rose City, it's a staple. My sweet Oly boys have never had a doughnut from the fabulous pink doughnut shop so we got up bright and early (just in time for breakfast!) and made our way to Voodoo Doughnuts off Sandy earlier this morning. :] Mr. Amari was pretty excited to get a doughnut. Normally we try to not give him a lot of sweets but we felt like treating him seeing as he had his first big weekend sleepover at Great Auntie Pam's back in Olympia. The doughnuts are to die for. :] I devoured my Voodoo Doll, stake and all. Trev was feelin' his as well. ;D We kept our trip short cause we had to ran a few errands, but at least we headed home with a pink box full of various Voodoo goodies. Looks like we will be getting our fat kid's on for the next couple of days! If you ever find yourself in the Rose City, don't be shy, "The magic is all in the hole." You know you want a doughnut!

 Trevor Dear's Maple Blazer Blunt, LOL.

 Amari kept it simple with an Old Fashioned doughnut. =P
 The Doll and the Maple Bacon Bar plus 12 other yummy doughnuts.
 The Voodoo Doll

Don't know what I'd do if I had a house full of 3 dozen doughnuts.
Glad we only got one!

Wordless Wednesday - Chillin' with My Lion Homies! =P

Wordless Wednesday - Feeding the Duckies at the Creek

It's A... {The Gender Reveal of Little Bean}

Revealing Little Bean's gender has been a rather interesting adventure. I would have loved to have put together a last minute gender reveal party with all the family and a few close friends but seeing as all of Trev's family is back in Olympia and the other Durant's are currently six states away on there adventure to upper state New York it didn't feel right to have one without them. So... naturally, everyone received a phone call or a text except for my grandmother. :] I started thinking of a creative way to tell her Bean's gender and when the perfect way popped into my head I called my sister Sheila to help me out. My grandmother loves sweets so why not surprise her with an unannounced visit with cupcakes filled with blue or pink filling to tell her the baby's gender? It was a perfect idea, delicious, and rather easy to make. So without further anticipation... Little Bean is a...
Doesn't this cupcake look yummy? 
I wonder what color is inside?

 Grandma Dee was so shocked that she was wrong! LOL
She insisted that I was having a girl. 
She is literally in disbelief, LOL. =]