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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pregnancy Week 36: Baby #2

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks and decided that I needed to get off my lazy pregnant bum and crank out a quick update. =] I had my 36 week appointment yesterday afternoon only to get a scare from the doctor that was filling in for Dr Adamek this week. My blood pressure was extremely high and baby T's heart rate was just as high when she monitored his heartbeat. I kept experiencing shortness of breath throughout most of the day and could not figure out why for the life of me. She ended up sending me to Labor and Delivery so I could have a non-stress test done. I was panicking the entire drive and ended up calling Trevor to tell him the news. I think I freaked him out cause my exact words to him were, "The doctor is sending me to the hospital to do a non-stress test to monitor the baby. His heart rate is extremely high and so is my blood pressure. I will be there for a while..." So many mixed emotions and thoughts were surging through my brain, for example, the fact that I had one centimeter of fluid when I was pregnant with Amari and had to be induced at 41 weeks. All I could think about was what if it is the same for T? What if his umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck? Will they do a C-section right away or wait? I still have a one week of work left! I was even more panicky when the nurse at L&D couldn't find his heartbeat. I tried my best to keep calm and it took her fifteen minutes to find it! She ended up hooking me up to the ultrasound machine only to discover that baby T was no longer breech! Earlier in the day little boy was lying sideways in my belly and had managed to flip himself head-down! No wonder she couldn't find his heartbeat. He had changed positions from the office all the way to the hospital without my even knowing it. =/ She quickly checked his lungs and heartbeat on the machine and then hooked me up to the monitor. After an hour of being monitored I got to go home. =] Turns out little boy is perfectly fine and when the doctor was monitoring him at the office he was in the process of turning himself head-down; his little workout increased his heart rate which is why it was so high. I am also happy to say that my blood pressure was re-tested and it had lowered. Baby T is fine and so am I. No need to panic. I am counting down the days now, which I think is perfectly normal. 18 more days! I am ready to meet this little man. So far baby T is 16 to 18 inches tall, weights in around 4 to 6 pounds, and is the size of a honeydew melon!

36 weeks, 4 days

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Little Pumpkin Sprinkle for Baby T

Sunday afternoon was my sprinkle for baby T. My best friend Pam put on the shower and I have to say, it was wonderful and low key. The theme was My Little Pumpkin. A perfect fall theme. The shower was simple and the buffet table was extra delicious with pumpkin cream cheese rolls, pumpkin spice cookies, sugar cookies, and other delicious treats. I must say I got my pumpkin fix in and enjoyed spending time with my family and friends while opening the sweet and very thoughtful gifts that they brought for baby T. He is so loved and blessed and he is not even here yet. We have 21 more days until we meet our sweet little man and I cannot wait.

 Pumpkin spice cookies
 Pumpkin cream cheese rolls
 Sugar cookies
 The table spread of deliciousness
 What Mama has been craving. 
 Soon-to-be Grandma MiMi and Auntie J
 Pamela, big pregnant Mama, and Yorda. =]
 Sisterly <3 
Every time we are together we manage to wear the same color or shoes.
 Mother/Daughters photo opt
My sister Sheila being a belly creeper, LOL.
36 weeks, 1 day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trumpin' Through the Pumpkin Patch

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was kind of an epic fail in the end but one we will never forget. We went to Lattin Country Cider Mill and Farm yesterday morning with Poppi, MiMi, and GiGi. Amari was perfectly fine upon our arrival but threw a huge fit when we had to leave the goats to venture into the farm. We should have taken it as a sign but we didn't. I managed to snap one photo of him smiling while at the farm on our trip. We ate fresh apple fritters which were to die for and drank Lattin's famous hot apple cider while exploring the farmer's market and spending time together as a family. Eventually we made our way over to the petting zoo. Amari had a blast laughing at the pigs, and turkeys (which I cannot wait to eat on Thanksgiving), and feed the ducks. Our trip through the actually pumpkin patch was short lived due to Amari throwing the worlds biggest tantrum all because we said no to pumpkin kicking and pumpkin throwing. I don't know why my little boy found pumpkin kicking so amusing... Thankfully he didn't damage any pumpkins in the process. Trevor helped Amari pick out his pumpkin this year and Amari took it upon himself to pick out a mini pumpkin for his little brother even though he was a terror in the patch. We managed to miss the huge rain storm; thank goodness, but the stem from Amari's pumpkin smelled like straight "butt juice" according to Trevor Dear. =P The smell lingered in the car for a while too. Gross! We may have experienced tantrums and stinky pumpkin stems but we had a great time at Lattin Country Cider Mill and Farm this season and next year baby T will be with us!

Being silly with Dad while we waited for the rest of the family for dinner.
Little doggie
Little farmer

Where are Papa's glasses?
Silly Papa. =]
Family photo
Sucking on a lolli at Cousin Baylor's football game

Mr Goat
The only photo that he smiled in... 
Monster pumpkin

Washington Apples
Playing with pumpkins...
Starting to get grumpy...
He refused to smile... =/
Cuddling piggies! 

In search of the perfect pumpkin... 
Found it with the help of Dad!
Not his pumpkin, Amari picked out a mini pumpkin for baby T. 
What a sweet older brother. =]