Top Ten for Eleven

A lot of wonderful things have happened this year. I can't believe that 2011 is drawing to a close tomorrow evening... Wow, time went bye so quickly. Here are some of the top 10 things that have happened to the Durant family in 2011:

1. Amari turned one years old in February
2. We moved
3. Trevor and I celebrated our anniversary together on March 20th
4. Bachelorette party in Portland with my girls!
5. We got married on June 18th!
6. Amari learned how to walk and than run like a champ
7. We went to Viva Las Vegas for our honeymoon.
8. We went on our first family vacation to Eagle Crest, Oregon
9. We went white water rafting on the Clackamas River in Oregon with the Allen's
10. I got a new job as a Site Director for the YMCA working with school-aged children in September

It's time to say farwell to 2011 and hello to 2012!

What's New with A.J. - The Month of December

I totally almost forgot to post what has been new with stinker baby for the month of December. Guess I got a little carried away with the holiday season. =] Typical. It doesn't help that I am easily distracted. Anywho, a lot has been going on with Amari these days. He is such an active little boy and I am enjoying every moment of it. He sure keeps everyone in his life on his or her toes.

- Amari is using double word combos like "Bye Daddy," and "Hi Mom."

- He can throw a ball (pretty hard and accurate) anywhere from 5 to 10 feet.

- He has met the kicking a ball milestone. He is my right-footed kicker.

- Amari loves to play ball and yells, "Hike" whenever he plays.

- Golf is his new favorite game to play with anything round or semi-round and his club is always a vacuum extension and he will scream, "Hike" at the top of his lungs whenever he hits the ball. It is pretty hilarious to watch.

- He has learned how to say shoe and tries to put his shoes on his own feet. He loves shoes and gets excited when he gets a new pair to try on. He likes shoes like his Mama! =]

- "Go," is his new favorite word to say as he runs through the house.

- He loves to jump, jump, jump!

- He can open the fridge when he wants milk or juice and he has learned how to say juice.

-  Amari loves to color and eat crayons. We are working on the not eating crayons part.

- He will sing (off key and in toddler gibberish) when you ask him to.

- Wrestling with Daddy is a game he loves to play.

- Elmo and Cookie Monster are his two bestest pals.

- Amari has gotten louder with age! LOL =P

- He loves to eat oranges.

- He enjoys running outside and inside and is super duper fast. We may have a future track star on our hands. =D

- He can say and sign, "Thank you."

And pretty much that is what's new with A.J. these days! 

Wordless Wednesday - A Cold + Sinus Infection = Two Sick Boys =(

Wordless Wednesday- Happy Belated 49th Birthday Great Aunt Pam!

Wordless Wednesday - Fortune Cookie Eating Time

Another Milestone Reached: Climbing =/

This morning we had an unexpected surprise from Mr. Amari James. I left him in his playpen so he could watch an episode of Sesame Street while I checked my email. For weeks he has been climbing onto table-tops, chairs,  and the couch and we have waited in anticipation, hoping to God that he would not figure out how to climb out of his crib or playpen any time soon. Well, much to my surprise I hear the Netflix's menu go off on the T.V. and instantly look at the playpen and guess what? Amari was not in there... Nope, stinker baby was sitting on the sofa with the Wii controller in his hand trying to change the show on the T.V. It seriously freaked me out and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how he had gotten out of his playpen. Being the curious person that I am, I put him back in his playpen and pretended to not pay attention to him but watched him out the corner of my eye as he did a high-kick like a cheerleader and straddle the railing before falling onto the couch. He has become our little Tommy Pickles, which means climbing out of the crib will be next... Joy, not!

 The high kick.
Straddling the railing.
 A very happy little boy escaping the confines of his "prison".