Vacation Hacks: Budget Booking Tips

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Summer time means heading to far away destinations! We haven't had the luxury of traveling far away from home for a while. Our last vacation was to Palm Springs two years ago and Las Vegas for our honeymoon seven years ago. 

I personally would love to go on a cruise or go to Hawaii or the Caribbean in the near future. Here are some great tips on how to book a trip that are budget friendly.

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Summer’s now here and if you’re yet to book a trip this year due to financial difficulties or time constraints, this article will help you travel on a budget, or at least squeeze more from your budget than you usually would with three top tips.

See, travel can be expensive, and many people end up scrambling around to finance their trips.  Indeed, many people will visit places like in order to boost their budget  in order to provide themselves and their families with a nice trip. 

Whilst travel can be expensive, it can also be extremely rewarding, particularly with children yet if you’re on a tight budget it can also be a stress inducing and frustrating experience.  This article uncovers some of three ways to travel whilst conserving cash:

Booking a trip yourself, rather than through a travel agent is usually the cheapest way to travel.  In this vein, the earlier you book your trip, the cheaper it will tend to be as the more availability there will be for flights and accommodation. 

Flights are sold in bands, as an example, band 1A might have twenty seats for $100, then once these sear are sold band 1B will come into play, and these seats might be $150, and eventually 1F, when there's limited seating might be charged at $600.  As air fares work on the basis of supply and demand, this means that for the same seat you could pay $100 or $600 all depending on when you book the seat.

If you’re booking your vacation independently, which is advisable in order to get the cheapest deal, you’ll want to be sure to visit comparison sites such as that will compare hotel listings from multiple providers.  This is often the cheapest way to find a good deal as it shows the various prices across the web for the same hotel room - so, if Expedia is selling Room 1 at $80 per night, whereas Trivago is selling it at $64, you’ll be able to see this, and choose the cheapest provider.

If you’re planning to travel internationally, flights will take a large chunk of money from your travel budget. 

That said, if you can be flexible with your flight dates then you can find some great deals by searching for cheap flights via comparison engines such as skyscanner.  This way, you get to compare hundreds of flights to find the cheapest and most convenient option for you.

You might also want to consider flying into a cheaper hub airport then getting a low cost domestic flight to your final destination; as this can work out much cheaper than a through ticket - particularly if you’re thinking of travelling somewhere exotic, or faraway.

For instance, a return flight from New York to Bangkok is around $750, but let’s say you’re flying to Phuket, a popular island in the south of Thailand.  A round-trip from New to Phuket might be in excess of $1,200. 

Therefore, if you get the flight to Bangkok and then arrange a flight via an external low cost airlines, the ticket will only be about $10 from Bangkok to Phuket - you can save a fortune.

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Thanks for visiting us today. If you're in the process of booking a trip, I hope these tips above are helpful to you. I know I am excited to start researching different vacation spots and saving up for a trip for my husband and I for this time next summer. 

Have a great day! 

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