Eating For Two? Foods For a Healthy Pregnancy!

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I thought that this article would be beneficial for any of you who are currently expecting or planning on starting a family with your significant other. I know that when I was expecting with my children, I didn't do a great job of eating healthy during my pregnancy. I had a tendency to give into my cravings and ate a little too much sweets and junk food instead of healthier meal options. This article below has some great tips for when you're eating for two.

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Congratulations on your exciting news! Bringing a new baby into the world is the most amazing and rewarding time. Although women have been giving birth successfully since time began it is extremely important to take care of yourself and your unborn child. Ideally mothers should be in optimal health right from conception. Medical advice changes so rapidly regarding what it is safe to do and not to do during pregnancy it’s important to keep up to date with current recommendations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or you are a mother already it’s important to make positive lifestyle changes to protect the health of your precious bundle. It is also important to get regular check ups from your obstetrician. Your obstetrician will be able to identify any complications and monitor the health of your unborn child as well as yourself.

The adage that you are “eating for two” is true to a certain extent. Whatever you eat will in turn be used to assist your baby's growth and development. There are certain foods that you should avoid during pregnancy and foods that you should consider eating. This article aims to highlight current dietary recommendations, however these change fast so keep up to date with the very latest advice.

Nutrition in pregnancy 
During pregnancy you should aim to eat a balanced diet which contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients to promote excellent fetal development. It is certainly not a time to embark on a restrictive diet, so that you don’t gain too much weight. Weight gain during pregnancy varies from individual to individual. Gaining too much weight may cause obstetric diabetes, too little may harm the babies growth and mothers ene

Prior to conception you should include lots of folic acid in your diet. Folic acid helps prevent spinal cord defects such as spina bifida.

Healthy foods in pregnancy
Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruit and veg will ensure you receive most of the vitamins and mineral required and are full of fibre which will keep your digestive tract healthy.

Unrefined carbohydrates will give you energy to support the growth of your baby. Try to choose healthy options such as whole grain bread, cereals oats, pasta and rice. Avoid fatty carbohydrates such as cakes as the nutritional value is low.

Include protein in every meal as protein will help your baby grow. Eggs, cheese, meat, fish, yoghurts beans and nuts are all excellent sources of protein.

To promote healthy bone growth ensure that dairy is included in your diet.

Eat little and often and don’t skip meals. Remember to keep hydrated with water and fruit juices. Avoid caffeine.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy
Avoid foods that contain high amounts of vitamin A, as too much vitamin A is harmful in pregnancy. Foods that contain high amounts include liver and pate. It is also important to avoid vitamin supplements that are not specifically designed for pregnancy.

Avoid foods that are unpasteurized such as soft cheeses. Cook eggs thoroughly and ensure meats are cooked thoroughly. These precautions are to prevent infection from bacteria which could harm your baby’s development as well as make you ill.

Only eat tuna twice a week as tuna contains high levels of mercury.

Good hygiene is essential to prevent bacteria from harming your unborn baby so always wash salads thoroughly and get someone else to clean out the cat litter tray!

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