Speedy and Sleek Mommy Hacks to Make You Feel Stunningly Chic Again

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After the birth of each my babies, I felt pretty bummy. I rocked sweat pants and over-sized tee shirts that belonged to my husband because I was too tired, too lazy, and wearing normal pants after a C-section just wasn't cutting it. I didn't get dressed for weeks and when I finally did, I felt disgusting in my own skin. I hated the way my clothes looked on me and I was angry that my pre-baby jeans didn't even fit me yet. I beat myself up mentally, body shaming the body that grew a life for the past nine months. I was awful.

I didn't start embracing my new body until I figured out how to dress it. There was something uplifting about buying something new that actually fit than trying to squeeze into something that no longer fit. 

I would treat myself to new a lipstick in hope that bright shade with boost my mood and lift my spirits. Below are some great mommy hacks for any new Mommy's out there who feel like they are struggling and a need a little pick-me-up. 

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There was once a time where you would flick through the latest fashion magazines and head out shopping as soon as you spotted the latest trends. Since you became a mom your style desires have been put on the back burner and you’re itching to feel beautiful again. For a few months you have tried to enhance your Mommy style, but nothing seems to be working for you. You don’t want to feel behind the trends and you want to enjoy the new body you have been given since having birth. It’s time to boost your confidence and make you feel like the superstar you are.

Fashion Forward

Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated and the amazing thing about it is that there are no rules! You can wear whatever you want to wear and it can still be classed as fashion in some way, shape or form. Look online at LotusBoutique and you will find the most stunning collection of rompers or playsuits. This timeless type of clothing can be work in the day or evening and offers a super quick style option for when you’re feeling uninspired. They are also super comfortable, so you won’t ever need to sacrifice comfort for fashion at all.

Beauty Bliss

When you have a baby your usual makeup and skincare regime goes out the window. You don’t have time to rub soothing moisturiser over every inch of your body and you don’t have time to double cleanse every evening before you go to bed. You need quick and easy methods to keep your skin looking bright and dewy, even when you are surviving the day on three hours of sleep. The most important skin product you should own is a good vitamin C serum. You can apply this in under thirty seconds in the morning and evening; it will not only keep your skin looking bright but it will also act as a good moisturiser all day long.

Healthy Hair

You haven’t washed your hair in about a week. In fact, you’ve actually lost count. Your hair can start to suffer if you don’t care for it properly so here are a few quick and effective methods to keep it strong and healthy. Try to find a couple of minutes a day to give your hair a thorough brush otherwise your hair will become tangled and matted and be even more difficult to fix. Use a gentle, organic detangling spray to get rid of the stubborn knots. On a day where you simply don’t have time to wash your hair, use a spritz of floral scented dry shampoo to brighten up your roots. Once a week give your hair a double wash with a nourishing shampoo and your locks will feel more luscious than ever.

So rediscover your beauty, dress for your body shape and give yourself the much-needed pamper time you deserve. You will be a better mom to your kids if you make time for yourself and you feel confident. Dress up for no reason, put on some lipstick because you can and run a hot bubble bath on a Tuesday afternoon just because you feel like it. Wear your mommy style with pride and embrace the strong, powerful and loving person you have become.

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Thanks for visiting on this lovely Tuesday morning. I hope these tips are helpful to any new mom's out there. Have a great day.

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