Tips to Help You Wear Bright-Colored Clothes

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Ever wanted to give your outfit a little splash of color? If so, then you’ve probably thought about putting on something brightly-colored such as a pink scarf, an orange shirt or even a bright green goat. Colors are a fantastic way to express yourself and everyone has colors that they are attracted to. It can give your outfits a lot more personality, but it does require you to do a bit of research and planning before you wear anything too outrageous.

So in this article, we’re going to give you a couple of tips to help you wear bright-colored clothing without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

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Don’t push yourself to wear something bright straight away

Going from a palette of neutral colors every day to brightly-colored clothing isn’t the best approach to take. This is because you need to get used to bright clothing and slowly learn how you can mix up your clothes to create unique color combinations and styles. Start small, such as painting your nails a bright color first or wearing just a different type of shirt underneath your jacket. Don’t push yourself into it–just take it slow and allow yourself to ease into it.

Remember that you have accessories too

Adding a splash of color to your clothes doesn’t mean you need to wear bright clothes–you can also add accessories. For example, a great way to add a dash of playfulness to your outfit is to wear a brightly-colored bag. Alternatively, you could wear a different colored shoe from what you normally do, or you could consider a hat which has different colors. There are plenty of colorful accessories that you can add to your outfit, so start with those first and work your way up. Remember that accessories can have a huge impact on your overall look!

Pick colors that compliment each other

Make sure you pick colors that go well with each other. You can easily Google colorful outfits to learn about the colors that go well with each other, or you could look at a color chart to help you pick complementary colors. For example, pink clothing goes surprisingly well with a pale blue if the pink color is quite light, and green goes surprisingly well with a bright yellow. There’s plenty of opportunities to play around, so do a bit of research and test things out in a clothing store to help you pick.

Impress yourself before trying to impress others

Don’t wear colorful clothing just because you want to impress someone you know. Instead, wear it because it’s fun and makes you happier. You want to pick clothes that you personally feel comfortable in and forcing yourself to wear something just to fit into a group or to stand out is a bad choice. You won’t exactly feel comfortable unless you’re in your own skin, so make sure to develop your own sense of style by starting small and impressing yourself before you try to impress others.


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