So-Long Stress! Actionable Steps To Chill Out

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Just because you can’t see stress doesn’t mean it’s not really there. Stress that is left to fester can cause all kinds of issues, from appetite loss, hair loss, inability to focus, and much more. This means you should know how to manage your stress levels, especially if it’s something you struggle with regularly. Below we’ll give you some actionable steps to chill out, so you can have better, more peaceful days from now on.

Figure Out What The Root Of The Problem Is

Sometimes, you might not be able to figure out where all of this stress has come from. However, if you dig deep, you might just be able to pinpoint the problem. It might be that you’ve spent too much time with toxic people who drain you, or you’ve taken on too much at work. Alternatively, you might know exactly why you feel so stressed. In that case, it’s up to you to figure out what you can do to reduce how much you come into contact with what has triggered you and how you can lessen that stress response in future.

Get Some Professional Help

Stress isn’t always something that can be self-managed. Sometimes, you need some professional help so that you can sort through your feelings and live a happier, more peaceful life. There’s absolutely zero shame in seeing a counselor or a therapist, or even somebody who does things like Reiki to help you feel better. Trying to be stoic and deal with everything alone may only lead to more issues in the long run.

Download Apps To Help You

There are numerous apps that might help you online. There’s the Headspace app, which is great for learning how to meditate, which in turn can reduce stress and have many other benefits. There are even apps that can help you to get things done and take a weight off your mind, such as the moving estimate app. There are many cost-effective tools that can help you.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is super simple and free. You can do it wherever you are and whatever is going on around you. Most people don’t breathe deeply enough, and this can mean we’re all in a stressful state in one way or another. Shallow breathing signals to the body that we are stressed! Take deep breaths right into your belly, and if possible, count 7 on the way in and 11 on the way out. If you can’t do that yet, just make sure the out breath is longer than the in breath. Do this until you feel relaxed.

Start Journaling

Journaling is a super simple way to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It can help you to sort through your feelings and figure out why you’re not feeling great fast.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is an instant stress reliever and can have positive benefits in both the short and long term. Do something you enjoy! Better yet, get outside and do it for double the positive effects on your mind. 


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