Kickass Reasons A Bath Beats A Shower’s Butt

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It’s an age-old debate – do you opt for a shower or a bath? While some people find this tricky, the answer is obvious: you go for the bath. Showers are great and all, yet they don’t have the same cosmetic and physical benefits of a tub. Nobody can deny sitting back in the bathtub and relaxing is one of the best sensations on the planet. And, that is the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty more where that came from. Indeed, continue reading and you’ll find out everything you need to know as the facts are below.

They’re Great For The Skin

Hot water isn’t a friend of your skin. The heat takes out the moisture and leaves you looking dry and cracked all over. Contrary to popular belief, showers aren’t better for your hide because they aren’t as warm and don’t last as long. Exposure to scalding H2O will end in the same results; however, the difference is in the preparation. Baths include essential oils and mineral salts to make them more comfortable and relaxing. These also seep into the skin and stop the water from withdrawing all of the moisture. Think of a bath as a protector.

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Therefore They Stop The Signs Of Aging

A direct knock-on effect of taking care of your skin is a reduction in the signs of aging. Things such as crow’s feet, wrinkles and lines all appear less visible when the skin is healthy. Seen as drawing a bath is a form of protection, you can expect to benefit from results such as these fewer wrinkle crinkles and creases. A tub helps you fight the signs of aging in other ways too. Because it’s relaxing, it reduces the level of cortisol in the body so that you don’t suffer from stress as much. When you’re happy in mind and body, aging doesn’t take as heavy a toll.

The Aftercare

Not only are you in a good mood after climbing out of the bath, but you feel cozy too. Why? It’s because of the effects of the water of course, yet there is an aftercare factor. The majority of people jump in the shower and back out again and get dressed. With the best women’s bathrobe and a glass of wine, a bath lasts longer than the sitting in the tub part. You can chill out, relax or take care of your beauty routine. It’s up to you, but regardless you’ll be Zen.

Disease Prevention

How you clean your body might not appear to impact your health yet it does according to scientists. A bath is an excellent way to keep blood sugar levels low after eating. According to the people in the know, it has something to do with “heat shock proteins.” Lowering blood sugar levels is essential for preventing the onset of diabetes. So, if you think you’re at risk, it might be better to swap the shower for a warm, welcoming tub.

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