Easy Ways to Come Across as Being More Friendly

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If you want to make more friends, then you’d be surprised at how much a few simple changes can make a difference.

Be Approachable

Smile! You don’t have to give every single person you see a huge grin. You should however try and smile 30% more on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter whether you are smiling at a complete stranger or whether you are smiling at people who you know because it will help you to come across as a way friendlier person. It also helps to try and smile more when you are having a conversation with someone as well. By smiling every day, you can release endorphins and eventually, you will do it naturally. This can go a long way when you are trying to chat with someone, and it can make them feel more at ease as well. If you don’t feel comfortable with your smile, look into teeth whitening as this can really boost your confidence.

Be Open

Body language can play a huge part in how the other person feels during a conversation. If you want to make more friends, then you need to be approachable and you also need to be way more open when you talk with people as well. It helps to keep your legs together rather than having them crossed, and it even helps to have a good posture as well. The last thing that you need to do is slouch as well. Sit back and be proud of yourself. When someone is talking to you, lean forward a little too. When you do this, you can appear way more inviting and you can also
encourage the conversation to flow way more naturally.

Get rid of Distractions

Another way for you to be friendlier is to notice everything that is happening around you. If you are constantly burying your nose in a book, staring at your computer or even picking at your fingernails then this can make the other people think that you aren’t listening. This is the last thing that you want to happen when you are trying to come across as being more friendly. If you want to get around this then you need to try and concentrate on the other person and put your phone away. A lot of people use their phones for comfort, as it helps them to avoid making eye contact. This is great when you are on the train, but when you are talking with someone then it should be out of sight and out of mind.

Make Eye Contact

This is something that you certainly need to work on, even if you are a confident person. When you say hello to someone, make sure that you look them in the eye. You don’t have to stare into their face all the time, but you should try and make as much eye contact as possible. This will make you appear way friendlier, and it can also help the other person feel more at ease.


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