Things To Keep You Entertained While Travelling

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Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, no matter how long or short the journey, it can be pretty boring just to be sat there doing nothing. Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while on your travels.

Listen To An Audiobook

Reading in the car is good for about half an hour, but then many of us will get travel sick from it. Assistive technology like audiobooks has dramatically increased in popularity because the idea of having hundreds of books available at the click of a button is much easier than having to take physical copies away with you. For those who struggle with reading too, audiobooks are a fantastic alternative to being able to enjoy the magic of a book.


Podcasts are another popular way of making commuting time less of a hassle, and literally, anyone can make one. They’re enjoyable because they normally come in bitesize chunks and cover many different topics and industries, so there’s a podcast out there for everyone. If you’re new to podcasts then get started here as there’s plenty of options to pick from. Podcasts are also more personable as normally they talk to you as if you are in the room. It helps build a better relationship between the podcaster and the audience.

Throw On Some Tunes

For those who love singing, then it’s imperative to have a playlist for any journey. Think about anyone who’s traveling with you too as they may prefer a certain genre, so it’s good to have a mix of tunes. It’s also just nice to have background music whether it’s while finishing a presentation on the train to work or driving with friends. It can help cut out that awkward silence too.

Netflix Downloads

Best thing to ever happen is when you discover that Netflix allows you to download programmes and movies onto your profile. This is a life changer for when you’re traveling as you can essentially pre-download hours worth of footage for the trip. Some series and movies might not be available to download as some licenses might not let Netflix do anything other than streaming it.

Be Productive

Obviously, it might not be possible when you’re in front of the wheel, but as a passenger, it can be a chance to get productive. Perhaps you want to finish some work before getting to the office, or maybe you’re en route to your holiday and want to plan an itinerary.  Traveling means you can’t really go anywhere to distract you, so it’s the perfect opportunity to work on something that you may have been putting off.

Pamper Yourself

This is definitely not recommended if you’re the driver! But, a lot of us can find traveling the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself by sticking on a sheet mask or lavishing on several products. This is particularly beneficial if you are traveling by plane as the air-conditioning can end up drying out your skin.

Try out any of these, and you’ll notice the time fly by, whatever mode of transport you use.


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