Childbirth: It Ain't All Roses

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Childbirth is one of the things about pregnancy that every woman anticipates, and it comes with a level of fear. The idea of giving birth to a child is a worrying one for most women, because it’s not something that anyone can control. The only person who can control childbirth, is the baby. Oh, and a doctor if they deem that a c-section is a good idea!

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No one imagines their birthing experience in a negative way. We all plan for the water birth, with the hypnobirthing techniques as pain relief, holding the hand of the man we love and letting our bodies take over and do what it knows to do. Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes every single time. Some women find that they need to read the Birth Injury Book if they have been in a situation of medical malpractice when they give birth, because things have gone wrong at a time you really didn’t anticipate they would go wrong. While no woman sits, heavily pregnant, Googling how childbirth could go wrong, it’s always better to be informed of the risks in childbirth. You’re pushing a human being out of your body - what goes up, must come down.

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You can have all of your birthing plans laid out but these have to be taken with a pinch of salt; because plans are made to be broken. With all of this in mind, what can go wrong during childbirth?

Breech Baby. The contractions start, and it’s not until the doctor lays her hands on your bump, divining the position of the baby that you learn he hasn’t flipped to be head down. Don’t panic; there are things to be done. You could choose to continue with the birth if the baby is in an optimal position and your doctor is qualified to deliver, or you could be taken for a c-section birth. Most mothers opt for the c-section to eliminate the risk of the baby becoming stuck entirely.

Cord Prolapse. Some mothers are on a monitor during labour to see how their baby is doing, hearing that little heartbeat thudding away. If the cord is ahead of the baby, the descension of the baby can compress the cord, essentially cutting off the life support for the baby. It can be fatal if the doctors don’t act quickly.

Failure To Progress. Your contractions could last for hours, it’s known that this can happen. But if you’ve been laboring for hours and you’re not getting anywhere, then there is a chance your body just isn’t moving the way that it should. Your doctor may try a pitocin drip or a pessary to move your cervix along to dilate, but if that doesn't work, baby is coming out of the sunroof on the OR table.

It’s more likely that nothing will go wrong in your childbirth and you should always be positive and plan for the calm, straightforward birth that you wanted in the first place. Just be informed of all angles, and you’ll be prepared to handle whatever childbirth throws at you.

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