Back To Work After Having A Family: A Guide For Returning Mothers

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One of the most significant challenges mothers can face is deciding if, and when they should go back to work after having a family. This can be for many reasons including a change in priorities, needing more time to adjust and bond, worrying about the progress of your career, and even concerns about money. Of course, the key here is to find a solution that fits you and your family right, something that considering the points below can help you to do.

You decide when.

Being forced to go back to work after having a family is not the way to do things. That means you need to be as in control of your situation as possible both regarding others expectations at home and at work, and your finances.

To that end, spending some time working out a reasonable budget that will allow you to take off the amount of time you want is a good idea. Additionally talking over your plans with your SO can help as well. Although, it's also best to add the provisions that your wishes may change during the process of raising your family, as this then leaves things open, so you can better match them to your real life needs.

Find the right role.

An issue that frequently occurs with mothers returning to work after they have had a family is that they find their old job is no longer appealing or suitable. This can cause them to look for other employment that fits better with their family responsibilities, something that can be a challenge.

However, it is worth noting that there are some areas of work that are a partially good fit for moms, such as working in education, because the hours are similar to the ones your kids will keep when they go to school.

Of course, there are a range of roles in education, not all of them teaching, that regularly need to be filled so it should be possible to find something that matches with your experience. You can even use a site like AoC Jobs | FE Jobs & College Vacancies to search what is available in your area. Allowing you to find a job where you will have to spend less on childcare and still get to spend vacations all together as a family.

Be kind to yourself.

Finally, when it comes to returning to work after having a family, one of the most important things is to remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. This is because it's going to be tough when you have been out of the work environment of an extended period, and you may have to put your kids into a creche or nursery while you work.

The thing is though that you can get through the initial awkward phase, and everything will eventually settle down. You just need to be compassionate with yourself while you do this because going back to work after having a family is a challenging thing to do.

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