Respectful Words Breed Respect

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Co-parenting is a popular phrase in family law, but it’s not an easy phrase to hear when you’re going through a divorce that has a lot of emotions piled on top of it. Divorce is one of the trickiest subjects to deal with, mainly because of how painful it is for a couple. The thing is, while a couple are in a pool of their emotions, dealing with the ending of a marriage and the bitterness that comes with a split, the one thing their minds don’t immediately go to is the children.

It can be forgiven. Divorce takes up so much of the heart that it’s easy to grieve for the marriage and the feelings you have before you think of the impact on the kids. However, it’s the children that are going to be the eyes and ears of the breakdown of a marriage, and how you choose to treat each other through it will determine how your children develop. A couple who can co-parent as equals are a rare but successful one. It’s not easy to continue to stay civil with someone who has broken your heart - whomever is at fault - and to do so for the sake of the children in the relationship is something worth respecting. Initially, you may have to see Dickson Frohlich today to hash out the divorce itself and talk with impartial attorneys present. However, it’s how you act going forward that really matters.

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If you have children together, you once loved each other enough to create life. It’s this love that has to propel you toward a Switzerland between you - neutral, safe ground to have confident and mature discussions about the wellbeing of your children. It also means that while you’re away from each other, you continue to talk about their other parent in a positive and loving way, so that the children don’t pick up on any anger or sadness and even bitterness. Children will listen and live by what you say and if you are in any way negative, or you allow try to manipulate the child’s feelings based on your own, they will pick up on it and it’s been said that children won’t be able to stay whole and secure if they can’t trust their own parents. Children need to know that you love them enough to put all animosity down to one side and think of them. It doesn’t matter if there was infidelity or disrespect in the marriage, you still need to grit your teeth and be happy and positive about your former spouse. This is what co-parenting is all about. Showing a united front.

Respectful words that you use about your former partner will breed respect from others around you, not just your children. Divorce makes you feel raw on the inside, but your children are like a soothing balm. If you can speak about each other with respect and love to your children, you can learn to respect each other as parents. It’s not about you.

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