How to Brighten Up Your Fall and Winter Style

What is the deal with what people wear during fall and winter? The skies are dark and miserable, yet the majority of people choose to wear clothing that is...dark and miserable. There’s always enough of that, so why don’t we take a new approach to fall and winter dressing, and incorporate the color? Now, we’re not suggesting that we make everything look like we’re still in the middle of summer - that’d be ridiculous - but just that there’s the odd gleam of light in an otherwise dark climate. Below, we take a look at some useful ways for you to be your very own ray of sunshine during the overcast months.


Popping Colors

Sure, a bright shirt with pineapples on might look a bit overboard in October, but there’s no reason to abandon the bright colors altogether. The key, we think, is to offset a brightly colored item of clothing with darker hues. So for example, you could have a sun yellow sweatshirt lying underneath your ordinary winter coat and dark jeans. It’s a subtle addition, but one that’ll show the world that you refuse to be beaten down into dark and grey submission!

Colorful Accessories

If you’ve already for all your winter clothing, and then they’re all darker hues, then take a look at accessories, which are a perfect way to add some much-needed color to otherwise dark outfits. Add a couple of turquoise or strawberry colored preppy necklaces to your collection, and you’ll have the ideal sparkle of color to wear. And because they can be worn with a range of outfits, they’ll be able to brighten up those miserable workdays or be worn during the upcoming party season. It’s not just jewelry that’ll you want to add to your accessories list, either: now’s the perfect time to be buying your scarf and gloves set for the upcoming season, so why not go for a colorful option? And for the impending rain, a striking, all yellow umbrella will have you walking around town in style.

Bold Makeup

Looking to stand out from the crowd a little bit more? Then play around with your makeup routine, and make it more colorful. No-one says you have to go for the muted look just because the pool party period has passed!

Play By Your Own Rules

We’re pushed into wearing darker colors during the fall and winter, but we say, who wants to follow the tried and tested rules? Play by your own! While there should be a clear distinction between your summer and winter wardrobes, there are ways to incorporate your warm-weather items into your fall and winter outfits. If you’ve layered correctly and you're warm enough, it can create a striking look.


Take the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to offsetting the doom and gloom mood that often invades society during fall and winter. When there’s no sun to speak of, you have to bring your own sunshine. And who knew that’d be as easy as dressing with a bit of character and style?

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Happy Monday friends! Fall and winter fashion is by far, my favorite. There is just something about oversized sweaters, cute boots, scarves, and cozy clothes that just make me happy. I love the tips in this article and hope to incorporate more into my autumn and winter fashion this year. What are some of your favorite fall and winter fashion trends?

Until next time.

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