Open Up… Why We Should Endeavor To Share Our Problems

Sometimes we can feel that we share too much, especially with social media giving us a mouthpiece for a whole manner of health issues. But, is this due to the fact that we were raised not to speak up? As we get older, and we see the millennials taking to social media to speak about every little thing, is this actually good for us? And should we use this as an example, not just so we can share our problems, but we could help others also?

A Problem Shared…
Is a problem halved, sure, and with health problems that so many of us go through, from mental health problems to long-term illnesses, it's comforting to know that there is someone else out there going through the same thing. Illness, in whatever form, can be isolating. But we don't have to go straight to social media to air our dirty laundry if we don't want to. There are online communities like Inspire that can help each and every one of us to have contact with someone who is going through something that we thought we were the only ones suffering from. Support networks come in many different sizes, and when we are feeling like we're going through something on our own, communities online can provide that support that we may not get from our loved ones. After all, someone who is going through exactly the same thing as you, you feel a certain kinship with them, even though you may not to actually met them in person! There are numerous blogs out there that highlight the devastating things that people go through in terms of getting pregnant. There are so many blogs out there that are just sharing the problem, but they are inspiring others, not just a set of their own blogs, but finally opening up to what is happening in their lives. And this is something that we can learn from them.

How Much Information Is Too Much Information?
Yes, it's down to your own personal preference. If you are emotionally blocked, and you don't feel that you shouldn't speak about issues going on inside, how can you expect to work your way through a problem? Yes, we love to chat, but only to loved ones. When we are suffering from something that is incredibly isolating, the longer we keep it within us, the more it will compound, and the harder it will be for us to seek the appropriate help. And that's the great thing with sharing our problems we can choose to edit certain aspects, but if we have a loved one who doesn't want to talk about anything, because there is so much out there in the way of resources, from helplines to advice on the internet, it's amazing that nowadays, people are still so reticent to open up in anyway. But, it's all down to who we are, we all should talk about our problems because it actually gives us perspective.

If you don't share, take the opportunity to open up, even just a little.

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Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you are having a lovely day. What are your plans for the day? How was your weekend?

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