Trendy and Affordable Looks For Fall Inspired By Celebs

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This time of year is really transitional when it comes to fashion and style. The temperatures are dropping and it makes a difference to the clothes and accessories that we choose to wear. Not to mention the colors of fall are different to the ones that you might choose to wear at other times of the year. Luckily, you only have to flip through a magazine or scroll through Instagram to see some of the latest trends from celebrities. They are always up to date with what they are wearing, and usually have some great items that you can choose to steal a little of their style. So if you’re in need of a little inspiration, then here are some trends to follow and look out for, so you can channel your favorite celebrity.

Biker Shorts

In the transitional period that we find ourselves in, there can be some days that are super warm and glorious, so you don’t have to pack your shorts away just yet (plus, they look great for at the gym and can be dressed up or dressed down). Biker shorts are a big trend right now, and have been seen on the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

All White Everything

Bella Hadid has been seen out in a lot of white clothing of late, so that is a really easy trend to try yourself. Jeans, overalls, dresses, and jumpsuits can all be white and styled with some white sneakers.

Initial Necklaces

Everyone from Blake Lively to Victoria Beckham have been seen out and about with initial necklaces on. A simple chain with a flat disc, that simply has one initial engraved on it. It could be your own, or those of loved ones or children. Blake Lively even took it one step further but having her children’s initials on the necklaces, as well as a birthstone charm of each of her children. You could steal and use the birthstone idea from somewhere like Galaxy Gold, and they’d make a great gift for the holidays too. What initial would you get?

Large Coats

Blazer coats are big news for fall and winter. But what celebrities like Zendaya have been sporting is oversized blazer coats; talk about comfort. Plaid and checked blazers are going to be big news, as well as gray and more muted tones. They can look really good though, and styled with a blanket scarf will take the look to the next level.

Plaid / Tartan

Plaid or tartan is a great look for fall and winter. The classic red of tartan can be a lovely nod to the holidays, so it just fits right in. Hailey Baldwin has been a big fan of plaid and tartan if you’ve seen her around, especially when styling tartan pants with a denim jacket and a crop top.

Retro Leather

Retro or vintage leather, especially with a nod to the eighties is a big look for fall and winter. You can layer with scarves, as well as dress it up or make it more casual. Selena Gomez has been seen with this style a lot recently, as it is completely versatile.

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