Take No Chances With Your Hen Do

Bachelorette parties – or hen does – are increasingly popular among brides to be. However, despite their popularity, hen do parties continue to fail to meet expectations. Everyone has heard at least one hen do horror story in their lives – if you haven’t, you can call yourself lucky. From the stripper dressed up as the most unsexy thing in the universe to the embarrassing drunken tattoo, things can go ugly during the party. While little mishap is okay – and more often than not will go completely unnoticed if everybody is having fun –, you might want to take measures to make sure that the hen do will be a success!

Plan the best day/night out for your friend
You have to be realistic. A hen night doesn’t have to be used as an excuse to misbehave and enjoy your last hours of celibacy. In reality, your hen do is precisely what it says on the tin: it’s a night with your girls. Consequently, bearing this in mind, it’s essential to pick an activity or a destination that stays true to your goal. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy the night before the wedding a lot more if you spent it pampering and chatting with your best friends. Or why not book a laser tag game instead? Getting drunk doesn’t need to be the main objective.

Everything should be perfect… or  nearly
It’s not uncommon for things to go wrong during a hens night. In other words, to keep the night fun, it’s best to put your responsible hat on while planning. For instance, avoid a last minute booking for a large group as some businesses might struggle to manage the additional risks, which could lead to personal injuries – JeffBrookeTeam.com is a good address if you’ve got any queries about it. Countless accidents were caused by members of staff in a club, a game center or a karaoke bar who were not prepared to look after a large group of people. As a rule of the thumb, unless you’ve planned it, don’t attend anything where you’re not in charge of your safety.

The purpose is to have fun, not a hangover
Of course, you can drink during a hens night. But it shouldn’t be your main source of pleasure. Ultimately, nobody wants to walk down the aisle with a head-splitting hangover on the next day. But it doesn’t mean you can’t play games together. They are plenty of alcohol-free games – check StagAndhHenDoIdeas.com for more – that will keep a bride to be and her girls happy. Why does it matter? Because, in the end, bad things happen when people drink too much.

What makes a hen do a success?
Organizing a hen do is stressful. But if you know what matters, you can find the light at the end of the tunnel! Remember that it’s a night about getting together and sharing the love. Consequently, a little party bag tailored to suit the style of each hen can make all the difference. Hens like to belong together, and creating a sense of community with t-shirts, scarves or even badges is a brilliant idea.

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