Tackle School-Run Stress One Step At A Time

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Most moms would agree that the school run is the most stressful time of the day. In the mornings, it’s about making sure everyone has their packed lunch and school bags. You jump in the car two minutes before the need to be there. Even when you think you’ve got things sorted for pickup, school-based traffic means you’re late and stressed by the time you get there. It’s no wonder then that the mere idea of this time sends flutters of anxiety through us.

If you can relate, the title of this post probably seems like madness to you. WHY would you make things worse by walking to school instead? You want to get this job done in less time, not more! In reality, though, walking could be what you need to take the stress out of this time of day. We won’t lie; getting this right might mean leaving earlier than usual. But, we have some decent reasons as to why it’s worthwhile. Read on to find out what they are.

Quality time with the kids

Quality time with children should be the best incentive for any parent. And, that’s what you’ll get if you start walking them to school. When you jump in the car with no time to spare, the chances are that you don’t talk to each other. Considering you’re about to spend hours apart, that isn’t a good thing. Even on the way home, you may all stay silent until you scuttle off to your corners of the house. By comparison, getting into the walking habit leaves plenty of room for chats. Remaining silent for a five-minute car ride is easy enough. But, you can bet conversations will start when you embark on a twenty-minute journey together.

A chance to avoid school-based road rage

No matter your children’s school, the chances are that the roads get pretty busy during school runs. Most parents drive, after all. Add the school coaches, and you’ve got congestion galore. If you’re traveling by car and rushing to get through traffic, you open yourself to a whole world of stress. Not to mention that you leave yourself at risk of an accident. And, you can bet that needing to contact someone like a Rizk law - personal injury lawyer as a result will stress you out more AND make the kids insanely late. By walking, you can steer well clear of all that road-based mayhem. We would say that in itself is a reason to get walking.

A solo walk to unwind

Of course, this isn’t a one-way journey for you. You’ll also need to walk this route twice alone. It may sound like a hassle, but this could be the perfect thing for a frazzled mom. Walking works wonders for de-stressing you. Rather than rushing home and getting on with the next task, you’ll have no choice but to take this time for you. Then, you’ll feel refreshed and raring to go when you get back home again.

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