Recognising The Emotional Triggers that Take Over Your Eating Habits

When you have struggled with overeating or any other eating disorder in the past it is very difficult to let it go and move on. That tiny demon will always be a part of you and you are learning to power through it every single day. When it comes to consistent eating, you always look towards your daily routine for support. Breaking the habitual processes you go through can trigger your emotions and cause you to lose focus on what you have achieved so far. What you can do as a sufferer is learn to recognise those triggers instantly and not let it affect your day. Keep your eating habits consistence and on track by considering some of these potential triggers that might cause you to lose control of your actions.

Recent Physical Trauma or Injury

When something unexpected, such as an accident happens it can be very quick to take over your feelings. Any sort of shock to the system can make you revert back to your comfort eating or binge eating episodes. In order to recover from your accident you will need to gain closure with the help of a personal injury attorney. Once you have gained the justice you deserve you will soon be able to get back on track with your goals in life.

Relationship or Friendship Breakdowns

When you go through a break up or have an argument with your best friend it is very easy to get over emotional and look towards food as support. You won’t be able to fill that empty space with any type of snack, so make sure you eat mindfully whilst you are going through something like this. Talk to someone you trust and don’t let your emotions take over your eating habits like they used to.

Change and Loneliness

If you have recently been through a big change in your life such as a house move or new job you might start to feel the pressure straight away. Maybe you moved to a new city for work and you haven’t been able to settle in properly; this can trigger feelings of loneliness and emptiness that you have experienced before. Try not to rely on food to help you deal with these emotions as you will soon fall back into bad habits. Do an activity that makes you feel happy and alive again and you will soon be able to fill that empty void effectively and safely.

Past Anxieties

Perhaps a certain place, person or smell triggers a previous anxiety in your life. It is true that a bad memory can haunt you and stay in your mind for several years after the actual experience took place. Try to see the memory as something that can no longer harm you and look towards your close friends and family for support.

You have already been through so much already in your life, so don’t allow any bumps in the road to put the pause button on your progress. Always eat mindfully and surround yourself with supportive people who can uplift you every single day.

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