The Ultimate Guide To Good Skincare

I’m sure you have one friend who always seems to have the most perfect skin. How on earth does she do it? Maybe she was born with simply stunning skin? Well, she might have been, but it wouldn’t stay perfect without her giving it a helping hand along the way. One of the reasons why she must have flawless skin is that she takes extremely good care of it.

Every woman has her own skincare routine, which she might have spent years developing and perfecting, ensuring that each of the products she uses is ideal for her skin type. I’m sure you will already have done this and will have a few favorite skincare products in your bathroom cabinet. But is there anything that can be done to improve this routine? Well, you might want to continue reading this blog post for starters. Here are some of the best tips you’ll find for skincare. If you can incorporate some of these into your skincare routine, then I’m sure you will notice some amazing results.

Stick With Natural Products

First of all, it’s important to point out that natural products will be a lot kinder to your skin, and so won’t result in any redness or irritation. This is good news for those of you who might suffer with sensitive skin, as manmade and synthetic products could be too harsh for it. Thankfully, there is an increasing trend for natural and organic skincare products, so you shouldn’t have such a hard time trying to find any.

Use Homemade Face Masks

As well as natural products, you might want to try making some yourself. This is relatively easy to do these days as there are so many great recipes that use household ingredients online. One of the best homemade products you can use on your skin is a face mask. The masks that you buy in shops tend to be quite strong and can easily irritate the skin if you leave them on for too long. Thankfully, homemade ones are a lot gentler, and you don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions. Not only that, though, but you will be able to use specific ingredients that you know will benefit your skin.

Look For Products With Marjoram

Lots of recent research has shown that marjoram is a great ingredient in skincare products as it can help your skin look smooth and youthful. You can buy it as an essential oil so, you will be able to add it to any homemade products that you choose to make. Even if you aren’t too keen on making your own, more and more brands are adding this special ingredient to their products, so be sure to look out for it on labels when you are next out shopping. As the herb is an antioxidant, it can remove free radicals from the skin and will also reduce the appearance of any inflammation and breakouts.

Find A Good Dermatologist

If you don’t already see a dermatologist regularly, it’s a good idea to find out which is the best in your local area. Then you can start booking monthly appointments with them to get your skin checked out. Even though it isn’t essential to visit a dermatologist this often, it can still be very beneficial as they will be able to advise you on your skin type and stop any potential issues in their tracks. If you have problematic skin, such as skin that is prone to acne, they will also be able to put you on a course of treatment that should help you on your way to clearer skin.

And A Good Beauty Salon

As well as a good dermatologist, you should consider finding a good beauty salon who you trust with all your treatments. There are lots of various beauty treatments that bring different benefits, and you can read more about them online. It’s a good idea to research the salon you want to use and the type of treatments that they carry out so that you can figure out the best for you and your skin. If you have never been to a salon before, or it’s the first time having one particular treatment, you may be asked to go in for a test session. During this session, they will apply the products that they use to a small patch of skin, usually behind the ear, just to make sure that you aren’t allergic to it.

Always Wear Your Sunscreen

I’m sure that you will always wear plenty of sunscreen during the summer months, but do you carry on into the fall and winter? If not, you need to start doing so. That’s because there are still harmful UV rays in the atmosphere even if the sun isn’t out. Sure, there may not be as many UV rays and at quite as high intensity as in the summer months, but they are still noticeable and will still affect your skin. Wearing sunscreen throughout the year significantly reduces your risk of developing skin cancer and it can also slow down the development of wrinkles and age lines.

Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Hopefully, you moisturize every day as well! In fact, this is one of the basics of skincare that we all need to follow, no matter what type of skincare we all might have. Moisturize can rehydrate your skin, which is very important in the morning as your skin will lose a lot of fluid throughout the night while you are asleep. Not only that, though, but well-moisturized skin doesn’t develop wrinkles quite as much as drier skin does. Don’t worry if you have naturally oily skin - you can now get a lot of moisturizers that won’t add too much oil to the skin, and they can actually help you control your skin’s oil levels.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It will also pay off to drink plenty of water as this can also rehydrate your skin. The skin needs plenty of water to stay plump and supple, so it’s essential that you get your eight glasses a day. If you don’t drink enough water, then your skin will dehydrate just like you, and this will then cause it to dry out. Wrinkles will quickly appear, and you will also be a lot more likely to notice bags and dark circles around your eyes.

Watch What You Eat

It’s also worth being a bit more mindful of the food that you eat, as some of it could be having a negative effect on the health of your skin. For example, foods that are high in sugars and fats will contribute to the skin drying out. And, as I’ve already mentioned, that’s a fast-track to wrinkles and age lines. It’s also worth staying away from processed foods as well, as they will have the exact same effect too. To ensure that your skin is as healthy as possible, you should stick to whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables. You might want to eat foods that are known for their great skincare properties, such as oily fish, avocados, and nuts.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

It’s perfectly fine to wear makeup on a regular basis, but you should be careful to wear just enough. If you wear too much, then you will probably find that your clogs start to clog up, and you then start suffering from an increase in breakouts and pimples. So, make sure you don’t pile on the slap, and only ever wear the least amount possible.

Remember To Take Your Makeup Off Each Night

As well as only wearing a little makeup, taking it off at night is equally important to your skincare routine. Ideally, you should take it off as soon as you get home, but it’s fine to wait until just before you go to bed as well. You should take off the makeup with a specific makeup-remover and then cleanse the skin thoroughly to ensure that there are no traces left on the skin. If there are, it could clog the pores overnight and you might wake up with a lot of pimples and red blemishes in the morning!

Don’t Exfoliate Too Often

Exfoliating is an important part of most women’s skincare routine, as it can help to remove dead skin cells from the face. As a result, skin will look a lot brighter and fresher. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate too often, as this can actually irritate the skin and could leave it red and slightly sore. Generally speaking, twice a week is the most exfoliating that your skin will need.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes. You only need to do so once a month at least, but make sure you don’t forget as they can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Not cleaning your brushes will only put you at risk from more breakouts and pimples.

Hopefully, all of these tips help you improve your skincare routine and to look better than ever!

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Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was under the weather and didn't get much done. I had plans to take down the Halloween decor, organize our Christmas decor and buy some new goodies for our home this year, and start decorating (minus our tree because my husband would flip out if I put it up before Thanksgiving!). But sadly, I didn't do much. 

On another note, now that I am 33 it has dawned on me that I need to do a better job at taking care of my skin. This skincare guide is great for taking care of our skin, keeping it looking radiant, healthy, and acne free. We aren't getting any younger and hopefully, some of the tips in this guide will work for you. Leave a comment below with any tips and tricks on how you keep your skin looking good. 

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