Keeping Toddlers Safe in the Garden

As a parent of young children, there’s not much that will give you greater joy than seeing our children playing freely in the garden with a great big smile on their faces. Young children love being outside. They don’t care how green the grass is or how pretty the flowers are. They don’t mind if the path is a little muddy or if the fences need painting, they just love being outdoors. They enjoy exploring their creativity and learning more about what they can do with their own bodies. They like pushing their boundaries, feeling new textures, smelling the great outdoors and getting a little bit dirty. Whether they are splashing around in a paddling pool on a summers day or jumping up and down in muddy puddles in the winter time, they are happy.

But, you’ll also be worried about their safety. If you want to let them explore and enjoy themselves, it’s essential that you take the time to make sure your garden is safe for them to play in.

Keep it Free From Pests

Your garden can be home to many annoying and even dangerous pests. Ants, bees, beetles, slugs and even mice and voles can take up residence in our gardens. Some of these aren’t harmful to children, but others are. The odd bee won’t do any harm, but if you find there’s a nest near your home or garden, it’s crucial that you look into bee removal before letting your children play in the area. If you notice any pests or bugs, do your research and have them removed if necessary.

Lock Away Chemicals

Even the smallest, most family-friendly gardens can be dangerous. We use chemicals to tend the lawn and to clean things up. We paint and varnish. We use power tools, ladders, hammers, and lawnmowers. All of these things are perfectly safe for an adult to use. But, could cause a child harm. If you’ve got a shed, make sure things are put away when you have finished using them, and that the door remains locked at all times.

Keep it Confined

Some gardens have a pathway to the front of the house. Others have a small gate that children are able to open as soon as they can reach. While it’s probably fair to assume that you will be supervising your children in the garden when they are very young, you’ll know from experience what they can manage if you look away for even a second. So, ensure your garden is fully enclosed either with a high gate which can be locked or a tall fence.

Be Careful With Planting

If your garden is an open space and your kids have access to all areas, you need to be careful with planting. Kids love colorful and pretty things. If you’ve got flowers, they will want to touch them. So, make sure nothing is an irritant or likely to cause itching or infection.

Always Supervise Around Water

Whether you have got a pond or pool, a small paddling pool in the warmer months or even just a tiny fountain or feature, it can pose a threat to children. Try to fence off deep water, and never let them near even shallow waters without supervision. 

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