Self-Care Ideas for Worn Out Moms Everywhere

Happy Thursday friends. I hope your week is going well. I a little fatigued today and feel like I am struggling with accomplishing simple tasks. I may need to do a little self-care since I am so worn out. Here are some simple tips to do a little self-care for all the mom's when you're feeling a little exhausted.

Many parents suffer from exhaustion and stress. You can have a long day at work and then have a family to see to as well when you have finished. You could be a stay at home mom, but that does not mean it is any easier. You could have school runs to do, plays to attend and all manner of other things related to your children. Some research has shown that moms of very young children, who can go all day without seeing anyone, suffer the same feeling of exhaustion and stress but they are brought on by loneliness rather than exertion.

You need to find some things that will help you relax, and then you will not feel quite so tired.

Listen to Some Uplifting Music

Music can be great for lifting your mood and making you feel more relaxed.  Play songs that you love and know well for the best results, and enjoy singing along with them.

Write A Journal

Just writing down all your feelings and frustrations can get them out of your head and improve your mood dramatically. Just spend about 20 minutes a day on your journal, as if you take any longer you will find an excuse not to do it because of the amount of time involved.

Color To Relax

Just a few years ago you would have had to buy children’s coloring books if you wanted to spend some time with this activity. Now, however, adult coloring books are big business as the mental health benefits have been realized. It is a very relaxing hobby that has taken off in a big way. There are groups on social media, pictures you can download, and you can buy adult coloring books anywhere.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself for a while. You generally think of gifts as things you buy for other people, but you can buy them for yourself too. Spa gifts, for example, will be a great treat that you will be able to take pleasure in more than once. Treat yourself to the nicer ones because you deserve it.

Call A Friend

Friends and family would often be much more supportive of frazzled moms if they knew how you were feeling. Try calling someone that you are close to and telling him or her you are having a hard time. Sometimes a good chat can have an amazing effect because you then do not feel you have to go through this on your own.

Get Some Fresh Air

Going for a walk in the fresh air can benefit you in two ways. The exercise releases endorphins, which send feel-good messages to your brain, and the fresh air will make you feel more alert.

You should also try to eat a healthier diet, as there are some foods that can improve the way you are feeling. Try to reduce the number of carbs in your diet, and eat more fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

You really do have to care for yourself, as if you become ill, who will care for the rest of the family then?

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