Here’s How To Show Off Your Personality With Your Look

The great thing about clothes, accessories, makeup, and jewelry is that they can allow us to show off our personality. We don’t often speak to everybody we meet walking down the street, but we can certainly let them know a little bit about ourselves by dressing how we want to be perceived.

Dressing can still be comfortable and practical while remaining fun - you just have to know how to do it! To help you, here are a few ways you can show off your personality with your look. See what ideas you can implement into your life today:


Decide On Your Personal Color Palette
Start off by deciding on your personal color palette. This should be a color scheme that you stick to for the majority of items in your wardrobe. The great thing about doing this, is that all of your items should be interchangeable, and you’ll be able to wear the colors that look best on you and make you happiest.

For instance, some people prefer a black and white wardrobe with just a flash of color from time to time. Some people like to choose a couple of brighter colors and one neutral to mix it up. Using a color wheel can help you to get an idea of the colors that match (or even clash) best.

Define Your Style in 5 Words Or Less
By defining your style, or what you want your style to be, in 5 words or less, you’ll be able to effectively shop for clothes you’ll actually wear. Many people are guilty of buying clothes that don’t suit their usual style or lifestyle, only to wear them once or not wear them at all. Just because you like something doesn’t mean you should buy it if it won’t suit your lifestyle! Consider how you like your clothes to feel, what materials you like best, how you like them to fit, and more. Now, come up with some words to define the way you want to dress. Do you want to dress classic and chic with a modern twist? Perhaps you want to dress in comforting but funky clothes? Whatever words you use to describe your style, bear them in mind whenever you shop.

Choose Clothes That Say Something About Your Tastes
If you want to show off your tastes with your look, this is how you do it. Love pizza? Then buy a t-shirt declaring it to the world. Check out TV Store online for clothes that reflect your TV preferences. You can make items like this still look uber fashionable if you pair them with the right pieces!

Slowly Build Up A Collection Of Accessories

Accessories finish off an outfit beautifully, but to make sure you have all of the pieces you need you should take your time. Buy pieces that you really love, not just for the sake of it. Bags, shows, scarfs, necklaces, rings - they can all bring gorgeous texture to an outfit. If you want to show that you feel edgy, throw on a choker. If you want to show that you’re feeling a little fun and flirty, choose a bag with tassels. Accessories can make the biggest difference! 

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