4 Steps To A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle In The New Year

The new year is upon us, and it won’t be long before the 8 is replaced with a 9. New Year's resolutions rarely last, so making changes right now can help you to get into the habit and ensure that you’re actually going to stick to what you want to do come the new year. If you want to live a healthier, happier life, we have some ideas for you here. Take a look and see what you can do to live a more fulfilling, long life:

1. Stop Looking At Food As ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’
Repairing your relationship with food may be difficult depending on how damaged it is already. Many people have a tough relationship with food, because they believe that there are ‘bad’ foods, and then punish themselves for eating them, either by depriving themselves, over-exercising, or doing other dangerous things.

You need to get the idea of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ foods out of your head. Sure, there are some foods that will fill you up longer than others, and some foods that contain more vitamins and minerals than others. Most of the time, you should be selecting these kinds of foods so you can feel your best and perform your best. However, there’s nothing wrong with having chocolate every now and again, or pizza. You can’t deprive yourself, and a lifestyle should be balanced. Of course, if you’re only eating foods that are low on vitamins and minerals and don’t fill you up for very long, you’re not going to feel great. Make smart choices 80% of the time, and you can afford to have what you like the other 20%.

2. Find A Form Of Exercise You Enjoy
Exercising isn’t just something you do because you want to look good. That’s a weak reason, and many people give up for this reason. Exercise is so much more than ‘losing weight’ and ‘looking good’. Exercise has the following benefits:

       Feel happier now and in the long term thanks to happy hormones that are released.
       Improve stress and anxiety.
       Get a better quality of sleep.
       Fight off illness and disease.
       Live longer.
       Improve your self-confidence.

That’s just an idea. Exercise can improve your life tenfold, so find a form you enjoy!

3. Figure Out Where You’re Holding Yourself Back
We all hold ourselves back from time to time. Maybe you spend too much time scrolling on your phone, rather than doing the things you know you should be doing. Sprint phone deals are fantastic and can be great if you need wi-fi on your phone to answer emails quickly or even do some work remotely, but you should make sure you’re being sensible with how often you pick up your phone. Be more mindful, and stay away from it when it’s time to relax. How else could you be holding yourself back?

4. Try Getting Into The Habit Of Meditation

Meditation can do many things, from easing stress and anxiety to improving your creativity. This is all about getting into a habit - don’t expect to be great straight away. It’s a learned skill! Use apps to help you at the start and soon you will benefit. 

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