Creating a Self-Care Box For Friends

The internet is awash with gorgeous subscription boxes, some for stationery, some for food, some for jewelry and some for self-care - but they aren’t all budget friendly. IF you have a friend, or any loved one that you know is having a lame time lately, perhaps something a little more homemade would go down a treat. When creating your box, there are a few things that just make sense. But first let’s talk about why self-care matters.

While some people think it is self-indulgent mumbo-jumbo, others know the difference some ‘me time’ can make. When you are taking care of kids, a home, a house, work and everything else in between you can forget to take care of yourself. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, sadly with many women, they keep going and going until they burn out. Sound like you? Or someone you know? They might be in need of some self-care. The simple act of recognizing you, or others around matter.

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People often worry that self-care is selfish, but actually, taking care of yourself gives you more space to care of others. The art of self-care lies in what gives you life. Some people like to draw, some like to paint, others need a long hot bath. Some people don’t know what gives them that calming space to just ‘be.

This is where a well build ‘self-care box’ comes in to play.

When you are packing it, do think about the things that make you calm and happy and made add some of those things in there too. They make excellent birthday, Christmas and ‘just because’ gifts.

The Box

This one might be the one that takes the longest amount of time. You might think about a wicker basket, something that they can reuse. Perhaps you want to make a statement with the box, and you have something large an wooden. Practically speaking, think about the items that you want to put in there, how much room do you really need? Thrift stores and antique stores are all heaving with gorgeous retro options. If you want to save the spend on the content of the box rather than the outside - decorate a shoe box.

What is Inside?

Self-care boxes should be something that makes a person feel loved. It isn’t necessarily about cramming it full of expensive gifts and trinkets. More like, heartfelt items that are going to mean something to the person who is the intended recipient.

Think about the last good book you read, did it make you feel good? Was it enticing and interesting? Write a note in the front and pop it in the box. Reading is proven to relax people, and the intention of reading a book means people try to make time for the book (which is time for themselves)

A little bit of sparkle. While there will be plenty in the box to do, touch or think about, often wearing something as a reminder can give someone something to keep them grounded and remind them they are loved. A quick search for gifts for women will run up plenty of results.

Dried fruit snacks. Although this could be a trigger issues, no everyone deals with food in the same way, something small and nourishing is perfect. If you know there are no food issues then you might like to pop in a tasty chocolate bar or two. If you are dropping the box off and know it will be opened asap, you could bake some of your favourite cookies or muffins.

Something to light. Candles have the really great way of being beautiful to look at and give us something lovely to smell too. Try and find a candle with a soothing scent, rose, lavender and jasmine all work wonders. But, as always work with what you know your friend will like.

The excuse to pamper themselves. Often, people who are in need of self-care have given themselves very little time to pamper themselves. Pampering means something different to everybody. For this, put in a couple of your favorite nail polishes, a bath bomb, hand cream, some skincare, and a lip balm. Nothing has to be fancy and you could even make your own bath bomb if you wanted to.

An open invitation. Handwrite an invitation for the recipient to call on you for a coffee and a catch up any time. While you may think that they know they can always come to you, knowing and feeling like you have permission to do so is different. Put it out there - you are always there for them.

Positive Affirmations. Write a list of things about the person that you think are absolutely great. Then, scouring the internet and find a list that anyone can read and start their day off great. Try to think of general affirmations about who they are as a person, and then if you want to, as a confidence booster, add in a few about their appearance. After all, sometimes being told we have beautiful eyes can make the whole day seem a little bit brighter.

A notebook and a pen. Sometimes getting a notebook starts us on our journalling journey. Other times it gives us space to write how we are feeling and why. It is always a nice touch. You might even choose to get them a start journal kit.

Tea bags or great coffee. If you know they like a certain type of teabag, then buy them some. OR, branch out and get something a bit exotic for you both to share. If you do decide to get some lovely teabags, a nice mug is a great choice.

Spend some time creating a list of things in the local area that will be happening over the next few months and see if you can both put it in your diary. Having something to look forward to when the days are long or hard can make a true difference to someone you love. 

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Happy Thursday lovelies! With the holidays just around the corner, why not gift your friend's or loved ones with a self-care box? I know I love getting boxes or baskets filled with goodies with candies, candles, bath bombs, and new soaps. This post is filled with all sorts of great ideas. So why not grab yourself a cup of tea, hot coco, or coffee and start thinking about something special for the loved ones in your life this Christmas season? Comment below with some of your ideas and let's share them with each other. 

Until next time.

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