5 Minutes To Find Your Calling

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Finding your calling may seem like a huge job, but you can do it if you’re determined enough. In fact, reading through this post will take just a few minutes, and afterwards you might have a good idea of what your calling could be. You won’t (usually) receive a phone call and be offered your dream job, but you should feel closer to achieving it. Take a look and see what you find!

Look At Your Childhood
Many people don’t realize that the things we did as children, before we felt under pressure to conform, have a lot to do with what we should be doing as adults. How did you enjoy spending your time? Did you love drawing, writing, looking at wildlife?

Really identify the things you loved to do and figure out if those things could have anything to do with what you should be doing now. You could even write these things down and create a focus wheel or brainstorm. So, let’s say you enjoyed writing; could you enjoy journalism? Publishing e-books on a subject you know a lot about?

Look At Your Passions And Skills
Do you have any passions now that could have something to do with your calling? How about your skills? This can be skills you’ve picked up over your years on the planet, or even talents that you seem to have just been ‘born with.’ Combining both passion and skills is important when you want to find meaningful work that feels like your calling.

If one of your passions is helping people and the planet, you could look into something like crowdsourcing aiding in disaster response. You have a plethora of options, so make sure you explore them all as best you can.

Avoid Distractions And Escape From Yourself
A couple of things that can seriously hinder your quest to find your calling are as follows:
       Escape from yourself

Distractions can mean anything from making excuses and spending time on things that don’t really matter, such as emails. Escape from yourself is a little more complicated, but can involve things like drinking. Drinking is often used to forget your worries and have a good time, but do it too often and you won’t be in the right frame of mind to find your calling and work towards it.

Try Things On For Size
You don’t have to take a leap of faith without being sure that your new career is something that you want to stick with. You can look into things like internships and volunteering to help you get a feel for different industries and figure out whether they’re for you or not.

Be Patient
Patience is key when finding your calling. After reading this you might have a few ideas of what it could be, but you can’t expect to be in it in a few weeks time. You’ll need to work on it, figure out exactly where you want to be and take baby steps towards it each day.

There’s no better time to start!

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